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The Tyresö Centrum enclosed shopping centre in Tyresö centre, Bollmora, during winter.

Tyresö Centrum (Tyresö Centre) is an enclosed shopping centre in Tyresö centre, Bollmora, the municipal centre of Tyresö, Sweden. It has 74 stores and other social or commercial units.

Tyresö Centrum has its origins as Bollmora Centrum which was inaugurated in 1965 as a fairly ordinary small-town centre with pedestrian streets. The centre underwent a major overhaul to an enclosed shopping centre in early 1990s. It was renamed Tyresö Centrum and then was reinaugurated in 1992.

The centre was damaged by a fire shortly before its rebuilding was completed, delaying the full reopening a while.

Tyresö Centrum is owned by Rodamco Europe who purchased it in 2003 for 391 MSEK from the former owners Tyresö Bostäder AB and Apoteket AB's Pension Foundation.

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Den 1:a mars 2011 tog Newsec Asset Management över uppdraget att förvalta Tyresö Centrum, och utgör den nya centrumledningen efter Rodamco Unibail. Coordinates: 59°14′40″N 18°13′43″E / 59.24444°N 18.22861°E / 59.24444; 18.22861