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Typophile was an internet forum hosted at www.Typophile.com dedicated to the discussion[1][2] of type, typefaces, fonts and typography and the associated software, tools and design practices of people who work with type. The forum was created by Jared Benson in 2000 and was operated by San Francisco design studio, Punchcut, a firm Benson co-founded in 2002.[3]

Typophile Film Fest[edit]

Typophile.com is the organizer of the annual Typophile Film Fest[4][5]

The Typophile Film Fest debuted at TypeCon 2004[6] in San Francisco, CA, United States. It has subsequently been shown in the North American cities of New York, Boston, Seattle and Vancouver,[7] in Europe at St. Petersburg,[8] and at ATypI 2009 in Mexico City.

Resource for type design[edit]

The now, long dormant Typophile.com site was often stated as a resource for budding students and professionals interested in type design and typography.[9]

OpenType font development is often discussed between the font foundries and type design professionals who participate on Typophile.com.[10]


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