U-Wei Haji Saari

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U-Wei Haji Saari
U Wei Shaari.jpg
Born Zuhir bin Hj Saari
Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia
Occupation film director, producer, screenwriter
Years active 1993 - present

U-Wei Hj Saari is an award-winning Malaysian film director. He first gained international attention with The Arsonist (more known by its Malay name Kaki Bakar), the first Malaysian film to enter the Cannes Film Festival in 1995.[1]



He began his career as an director for television dramas until 1996, where he made his film debut with the highly controversial Perempuan, Isteri dan..., which won him the Best Director award at the 11th Malaysia Film Festival.

In 2014, U-Wei had produced a period film titled Hanyut as a co-production between countries Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. The film is based on a Joseph Conrad novel titled Almayer's Folly, which tells about the life of the Malay community in the 19th century.


Year Title
1993 Perempuan, Isteri dan...?
1994 Black Widow - Wajah Ayu
1999 Jogho
2001 The Arsonist
2004 Buai Laju-laju
2012 Hanyut


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