Tyria (river)

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For other uses, see Tyria.
Country Greece
Basin features
Main source Ioannina regional unit
River mouth Thyamis
about 150 m (490 ft)
39°39′58″N 20°31′44″E / 39.666°N 20.529°E / 39.666; 20.529Coordinates: 39°39′58″N 20°31′44″E / 39.666°N 20.529°E / 39.666; 20.529
Physical characteristics
Length about 35 km (22 mi)

The Tyria (Greek: Τύρια) is a river in the western part of the Ioannina regional unit in Epirus, Greece. It is a left tributary of the Thyamis. The source of the river Tyria is near the village Platania, on the western slope of the Tomaros mountain. It flows into a generally northwestern direction. It flows into the Thyamis, near Vrosina.

The Tyria flows along the following villages, from source to mouth: Koumaria, Seniko, Chinka, Granitsa and Polydoro.