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The Type 1 Diabetes Association (T1DA) is a US nonprofit charity providing type 1 diabetes information, advocacy, and resources.

The Type 1 Diabetes Association was founded in 2007 by Jon Strishak, a Type 1 diabetic marathon runner.

The mission of the Type 1 Diabetes Association is to improve the quality of life for those living with type 1 diabetes. To fulfill this mission, the Type 1 Diabetes Association seeks to raises awareness of Type 1 diabetes issues by educating communities on related issues, encourages type 1 diabetics to live a more healthy and active lifestyle and to be more proactive in managing their diabetes. In addition the Association provides free access to online support resources and manages several other support programs.[1]

Type 1 Diabetes[edit]

Type 1 diabetes is a disease which strikes in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood, but lasts a lifetime. It requires multiple injections of insulin daily or a continuous infusion of insulin through a pump. Insulin, however, is not a cure for diabetes, nor does it prevent its eventual and devastating complications which may include kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, stroke, and amputation. Ten percent of diabetics are type 1, the rest are type 2 (90%).



T1Life is a free online community created to foster greater public awareness and understanding of the effects of Type 1 diabetes. It aims to foster proactive diabetes management and promotes physical activity.[2]

Community education[edit]

The Type 1 Diabetes Association works with fire departments, police departments, and local community organizations to bring even greater awareness and attention to the seriousness of type 1 diabetes, its deadly complications, and the importance of proper diabetes control. The T1DA conducts activities and encourages others across the country to get involved in efforts to raise awareness about diabetes.


The T1DA is headquartered in San Francisco. The Association is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Its national spokesperson is Jon Strishak, also a type 1 diabetic, who appears in public service announcements for the organization.


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