Type 61 25mm AAA guns

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Type 61 (Dual-25mm) Shipboard antiaircraft artillery
Viet Minh AAA artillery at the Dien Bien Phu Museum.jpg
Type Shipboard antiaircraft artillery
Place of origin  China
Service history
In service 1966 - present
Used by See users
Production history
Designed 1961
Produced Compact:
Crew 1

Caliber 25mm
Barrels Dual
Elevation -10° ~ 85°
Traverse 360°
Rate of fire Compact: 800~900 round/min
Effective firing range Effective 2,700m
Maximum firing range 3,000m;
Feed system Magazine
Sights optical

The Type 61 (Dual-25mm) is a shipboard antiaircraft artillery developed and used by China. It is manually operated by a single crew with optical sight. The development began in 1961 and the batch production began in 1966.


Here are some platforms using the Type 61:


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