35-ton deep-submergence rescue vehicle

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Class overview
Operators People's Liberation Army Navy
Succeeded byLR7
In service1989 - present[1]
CompletedAt least 2[2]
General characteristics
TypeDeep-submergence rescue vehicle
Displacement35 tons[1] (full)[3]
Length14.9 metres (49 ft)[2]
Beam2.6 metres (8 ft 6 in)[2]
Installed power2 x silver-zinc batteries[2]
Propulsion1 shaft[2]
Speed4 knots (7.4 km/h; 4.6 mph)[2]
Endurance20 hours at 2 knots[3]
CapacitySix[2] or 22 survivors[1][3]
Sensors and
processing systems
Active sonar[2]

The People's Republic of China developed a class of 35-ton deep-submergence rescue vehicle[1][3] (DSRV) for the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). It was first tested in 1986[2] and operational in 1989.[1]

The DSRV may perform a rescue at depths up to 200 metres (660 ft). Six[2] or 22 survivors could be carried.[1][3] This suited contemporary PLAN submarines which deployed infrequently and typically to coastal waters.[1]

The submarine may also perform salvage work. It has a manipulator arm and a diving chamber for six divers.[3]

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