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US Highway 287 marker

US Highway 287
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length: 503.898 mi[1] (810.945 km)
Existed: 1942 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 69 / US 96 / SH 87 in Port Arthur

I-10 in Beaumont
Future plate blue.svgNo image wide.svg
I-69 / US 59 in Corrigan
I-45 in Corsicana
I-35E in Waxahachie
I-20 in Arlington
I-20 / I-820 in Fort Worth
I-30 in Fort Worth
I-35W / US 81 in Fort Worth
I-44 / US 277 / US 281 in Wichita Falls

I-40 in Amarillo
North end: US-287 near Kerrick
Highway system
SH 286 SH 287
SH 105 SH 106 SH 107
SH 229 SH 230 SH 231
U.S. Route 287 in North Texas
U.S. Route 287 near Midlothian

U.S. Highway 287 (US 287) in the U.S. state of Texas is a U.S. Highway that begins on the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur and heads north through Fort Worth, northwest to Childress, Clarendon, and Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle and into Oklahoma near Kerrick.

Route description[edit]

US 287 crosses into Texas at Kerrick and continues southeast through to Stratford, where it takes a more southerly turn. In Dumas, US 287 merges with its "parent route", US 87, and continues its south/southeasterly path as a co-signed route to Amarillo.

After passing through the heart of downtown Amarillo, US 87 splits off to the south to merge with I-27, and US 287 merges with I-40 and continues co-signed with the interstate until just west of Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, where it veers to the southeast toward Claude, the seat of Armstrong County.

US 287 follows this east-southeasterly path through Clarendon and Childress, where it intersects US Highways 83 and 62. US 287 then proceeds to Vernon, where it merges with (and is briefly co-signed with) US 70 and US 183. After US 70 and US 183 leave the route at Oklaunion and veer to the northeast, US 287 resumes its east-southeasterly track passing through Harrold and Electra on its way to Wichita Falls. On the northwest side of the city US 287 merges with I-44, US 82, and (briefly) US 277. After leaving Wichita Falls, US 82/287 continues as a co-signed route until Henrietta, where US 82 leaves the route. After merging with US 81 in Bowie, US 287/81 continues southeast to Fort Worth, where it merges with I-35W on the north side of town. Just northwest of this interchange, Business US 287 veers off to the right following the original routing into Saginaw and into downtown Fort Worth while zig zagging its way through city streets to Kennedale and Mansfield before coming out onto the US 287 Freeway south of Interstate 20 near the Ellis County line just north of Midlothian.

Here, US 81 hits its terminus, but US 287 continues, concurrent route with I-35W through to the north end of downtown Fort Worth before splitting off to the southeast and once again picking up its own signage. This stretch of US 287, which runs from downtown to the southeast side of the city, is also known as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freeway. In southeast Fort Worth, US 287 intersects with, and is briefly co-signed with, I-820 (which then dumps into I-20) before veering to the southeast yet again, where it passes through the extreme western side of Arlington, and then on in to Mansfield and Midlothian The freeway which previously terminated at the Tarrant/Johnson County line has been extended continuing on into Ellis County to connect with the existing freeway around Waxahachie, which includes a bypass around Midlothian and an interchange with US 67.

After intersecting with I-35E just north of Waxahachie, US 287 continues to the southeast, where it merges with I-45 just south of Ennis and follows the interstate to Corsicana where it then leaves the route and makes another sharp turn to the east. The highway continues southeastward to Palestine, where it merges with State Highway 19. US 287/SH 19 continues as a co-signed route until Crockett, where US 287 leaves SH 19 and continues its southeasterly track toward the Texas Gulf Coast.

In Woodville, US 287 merges with US 69 and takes on a more due-southerly route to Lumberton, where a co-signed US 69/287 also merges with US 96. The highway then continues to the southeast through Beaumont with a short stint with Interstate 10 and on to Port Arthur, where the route terminates at an intersection with State Highway 87.[2]


Before 1939, the portion from the Oklahoma state line to Amarillo was SH 9, from Amarillo to Henrietta was SH 5, Henrietta to Bowie was SH 50, Bowie to Fort Worth was SH 2 and US 81, Fort Worth to Ennis SH 34, Ennis to Corsicana was SH 14/US 75, Corsicana to Palestine was SH 22, Palestine to Crockett was SH 19, Crockett and Woodville was SH 106, Woodville to Port Arthur was SH 8. All of these state highways were shortened in the 1939 renumbering. SH 106 was decommissioned. SH 19 was deleted until 1960, when it extended back south.[contradictory]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Jefferson Port Arthur SH 87 (Gulfway Drive) South end of US 69 / US 96 overlap
see US 96
Hardin FM 3513 / Mitchell Road interchange
US 96 north – Lumberton, Jasper interchange; north end of US 96 overlap; no direct southbound exit (signed at FM 3513)
Lumberton FM 421 to US 96
SH 327 east – Airport
Kountze SH 326 south – Sour Lake
FM 418 east – Silsbee
FM 1003 south – Honey Island
FM 420 east – Big Thicket National Preserve Visitor Center
Village Mills FM 3063 west – Wildwood
Tyler FM 2827 west
Warren FM 1943 east – Fred south end of FM 1943 overlap
FM 1943 west north end of FM 1943 overlap
Hillister FM 1013 east – Spurger
Woodville US 190 – Livingston, Jasper, Heritage Village, Indian Village
US 69 north – Colmesneil, Lufkin North end of US 69 overlap
FM 256 to US 190 – Colmesneil
Chester FM 1745 east – Colmesneil south end of FM 1745 overlap
FM 1745 west / FM 2097 east – Camden north end of FM 1745 overlap
Polk FM 62 west – Camden
FM 352 west – Pluck
Corrigan US 59 Future I-69
FM 1872
Trinity FM 2262 east
Groveton FM 355 (Devine Avenue) to SH 94 east
SH 94 east (Magee Avenue) – Lufkin South end of SH 94 overlap
FM 2912 west (M.L. King)
FM 3154 north
SH 94 west – Trinity North end of SH 94 overlap
FM 1280 west – Friday, Lovelady
FM 2781 – Holly, Pennington
Houston FM 358 east – Pennington
Shady Grove FM 232 north – Arbor
Crockett Loop 304 (truck route)
SH 7 / SH 19 south / SH 21 south end of SH 19 overlap; traffic circle around Houston County Courthouse
Loop 304 (truck route)
FM 2160 west
Latexo FM 2663 east
Bus. US 287 north – Grapeland
FM 2423
FM 227 – Grapeland, Augusta
FM 228 – Grapeland, Percilla

Bus. US 287 south – Grapeland
Anderson SH 294 east – Slocum, Alto South end of SH 294 overlap
Elkhart FM 1817 north – Alderbranch
SH 294 west (Parker Street) – Downtown Elkhart North end of SH 294 overlap
FM 2419 south – Broom City
Palestine Loop 256 (truck route)
US 84 east (East Park Avenue) – Texas State Railroad Palestine Depot, Palestine State Park South end of US 84 overlap
SH 19 north (North Church Street) North end of SH 19 overlap
Loop 127 east (Avenue A) / FM 322 south (South Sycamore Street)
US 84 west (West Oak Street) – Fairfield North end of US 84 overlap
US 79 / SH 19 south (West Palestine Avenue) – Austin, Tyler, Jacksonville South end of SH 19 overlap
Loop 256 (truck route) interchange
SH 19 north – Athens, Montalba North end of SH 19 overlap
FM 3224 west – NASA Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility
Spur 324 north – Tennessee Colony
FM 321 – Tennessee Colony, Montalba
FM 645 south – Tennessee Colony
FM 860 east
Bethel FM 2706 south – Yard
Cayuga FM 59 north – Cross Roads
Freestone FM 488 south – Fairfield
Navarro SH 309 – Kerens
Spur 294 south
Eureka FM 3243 west – Navarro
FM 637 west
FM 739 west
FM 637 east
I-45 south / Bus. US 287 north – Richland, Houston
South end of I-45 overlap; US 287 south follows exit 229
see I-45
Ellis Ennis I-45 north – Dallas North end of I-45 overlap; US 287 north follows exit 247
FM 1183 (Oak Grove Road) – Oak Grove, Ennis
SH 34 – Kaufman, Italy Interchange
Lampasas Street interchange; no direct northbound exit (signed at SH 34)

Bus. US 287 south / Ennis Parkway – Ennis
Bus. US 287 north / Frontage Road
FM 878 / FM 879 interchange; south end of freeway
Farley Street / Broadhead Road no direct northbound exit
FM 813 (Brown Street)
US 77 – Waxahachie
I-35E – Dallas, Waco I-35E exit 403
FM 664 – Ovilla no direct northbound exit

Bus. US 287 south
interchange; north end of freeway
Bus. US 287 north (Main Street) / Midlothian Parkway
interchange; south end of freeway
FM 663 / 14th Street
US 67 – Cleburne, Dallas no direct southbound exit to US 67 north (signed at US 287 Bus.)

Bus. US 287 south – Midlothian
interchange; north end of freeway
Grand Prairie FM 661 east / Lakeview Road
Mansfield SH 360 north
Bus. US 287 north / Lone Star Road
Tarrant Heritage Parkway interchange; south end of freeway
East Broad Street Access to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center
Walnut Creek Drive / Debbie Lane
FM 157 / Debbie Lane – Arlington
city line
Turner-Warnell Road / Callender Road
Arlington Russell-Curry Road / Eden Road
Kennedale-Sublett Road
Little Road - Kennedale
I-20 east – Dallas South end of I-20 overlap; US 287 south follows exit 444
Fort Worth
I-20 west to Bus. US 287 (Mansfield Highway) – Abilene
North end of I-20 overlap; south end of I-820 overlap; US 287 north follows exit 442B; US 287 south follows exit 34A
Sun Valley Drive I-820 exit 33C
Martin Street I-820 exit 33B; no northbound entrance
I-820 north North end of I-820 overlap; US 287 north follows exit 33A
Village Creek Road
Wilbarger Street / Miller Avenue
Berry Street / Vaughn Boulevard
Mitchell Boulevard
Cobb Park Drive Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Rosedale Street
Vickery Boulevard no direct northbound exit (signed at Rosedale Street)
Riverside Drive
SH 180 (Lancaster Avenue) no northbound exit
I-30 west / US 377 south – Abilene I-30 exit 15A; south end of US 377 overlap
I-30 east – Dallas southbound exit and northbound entrance; I-30 exits 15B-C
Chambers Street no southbound exit
I-35W south – Waco South end of I-35W overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance; US 287 south follows exit 51
Spur 280 – Downtown Fort Worth I-35W exit 52A, access to Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center
see I-35W
I-35W north / US 81 – Denton North end of I-35W overlap; south end of US 81 overlap; no southbound exit; US 287 north follows exit 60
Harmon Road (FM 3479)
FM 156
Bonds Ranch Road
Blue Mound Road / Willow Springs Road

Bus. US 287 south / FM 718 – Newark, Saginaw
interchange; north end of freeway
Wise Rhome SH 114 east – Dallas interchange; south end of freeway; south end of SH 114 overlap

Bus. US 81 north / Bus. US 287 north (SH 114 Bus. west) / FM 3433 – Rhome
SH 114 west (SH 114 Bus. east) – Bridgeport North end of SH 114 overlap

Bus. US 81 south / Bus. US 287 south – Rhome
interchange; north end of freeway
New Fairview FM 407 – Justin Interchange
Decatur FM 2264 east

Bus. US 81 north / Bus. US 287 north – Decatur Business District
FM 730 – Boyd Interchange

Bus. US 380 / FM 51 – Weatherford, Gainesville
Interchange, access to Wise Regional Health System
US 380 – Bridgeport, Denton Interchange
FM 1810 west – Chico

Bus. US 81 south / Bus. US 287 south – Decatur Business District

Bus. US 81 north / Bus. US 287 north – Alvord
interchange; south end of freeway
Hubbard Street
Alvord FM 1655

Bus. US 81 south / Bus. US 287 south – Alvord
interchange; no direct northbound exit; north end of freeway
Montague Spur 511 / Cemetery Road – Sunset interchange; south end of freeway
SH 101 – Sunset, Bridgeport
Lawhorn Lane
Fruitland Road
Wagonseller Road
US 81 north / SH 101 – Bowie, Waurika North end of US 81 overlap; no northbound entrance; no access from US 287 south to SH 101
Bowie FM 1125 – Amon G. Carter Lake
SH 59 – Montague, Jacksboro
FM 174 to US 81 north – Bowie interchange; north end of freeway
Clay Bellevue FM 1288 south South end of FM 1288 overlap
FM 1288 north North end of FM 1288 overlap
New York Road interchange southbound; at-grade intersection northbound
Henrietta Spur 510 – Henrietta interchange; south end of freeway
SH 148 – Jacksboro
Access Road
US 82 east – Henrietta, Gainesville, Texarkana interchange; south end of US 82 overlap; north end of freeway
Jolly FM 2393 – Jolly Interchange
Loop 47 east

Bus. US 287 north to SH 240
interchange; south end of freeway
Stephens Ranch Road no direct northbound exit
Wichita Wichita Falls Fisher Road
Hammon Road
SH 79 north – Waurika South end of SH 79 overlap; no direct northbound exit (signed at Hammon Road)
Windthorst Road
US 281 south / SH 79 south – Jacksboro, Archer City North end of SH 79 overlap; south end of US 281 overlap
Spur 447 / Loop 473 (Old Jacksboro Highway) / Galveston Street
US 82 west / US 277 south – Lubbock, Abilene North end of US 82 overlap; south end of US 277 overlap
Broad Street - Business District northbound exit and southbound entrance
Holliday Street - Business District south end of I-44 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance; I-44 exit 1, access to United Regional Healthcare System
6th Street - MPEC no direct southbound exit

Bus. US 277 south
no northbound exit; I-44 exit 1A
Scotland Park I-44 exit 1B; no direct southbound exit
Texas Travel Info Center I-44 exit 1C

Bus. US 287
I-44 exit 1D
Maurine Street I-44 exit 2
I-44 east / US 277 north / US 281 north / Spur 325 north – Burkburnett, Lawton, Sheppard AFB North end of I-44 / US 277 / US 281 overlap; US 287 north follows exit 3A
Loop 11 (Beverly Drive)
City View Drive
Wellington Lane
Huntington Lane
FM 369
Rifle Range Road
Peterson Road
Iowa Park Bell Road
FM 368 – Iowa Park

Bus. US 287 south (Johnson Road) – Iowa Park
Harmony Road
Burnett Ranch Road

Bus. US 287 north – Electra
no southbound exit
FM 2384
Midway Church Road
Electra FM 1739
SH 25 – Electra, Archer City
county line
County Line Road
Bus. US 287 south – Electra
interchange; north end of freeway; no direct northbound exit
SH 240 – Burkburnett interchange
Harrold FM 1763 – Harrold interchange
Oklaunion Loop 404 west – Oklaunion South end of freeway; southbound exit and entrance
US 70 east / US 183 north – Oklaunion, Frederick, Ardmore interchange; south end of freeway; south end of US 70 / US 183 overlap
Loop 145 – Oklaunion no direct northbound exit (signed at US 70 east / US 183 north)
Loop 404 Southbound exit only
FM 433 interchange; north end of freeway
Frontage Road at-grade intersection
FM 1763 interchange; south end of freeway

Bus. US 287 north – Vernon
no direct southbound exit
FM 1949 no direct southbound exit (signed at Laurie Street)
Vernon Laurie Street
US 183 south / US 283 – Seymour, Altus North end of US 183 overlap
Bentley Street

US 70 west / Bus. US 287 south – Crowell, Plainview, Vernon, Paducah
interchange; north end of freeway; north end of US 70 overlap
FM 925 east Interchange; south end of FM 925 overlap
FM 925 west – Farmers Valley North end of FM 925 overlap
FM 432 Interchange
Hardeman FM 925 east – Farmers Valley
Chillicothe FM 91
FM 2006 north
FM 1167 south – Medicine Mound
FM 2568
Quanah SH 6 (Main Street) – Crowell, Altus, Copper Breaks State Park, Historical Main Street, Historical Museum
FM 2568 – Airport
Loop 285 west
Loop 285 east – Acme Interchange
FM 1166 north
Goodlett FM 2363 – Goodlett
FM 2363 south – Goodlett
FM 680 north
FM 268
Childress FM 2875
FM 1033 north (County Road 22) South end of FM 1033 overlap
Kirkland FM 1033 south North end of FM 1033 overlap
FM 2638 south
Childress FM 2530
FM 3031 south (5th Street)
FM 268 east (3rd Street Northeast)
FM 401 north (7th Street)
US 62 / US 83 – Paducah, Wellington, Hollis
FM 164 – T.L. Roach Unit, Airport Interchange
Loop 328 – Carey, Lake Childress, Baylor Lake
Loop 328 – Carey, Lake Childress, Baylor Lake
Hall FM 658 south
Estelline SH 86 west – Turkey, Caprock Canyons State Park
FM 1619 north – Newlin
FM 1619 south
Memphis SH 256 – Silverton, Wellington, Hollis, Downtown Memphis
FM 1547 east (Montgomery) / North 6th – Quail
FM Spur 2361 south (Delaney)
Donley Hedley SH 203 east / SH 273 north – McLean, Wellington
Lelia Lake FM 1754 south
FM 1755 north
FM 1260
Clarendon SH 70 south – Turkey, Silverton South end of SH 70 overlap
FM 2162 south
SH 70 north – Greenbelt Lake, Howardwick, Pampa North end of SH 70 overlap
FM 3257 north – Greenbelt Lake
Ashtola FM 2362 south
Armstrong Goodnight FM 294 north – White Deer
FM 2889 south
FM 1151 east South end of FM 1151 overlap
Claude FM 1151 west North end of FM 1151 overlap
SH 207 – Silverton, Panhandle, Lake Mackenzie, Palo Duro Park
FM 3330 south
FM 2373 north
Washburn FM 2250 south
No major junctions
Potter FM 1912 north
Spur 228 north – Amarillo College East Campus
Amarillo East 3rd Avenue northbound exit only
I-40 east – Oklahoma City South end of I-40 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance; US 287 south follows exit 78
see I-40
I-27 south / I-40 west / US 60 west / US 87 south – Albuquerque, Canyon, Lubbock North end of I-40 overlap; south end of US 60 overlap; south end of US 87 south overlap (southbound only); US 287 north follows exit 70
(Pierce Street) north end of US 60 west / US 87 south overlap (southbound only)
Southeast 10th Avenue (Loop 395)
Historic US 66 west (Southeast 6th Avenue / Spur 279)
BL I-40 / US 60 east / Historic US 66 east (Amarillo Boulevard East) – Pampa north end of US 60 east overlap (northbound)
US 87 south (Pierce Street) to I-27 / Buchanan Street interchange; south end of freeway; south end of US 87 overlap
see US 87
Moore Dumas US 87 north / SH 152 east – Dalhart, Hartley, Stinnett, Amarillo College, Airport North end of US 87 overlap
FM 119 north – Sunray
Etter FM 281 – Dalhart, Sunray interchange
Sherman FM 297 west – Dalhart
FM 1573 east – Sunray
Stratford US 54 – Dalhart, Texhoma
Dallam Kerrick FM 807 south – Conlen
US-287 north – Boise City, Denver Oklahoma state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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