371st Sustainment Brigade (United States)

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371st Sustainment Brigade
371st Sustainment Brigade shoulder sleeve insignia
Active29 August 1917 – present
CountryUnited States
BranchU.S. Army Ohio National Guard
TypeSustainment Brigade
Garrison/HQSpringfield, Ohio
Nickname(s)Sustainment Warriors
Motto(s)"Sustain the Fight!"
DecorationsWWI Lorraine 1918

WWII Northern Solomons
WWII Luzon (with arrowhead)
Global War on Terrorism
IRAQ 2003-2004
IRAQ 2008-2009
CENTRAL ASIA 2013-2014
CENTRAL ASIA 2017-2018

Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, Streamer embroidered 17 OCTOBER 1944 10 JULY 1945
COL Gerald W. Bodnar, 2018-Present
COL Gregory J. Betts, 2016-18

COL Thomas E. Haidet, 2015-16
COL Mark J. Cappone, 2014-15
COL Gregory W. Robinette, 2011-14
COL Maria E. Kelly, 2010-11
COL Daniel L. Tack, 2007-10
COL Michael E. Beasley, 2004-07
COL Rufus J. Smith, 2003-04
COL Michael W. McHenry, 2000-02
COL Jack E. Lee, 1998-2000
COL James Simpson, 1997-98
COL Kenneth B. Robinson, 1995-97
COL Donald Nelson, 1993-95
COL Harry Shaw III, 1990-93
COL William A. Laprise, 1985-90
COL David E. Smith, 1983-85
COL Charles Conner Jr., 1977-83
COL Ronald Bebout, 1976-77
COL David W. Wayt, 1972-1976
COL Thomas A. Herzog, 1971-72
COL Edwin C. Girton, 1967-71
COL James C. Clem, 1964-67
COL Charles H. Jones, 1959-64
COL T. Dye Barnhouse, 1957-59

COL Wilber H. Fricke, 1946-57
Distinctive Unit Insignia371SustainBdeDUI.jpg

The 371st Sustainment Brigade is an Ohio Army National Guard Sustainment Brigade. It is based out of Springfield, Ohio. The 371st Sustainment Brigade is made up of the 371st Special Troops Battalion (Newark, Ohio) and the 112th Transportation Battalion (Green, Ohio).

History of the 371st Sustainment Brigade[edit]

The Headquarters 371st Sustainment Brigade was constituted on 29 August 1917 as the Headquarters 62nd Field Artillery (FA) Brigade, 37th Infantry Division (ID). The 62nd FA Brigade owes its inception to the fact that, in the early days of 1917, the patriotic citizens of Ohio insisted that the Ohio Troops be organized into a complete Division. In order to accomplish this, three regiments of Field Artillery were hurriedly formed to support the two Ohio Infantry Brigades (73rd and 74th).

The Field Artillery in Ohio prior to the World War, consisted of one' organization whose history dates back to July 6, 1837. This historic military organization was reorganized from a section to form a regiment in 1860, and saw service for the duration of the Civil War. It was mustered into service once more in 1898, for active duty in the Spanish–American War, but, contrary to expectations, did not serve outside the continental limits of the United States. In 1899, the Regiment was reduced in size, and, on September 23, 1911, the three remaining Batteries were designated the Battalion of Field Artillery, Ohio National Guard.

This Battalion was ordered to Mexican Border duty on July 16, 1916, and served until March 12, 1917. On May 4, 1917, the Battalion was expanded into a Regiment, and, on September 15, 1917, became a part of the 62nd Brigade of Field Artillery.

The pressing need of a Brigade of Field Artillery in 1917, was responsible for a newly formed Regiment of Ohio Cavalry being expanded and changed into three Regiments of Field Artillery. These two new Regiments, and the original Field Artillery Regiment, were then grouped together under the designation of the 62nd Field Artillery Brigade, and Ohio had the Artillery that was necessary for the support of the Division.

World War I. The 62nd FA Brigade was constituted on 29 August 1917 and organized on 21 September 1917. The 62nd was made up of the 134th FA Regiment, 135th FA Regiment, 136th FA Regiment, 112th Trench Mortar Battery, and 112th Ammunition Train. The 62nd conducted training as an element of the 37th ID at Camp Sheridan, Alabama and was separated from the 37th when they arrived in France in June 1918. After arriving on the Western front the 62nd and its unit supported various units during the final months of the war, including the 92nd, 28th and 33rd Divisions.

The Headquarters Battery was organized in Dayton and federally recognized on April 26, 1922 under the command of Captain William G. Steven. The brigade converted from horse drawn to motor drawn in October 1934.

World War II. The battery was inducted into federal service on October 15, 1940 and sent to Camp Shelby, Mississippi for training with the 37th ID. On February 1, 1942 it was reorganized as the 37th Division Artillery (DIVARTY) and served in the pacific theater under the 37th ID. The 37th ID, commanded by BG Leo M. Kreber, and was mobilized through December 18, 1945 in support of WWII where it earned the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. During WWII the 37th DIVARTY was made up of the 134th, 135th, and 136th FA Regiments.

The 37th DIVARTY was converted, reorganized, and designated the 371st Antiaircraft Artillery Group on July 3, 1946.

The 371st Antiaircraft Artillery Group was converted, reorganized, and designated the 371st Artillery Group on September 1, 1959.

The 371st Artillery Group was converted, reorganized, and designated the 371st Corp Support Group on February 1, 1972.

Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Headquarters 371st Corp Support Group, commanded by COL Rufus J. Smith, was deployed from 10 April 2003 to 19 March 2004 in support of OIF.

Operation Vigilant Relief. The Headquarters 371st Corp Support Group, commanded by COL Michael E. Beasley, was called to duty to in September 2005 and operated out of Kiln, Mississippi to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The 371st Corp Support Group was reorganized and designated the 371st Sustainment Brigade on 1 September 2007.

Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Headquarters 371st Sustainment Brigade, commanded by COL Daniel L. Tack, was deployed from 27 July 2008 to 9 April 2009 in support of OIF.

Operation Enduring Freedom. The Headquarters 371st Sustainment Brigade, commanded by COL Gregory W. Robinette, was deployed from 19 April 2013 to 1 March 2014 in support of OEF.

Operation Spartan Shield and Operation Inherent Resolve. The Headquarters 371st Sustainment Brigade, commanded by COL Gregory J. Betts, was deployed from 27 April 2017 to 10 March 2018 in support of CENTCOM.

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A soldier of the brigade builds a barracks during an exercise in Michigan in 2008.