Typhoon Ora (1972)

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This article is about the 1972 typhoon. For other storms of the same name, see Typhoon Ora (disambiguation).
Typhoon Ora (Konsing)
Category 1 (Saffir–Simpson scale)
Typhoon Ora on June 26, 1972
Formed June 22, 1972
Dissipated June 30, 1972
Highest winds 1-minute sustained: 150 km/h (90 mph)
Lowest pressure 980 hPa (mbar); 28.94 inHg
Fatalities 131 direct
Damage $15 million (1972 USD)
Areas affected Philippines, China
Part of the 1972 Pacific typhoon season

Typhoon Ora, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Konsing, was a June 1972 Category 1 typhoon that left 131 people dead and $15 million (1972 USD, $68.4 million 2005 USD) in damage.

Meteorological history[edit]

Map plotting the track and intensity of the storm according to the Saffir–Simpson scale

A tropical wave embedded in a trough formed on June 20 and moved westward without development. By June 23, the disturbance had strengthened, and became Tropical Storm Ora about 330 miles east of the Philippines.

Although poorly organized, Ora continued strengthening, becoming a Category 1 typhoon before encountering a high pressure system.

The area of high pressure forced the storm to make landfall on Luzon on June 25, emerging over the South China Sea later that day. Ora then continued its northwest track, turning northeast near Hainan Island and making landfall in southern China as a tropical storm. Ora then weakened and dissipated after moving inland.


Ship run aground by Typhoon Ora

Ora made landfall in the Philippines and again in southern China. The first landfall brought 115 mph gusts and 9.3 inches (236.2 mm) of rain in a 24-hour period to Luzon. Flashfloods from Ora damaged homes and businesses, and the storm surge caused many ships offshore to run aground. A sailboat capsized near Rapu Rapu during the storm, causing one fatality. Three others were declared missing. In the Philippines, Ora caused 131 deaths, left almost 400,000 people homeless and left behind $15 million (1972 USD, $68.4 million 2005 USD) worth of damage.

Oras second landfall was in southeastern China as a tropical storm on June 27, however deaths or damage during that landfall is unavailable.

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