Typhoon Asiang

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The name Asiang has been used to name 10 tropical cyclones in the PAGASA area of responsibility.

Recognized Internationally[edit]

  • Typhoon Tess (1964) (T6401, 01W, Asiang), Category 2 typhoon; did not make landfall
  • Typhoon Kit (1972) (T7201, 01W, Asiang), strongest storm in January ever in the Western North Pacific; killed 204 people in the Philippines and caused 23 million USD in damages
  • Typhoon Kathy (1976) (T7601, 01W, Asiang)
  • Tropical Storm Wynne (1984) (T8402, 02W, Asiang), passed by the southern coast of Taiwan; led to flooding in Luzon; made landfall in China near the Luichow Peninsula
  • Typhoon Roy (1988) (T8801, 01W, Asiang), second-most intense January tropical cyclone on record in the Western Pacific basin; two fatalities and $28.5 million (1988 USD) in losses, mainly in the Mariana Islands
  • Typhoon Bobbie (1992) (T9203, 02W, Asiang), throughout Japan, damage reached 371.8 million yen ($2.9 million)
  • Typhoon Damrey (2000) (T0001, 01W, Asiang), second strongest storm in May; first Asian name to be used to name a typhoon

After the 2000 season PAGASA revised their naming lists and the name Asiang was excluded. Therefore, Typhoon Damrey was the last use of the name Asiang.

Only Recognized by PAGASA[edit]