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Uğurludağ is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 40°27′N 34°28′E / 40.450°N 34.467°E / 40.450; 34.467Coordinates: 40°27′N 34°28′E / 40.450°N 34.467°E / 40.450; 34.467
Country Turkey
Province Çorum
 • Mayor Remzi Torun (MHP)
 • District 549.11 km2 (212.01 sq mi)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Urban 2,770
 • District 6,521
 • District density 12/km2 (31/sq mi)
Climate Dsb[3]

Uğurludağ is a small district of Çorum Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is located at 66 km from the city of Çorum. Population is approximately 7,500. The mayor is Remzi Torun (MHP).


Formerly known as Kızılören, renamed Uğurludağ after Urlu Mountain which stands behind the town. The name means 'lucky mountain' and is traditionally a place of healing. Other than some caves said to inhabit healing spirits there is little of historical or archaeological interest. But the mountain scenery, with the snow on the peak even in summer, does attract visitors.


Uğurludağ is a small market town in an agricultural district. The new generations are mostly migrating to larger cities in search of jobs and careers.

Uğurludağ was formerly within the district of İskilip and there is mutual dislike between the people of the two towns.


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