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The tzolkinex is an eclipse cycle equal to a period of two saros minus one inex. As consecutive eclipses in an inex series belongs to the next consecutive saros series, each consecutive Tzolkinex belongs to the previous saros series.

The tzolkinex is equal to 2598.69 days (about 7 years, 1 month and 12 days). It is related to the tritos in that a period of one tritos plus one tzolinex is exactly equal to one saros.

It corresponds to:

Because of the non-integer number of anomalistic month each eclipse varies in type, i.e. total vs. annular, and greatly varies in length. Every third tzolkinex comes close to an even number of anomalistic months, but occurs during a different season, and in the opposite hemisphere, thus they may be of the same type (annular vs. total) but otherwise do not have a similar character.


"First studied by George van den Bergh (1951). The name Tzolkinex was suggested by Felix Verbelen (2001) as its length is nearly 10 Tzolk'ins (260-day periods)." [1]

It alternates hemispheres with each cycle, occurring at alternating nodes, each successive occurrence is one saros less than the last.

Date Saros Gamma Magnitude Graph
1992 Jun 30
146 -0.75 1.06 SE1992Jun30T.png
1999 Aug 11 145 0.51 1.03 SE1999Aug11T.png
2006 Sep 22 144 -0.41 0.94 SE2006Sep22A.png
2013 Nov 03 143 0.32 1.02 SE2013Nov03H.png
2020 Dec 14 142 -0.29 1.03 SE2020Dec14T.png
2028 Jan 26 141 0.39 0.92 SE2028Jan26A.png
2035 Mar 09 140 -0.44 0.99 SE2035Mar09A.png
2042 Apr 20 139 0.29 1.06 SE2042Apr20T.png
2049 May 31 138 -0.12 0.96 SE2049May31A.png

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