Tzameret Towers

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Tzameret Towers
Akirov Towers.jpg
General information
Status Complete
Type Apartments
Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Coordinates 32°5′27.02″N 34°47′37.95″E / 32.0908389°N 34.7938750°E / 32.0908389; 34.7938750Coordinates: 32°5′27.02″N 34°47′37.95″E / 32.0908389°N 34.7938750°E / 32.0908389; 34.7938750
Construction started 1&2: 1999
3: 2003
Opening 1&2: 2002
3: 2006
Roof 123 m (404 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 34
Floor area 30,000 m2 (320,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Moore Yaski Sivan Architects

The Tzameret Towers, also known as Akirov Towers, are three 34-story skyscrapers in Tel Aviv, Israel. The first two were completed in 2003, with the third one completed in 2006. The towers were designed by Moore Yaski Sivan Architects. Tower 3 was originally planned to be a 140-meter tower containing 140 apartments, although this was scaled down and it was finished to a height almost identical to that of the other towers. The final design contained 120 apartments. This tower topped out in August 2004. The top three floors of Tower 2 contain one of Israel's most expensive apartments, purchased for $10 million, a record-breaking purchase at the time. The total complex contains 360 apartments.

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