Uči me majko, karaj me

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"Uči me majko, karaj me"
traditional folk song
Writer(s) Unknown
Language Macedonian

Uči me majko, karaj me (Bulgarian: Учи ме майко, карай ме, Macedonian: Учи ме мајко, карај ме, (English: Teach me mother, scold me) is a traditional folk song from the region of Macedonia.

It was published for the first time by the Miladinov Brothers in their collection Bulgarian Folk Songs.[1] This song is remembered in its folk rendition mostly by the ethnic Macedonian folk singer Aleksandar Sarievski, while the band Leb i Sol have arranged a modern rock version.[2] The song is also performed by Macedonian singer Tose Proeski and Bulgarian singer Kiril Kostov.