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Tzrufa is located in Haifa region of Israel
Coordinates: 32°38′55.31″N 34°56′42.35″E / 32.6486972°N 34.9450972°E / 32.6486972; 34.9450972Coordinates: 32°38′55.31″N 34°56′42.35″E / 32.6486972°N 34.9450972°E / 32.6486972; 34.9450972
CouncilHof HaCarmel
AffiliationMoshavim Movement
Founded byAlgerian and
Tunisian immigrants

Tzrufa (Hebrew: צְרוּפָה) is a moshav in northern Israel. Located near Atlit, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hof HaCarmel Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 1,122.[1]


The village was established in 1949 by immigrants from Algeria and Tunisia. Some writers opine that it was named after the depopulated Palestinian village of al-Sarafand on whose lands it was built.[2][3] Others point to the inscription at the village entrance which states ""The word of the Lord is pure [tzrufa]; He is a shield to all them that take refuge in him" (Psalms 18:30)."[4] During the Crusader period, the village was known as Sarepta Yudee, possibly to distinguish it from Sarepta of Lebanon. Both names means "smelting place."[5] Roman and Byzantine pottery remains have been found on site. During the Crusader era, a fortress and chapel were built. The remains of the village mosque can still be seen.[4]


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