Tzavalas Karousos

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Tzavalas Karousos
Τζαβαλάς Καρούσος
Born8 September 1904
Died3 January 1969 (aged 64)
OccupationStage actor

Tzavalas Karousos (Greek: Τζαβαλάς Καρούσος; 8 September 1904 – 3 January 1969) was a Greek actor.


He was born in Lefkada and first acted in the theatre participating in the Veakis-Nezer (Nesser) theatrical company. With theatrical studies in France and other European countries, he played at the National Theatre during the golden period of Fotos Politis. After the war he took part at the theatrical company and with the Greek Folklore Theatre with Manos Katrakis.

He first acted in the National Theatre and succeeded Aimilios Veakis. He switched to the modern Greek work and first starred in many Greek movies (I zavoliara, Orgi, Antigone, Anthropos yia oles tis doulies, Faidra, etc.) The role which made him famous was Shylock in The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare. He later finished his acting career due to the dictatorship. He last appeared at the Piraeus Public Theatre. He left for Paris, where he remained until his death at age 64 in 1969.[citation needed]


Year Film Transliteration and translation Role
1933 Despinis dikigoros Δεσποινίς δικηγόρος (Lady Judge) -
1943 I foni tis kardias Η φωνή της καρδιάς (Voice of the Heart) -
1954 To koritsi tis yitonias Το κορίτσι της γειτονιάς (Girl From The Neighbourhood) Petros
1959 I zavoliara Η ζαβολιάρα Konstantis
1959 Sarakatsanissa Σαρακατσάνισσα -
1959 Navagia tis zois Ναυάγια της ζωής -
1959 Matomeno iliovasilemma Bloody Twilight
1961 Irthes arga Ήρθες αργά (You Came Late) Petros
1961 Epikindini apostoli Επικίνδυνη αποστολή Captain Mihalis
1961 Antigone Αντιγόνη (Antigoni or Andigoni) Tiresias
1962 Orgy Οργή (Oryi) -
1962 Phaedra Φαίδρα (Fedra or Faidra) -
1062 Otan i mira kiverna Όταν (When My Fate Governs) -
1963 Tereza Τερέζα -
1963 Kourastika na s'apoktiso Κουράστηκα να σ' αποκτήσω (I Am Tired To Acquisit) -
1964 Rigameno spiti Ρημαγμένο σπίτι (Shooken House) -
1964 Ta dakria mou ine kafta Τα δάκρυά μου είναι καυτά -
1965 Vana Βάνα -
1965 Me idrota ke dakria Με ιδρώτα και δάκρυα (With Sweat And Tears) -
1965 To lathos Το λάθος (Wrong) -
1965 Ta dihtya tis dropis Τα δίχτυα της ντροπής Vrassidas
1965 Afiste me na ziso Αφήστε με να ζήσω (Leave Me Alone To Live) Georgios Vranas
1966 I parastratimeni Η παραστρατημένη -
1966 Anthropos yia oles tis doulies Άνθρωπος για όλες τις δουλειές (A Person For All These Works) Captain Manolis
1967 I voskoi Οι βοσκοί Vlahopoulos
1967 Kolonaki diagogi miden Κολωνάκι: διαγωγή μηδέν Stefanos Kotsomitros

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