Tyrimmas of Macedon

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King of Macedon
SuccessorPerdiccas I
IssuePerdiccas I
DynastyArgead dynasty
ReligionAncient Greek religion

Tyrimmas (Ancient Greek: Τυρίμμας) was an Argead king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon

In the "History of The World", Sir Walter Raleigh states that Caranus, leading a colony into Macedon(ia), observed a herd of goats fleeing a storm and followed them to the Gates of Edessa. Being dark, he entered the city un-noticed and took the city without resistance. Soon after he overthrew Cisseus to become ruler of Macedon(ia). After ruling for 28 years, he was succeeded by Coenus, who ruled for twelve years. Coenus was succeeded by his eldest son Tyrimmas, who ruled for 28 years. Tyrimmas was followed by Perdiccas I.

Preceded by
King of Macedon Succeeded by
Perdiccas I