Tyrolean grey cheese

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Tyrolean grey cheese
Tyrolean grey cheese Loaf Cut.jpg
Other namesTiroler Graukäse
Country of originAustria
RegionNorth Tyrol/East Tyrol
Source of milkCows
Pasteurisedyes or no
Fat contentlow fat
Weight1 to 4kg
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Tyrolean grey cheese (Graukäse) is a strongly flavoured, rennet-free cows-milk acid-curd cheese made in the Tyrolean Alp valleys, Austria. It owes its name to the grey mold that usually grows on its rind. It is extremely low in fat (around 0.5%) and it has a powerful penetrating smell. The cheese is registered as protected designation of origin under the official name Tiroler Graukäse g.U.[1] The registration of the PDO states that its production has been a significant element of Tyrolean peasant gastronomy for centuries. Graukäse making became widespread on farms due to the simplicity of making and the availability of low-fat milk after the fat had been taken for use in butter making.[2]

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