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Street in Tzahala

Tzahala is an upscale residential neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel. It is located in the northeastern part of the city. The neighborhood was established in 1951, and is named after the IDF. It was established to house IDF officers and veterans of the 1948 War.

Today it is a wealthy neighbourhood, with most of its residents being Ashkenazi. The neighborhood is organized as a cooperative society for housing. Residents of the neighborhood pay two-year membership fees to the association, and choose the association's committee.

Israeli Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog grew up and lives in the neighborhood.[1]

The most noticeable villa in the neighbourhood is the modernist Orange House, built by the Ginzburg family.[2]



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Coordinates: 32°7′21.42″N 34°50′12.82″E / 32.1226167°N 34.8368944°E / 32.1226167; 34.8368944