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Not to be confused with typhus vaccine.
Typhoid vaccine
Vaccine description
Target disease Typhoid
Clinical data
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MedlinePlus a607028
ATC code J07AP01 J07AP02 J07AP03
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Typhoid vaccines are vaccines developed to prevent typhoid fever.

There are two effective types available:[1]

Ty21a is licensed for use from age six years and older. Boosters are recommended every 5 years.[2] The Vi capsular polysaccharide vaccine is licensed for use from age two years and older, and boosters are required every three years.[3]

Almroth Edward Wright developed an effective inactivated whole-cell typhoid vaccine that was introduced in 1896.[4] Due to side-effects its usage was eventually discontinued.[3]

Ty21a and Vi capsular polysaccharide vaccine are effective in reducing typhoid fever with low rates of adverse effects.[5] Newer vaccines such as Vi-rEPA seem promising.[5] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, a list of the most important medication needed in a basic health system.[6]

Available preparations[edit]


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