Type 90 machine gun

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T90 Machine Gun
Image is a Browning M2E2 to represent the near-identical weapon
Type Heavy Machine Gun
Place of origin Taiwan
Service history
In service 2001–present
Used by Taiwan
Production history
Designer 205th Armory
Designed 2001
Manufacturer 205th Armory
Produced 2001-
Weight 38 kg (excluding tripod)
Length 1746 mm
Barrel length 1236 mm

Cartridge .50 BMG (12.7 x 99 mm NATO)
Caliber 12.7 mm (0.50 inch)
Action Recoil-operated; short recoil
Rate of fire 450-635 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 920 m/s
Effective firing range 2000 m (anti-ground), 1400 m (anti-air)
Maximum firing range 6800 m
Feed system Belt-fed
Sights Iron
Night Vision.

The T90 is a heavy machine gun developed at the 205th Armory of Combined Service Forces, Ministry of Defense, Republic of China (Taiwan).[1] It is intended as a replacement for the M2 heavy machine gun.


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