Tzomet Sfarim

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Tzomet Sfarim
Founded1981 – earliest parent
1996 – original Tz. Sf.
2002 – current Tz. Sf.
Number of locations
95 (3 October 2018)
Area served
Key people
Avi Schumer, CEO

Tzomet Sfarim (Hebrew: צומת ספרים‎) is the second largest bookstore chain in Israel, after its main national competitor Steimatzky.


In 1981 Yerid Sfarim ("book fair") was founded. By 2002 it had 15 branches. In 1996 Tzomet Sfarim ("book crossing") was founded. It quickly grew to 14 branches in 2002. In 2002 the companies united under one brand, Tzomet Sfarim, with Modan Publishing House as a third investor. Initially the chain operated about 40 stores. Avi Schumer, co-owner, served as CEO of Tzomet Sfarim from its foundation.[1] By 2009 the chain already had 80 stores.[2]

By September 2017 the main competitor, Steimatzky reduced its number of branches to 140, while Tzomet Sfarim upped to 96 stores.[3] The two companies control 80% of Israel's book market.[4] According to Schumer, the chain is interested in operating 100 stores at most; after reaching this number he prefers to invest only in larger stores, coffee houses, and customer experience.[2] On 3 October 2018 there are 95 stores in the Tzomet Sfarim chain.[5]


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