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The Type 347G "Rice Bowl" I-band fire-control radar is found on Chinese Navy ships, in conjection with the Type 76A dual-37mm automatic AAA gun. Typically, the system includes 2 Type 347G fire-control radar with optical director, and 4 Type 76A guns. They're used on the Luda, Luhu, Luhai, Jiangwei class surface warships, as well as the Houjian, Houxin, and Haiging class patrol boats. [1]

In the 1980s, China imported the OTOBreda (now OTO-Melara) Twin Fast Forty AAA [2] and Selenia (now AMS) SPG-74 (RTN-20X) fire control system from Italy for evaluation. Although the Chinese navy didn't deploy the twin-40mm AAA, there are some similarities between the Type 347 and the SPG-74 radar, leading some commentators to claim that the Type 347 is based on SPG-74 technology.

The distinct recognition characteristic of the Type 347 radar is the inverse cassegrain antenna with twisted polarization.

The improved variant, LR66 is found on Type 730 CIWS, J band tracking. There seems to be other variants of this design and is marketed by both CETC and XRINT (Xi'an Research Institute of Navigation Technology)/西安导航技术研究所/第二十研究所


  • X-band

(Specs based on RTN-20X)

  • Beam: 2.2 deg
  • Gain: 37 dBi
  • Range:
    • Target acquisition for 2m2: 12 km (verified for LR66)
    • Target acquisition for 0.1m2: 6 km (verified for LR66)
  • Other features:
    • Uses a coherent pulse doppler design
    • Non coherent Moving Target Indicator/Detection (MTI, MTD), CFAR (Constant False Alarm Rate)
    • Antinodding, anti clutter capability (A well advertised feature of the RTN family)
  • Other reported names:
    • TR47C

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