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The United States Girls' Junior Championship is one of the thirteen U.S. national golf championships organized by the United States Golf Association. It is open to amateur girls who are under 18 on the last day of the competition and have a USGA handicap index of 18.4 or less. It consists of two days of stroke play, with the leading 64 competitors then playing a match play competition to decide the champion.

The inaugural championship was held in 1949 and was won by Marlene Bauer from a field of 28 entries.

Aree Wongluekiet, now Aree Song, is the youngest winner at 13 years, 99 days in 1999. Hollis Stacy is the only three-time winner of the tournament.


Year Winner Country
2016 Seong Eun-jeong  South Korea
2015 Seong Eun-jeong  South Korea
2014 Princess Mary Superal  Philippines
2013 Gabriella Then  United States
2012 Minjee Lee  Australia
2011 Ariya Jutanugarn  Thailand
2010 Doris Chen  United States
2009 Amy Anderson  United States
2008 Alexis Thompson  United States
2007 Kristen Park  United States
2006 Jenny Shin  South Korea
2005 In-Kyung Kim  South Korea
2004 Julieta Granada  Paraguay
2003 Sukjin-Lee Wuesthoff  South Korea
 United States [1]
2002 Inbee Park  South Korea
2001 Nicole Perrot  Chile
2000 Lisa Ferrero  United States
1999 Aree Wongluekiet  Thailand
1998 Leigh Anne Hardin  United States
1997 Beth Bauer  United States
1996 Dorothy Delasin  United States
1995 Marcy Newton  United States
1994 Kelli Kuehne  United States
1993 Kellee Booth  United States
1992 Jamie Koizumi  United States
1991 Emilee Klein  United States
1990 Sandrine Mendiburu  France
1989 Brandie Burton  United States
1988 Jamille Jose  United States
1987 Michelle McGann  United States
1986 Pat Hurst  United States
1985 Dana Lofland  United States
1984 Cathy Mockett  United States
1983 Kim Saiki  United States
1982 Heather Farr  United States
1981 Kay Cornelius  United States
1980 Laurie Rinker  United States
1979 Penny Hammel  United States
1978 Lori Castillo  United States
1977 Althea Tome  United States
1976 Pilar Dorado  United States
1975 Dayna Benson  United States
1974 Nancy Lopez  United States
1973 Amy Alcott  United States
1972 Nancy Lopez  United States
1971 Hollis Stacy  United States
1970 Hollis Stacy  United States
1969 Hollis Stacy  United States
1968 Margaret Harmon  United States
1967 Elizabeth (Doll) Story  United States
1966 Claudia Ann Mayhew  United States
1965 Gail Sykes  United States
1964 Peggy Conley  United States
1963 Janis Ferraris  United States
1962 Mary Lou Daniel  United States
1961 Mary Lowell  United States
1960 Carol Sorenson  United States
1959 Judy Rand  United States
1958 Judy Eller  United States
1957 Judy Eller  United States
1956 JoAnne Gunderson  United States
1955 Carole Jo Kabler  United States
1954 Wiffi Smith  United States
1953 Millie Meyerson  United States
1952 Mickey Wright  United States
1951 Arlene Brooks  United States
1950 Patricia Lesse  United States
1949 Marlene Bauer  United States

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  1. ^ Wuesthoff moved from her native South Korea to New Jersey as a 12-year-old, moving in and eventually being adopted by an American aunt and uncle. When the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 took effect on February 27, 2001, she automatically acquired United States citizenship, as she was legally adopted by at least one American citizen and was under 18 on the effective date of the Act. However, when she joined the LPGA tour in 2008, the tour listed her as South Korean, indicating that she retained her original citizenship.

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