Tropical Storm Gay

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Tropical Storm Gay may refer to the following:

The name Gay has been used for five tropical cyclones in the northwest Pacific Ocean:

  • Typhoon Gay (1981) (T8124, 24W, Walding), a Category 2 typhoon that weakened to a Category 1 before brushing the eastern coast of Japan
  • Typhoon Gay (1985) (T8503, 03W, Bining), a Category 3 Typhoon that remained well off the coast of Japan
  • Tropical Storm Gay (1988) (T8816, 13W), a minimal Tropical Storm that stayed well out to sea
  • Typhoon Gay (1989) (T8929, 32W), a Severe Tropical Cyclone that struck Thailand then crossed into the Indian Ocean Basin becoming a Category 5 Cyclone before striking India
  • Typhoon Gay (1992) (T9230, 31W), a Category 5 Super Typhoon that peaked at 190 mph (310 km/h), which made it the strongest Western Pacific Basin storm since 1979

The name Gay has also been used for one tropical cyclone in the southwest Pacific Ocean: