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Yaochidao (瑤池道 "Way of the Mother-of-Pearl Lake"), also known by the name of its corporate form the Holy Church of the Mother-of-Pearl Lake, or by the older name of Cihuitang (慈惠堂 "Church of the Loving Favour"), is a Chinese folk religious sect related to the Xiantiandao lineage, with a strong following in Taiwan and active as an underground church in the People's Republic of China, where it is theoretically a proscribed sect.[1]

It existed before the 20th century and it is focused on the worship of Xiwangmu (the "Queen Mother of the West").[2]


Members of Yaochidao wear blue uniforms, and perform a variety of ritual and practices including divination of inspired scriptures, chanting of scriptures, exercises of body cultivation, gods' mediumship and other forms of charismatic religious praxis.

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