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U-MYX is a music format launched in 2004 which allows a user to arrange and create their own mix of songs by known music artists. The U-MYX Software is available on CDs (usually on the artist's single release as an Enhanced Section on the CD) and as digital downloads from U-MYX's own digital store. Digital U-MYX Sales are UK Chart eligible and count towards the artists chart position. U-MYX has now changed its name to GoMix.

U-MYX Player[edit]

The U-MYX Player (v.3.1) with the track "Headlock" by Imogen Heap loaded.

Users can create and play back U-MYX files using the U-MYX Player application. The U-MYX Player arranges the song in a grid format, divided into Tracks and Sections. Users can turn individual blocks on and off (muting the instruments), adjust the volume curves of tracks, copy, paste, insert and delete sections in order to create their own mix of the track.

The U-MYX player is a standalone application that requires no installation on the host computer. The application loads in .UMX datafiles which contain the songs audio and graphics. The .UMX datafiles vary in size depending on the track with the average song being approximately 20 megabytes. The latest version of the U-MYX Player is available for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X 10.4

Communities and microsites[edit]

U-MYX Streaming Player.

Each U-MYX Track has its own Microsite where users of the software can download, rate and comment on remixes made by other people with the full length U-MYX Player for that track. Users are able to save their mixes as a proprietary format .umx file which can then be uploaded and shared with the rest of the community. Once a U-MYX has been uploaded the a microsite, a flash based streaming player is automatically generated a few minutes later which users can embed into a web page allowing others who don't have the U-MYX software to hear their mix.

U-MYX offer free, heavily cut down, clips of new chart releases in U-MYX format. U-MYX Clips usually feature roughly 30 seconds of a song and do not allow for saving or exporting.


The U-MYX Software does not allow the user to add their own audio files / samples to the track, and not all songs allow export to .WAV or .MP3 format depending on the artist or record label preference.

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