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Type 744 buoy tender and its derivatives with the NATO reporting name Yannan (延南) class is a class of Chinese buoy tender that is in service with the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) and Chinese civilian governmental establishments. It is a boat or vessel which services and replaces buoys.


Type 985[edit]

Type 744 derived from the Type 985 buoy tender, the first purpose built buoy tender in the Chinese inventory. Type 985 is designed to be the replacement of earlier buoy tenders converted from former US Navy net laying ships. In the early 1980s, maritime navigational responsibility was transferred from PLAN to Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China (MOT). Type 985 was among the equipment transferred from PLAN to MOT and has remained in civilian service since.[1]

Type 994[edit]

Type 994 buoy tender is the larger cousin of the smaller Type 985 buoy tender, from which it is developed. Like Type 985, all units of this class were transferred to civilian service under MOT:[1]

Type 744[edit]

Type 744 employs design modifications based on the experience with earlier ships. Type 744 is designed by the 708th Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation. The 708th Institute is more commonly known as China Shipbuilding and Oceanic Engineering Design Academy.[2] Construction began in December 1979 and four were completed, with the last ship entering service in May 1981. The most obvious external visual difference between Types 744 and 994 is that the former lacks the mast in the bow. Type 744 buoy tenders were not transferred from military to civilian authorities, and remained in PLAN service. The ship received NATO reporting name as Yannan (延南) class. Specification:[3]

Buoy tender fleet[edit]

 Type   Builder   Commissioned   Status   Pennant #   Displacement (t)   Length (m) 
985 Jiangnan Shipyard Co., Ltd 1966 Active in civilian service Haibiao (海标) 624 1120 65.22
994 Active in civilian service 1750 72.35
744 Jiangnan Shipyard Co., Ltd Dec 6, 1980 East Sea Fleet Dongbiao (东标) 263 1750 72.35
744 Jiangnan Shipyard Co., Ltd Dec 14, 1980 South Sea Fleet Nanbiao (南标) 463 1750 72.35
744 Jiangnan Shipyard Co., Ltd Mar 1981 North Sea Fleet Beibiao (北标) 982 1750 72.35
744 Jiangnan Shipyard Co., Ltd May 1981 North Sea Fleet Beibiao (北标) 983 1750 72.35