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Typotheque is a type foundry and design studio from The Hague, Netherlands [1] that develops and markets original typefaces for the Macintosh and Windows platforms. The typefaces sold under the Typotheque foundry label are designed by Slovakia's Peter Biľak, including the popular [2] Fedra Sans and Fedra Serif font families, and Jigsaw designed by Johanna Biľak. Typotheque specializes in creation of Latin and non-Latin fonts (Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic), occasionally advertises in national design journals like Print, and How, and publishes books, such as We Want You To Love Type [3] or bi-annual independent art/design publication Dot Dot Dot.

Typotheque's work has been profiled in the design publications Abitare, Cap & Design, Designum, Druk, Dwell, Etapes, Emigre, I.D., Idea, Novum, Page, Print, Publish, and tipoGrafica. Typotheque's work has been recognized by the Type Directors Club [4].

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