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U.S. Air Services (ISSN 1041-0473) was an American aeronautics magazine which ran during the period 1919–1956.[1] It was published in Washington, D.C. by the Army and Navy Air Service Association and its successor, the Air Service Publishing Company.

The first editor was Earl N. Findlay, and the magazine's typical forty-eight pages covered both civil and military aviation-related issues.[1] U.S. Air Services was published between February 1919 and December 1956 (volume 41).[1] In 1942 its publisher was renamed the Air Service Publishing Company.[1] The magazine's motto was "Devoted to the development of aeronautics - civil and military - in the United States, birthplace of the flying machine, and throughout the world."

U.S. Air Services was a popular magazine among serious aviation aficionados, and copies were found in the Wright family library.[2]


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