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US Highway 54 marker

US Highway 54
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length 111.583 mi[1] (179.575 km)
Existed 1927 – present
El Paso section
South end Loop 375 in El Paso
I-110 in El Paso
US 62 in El Paso
I-10 / US 180 in El Paso
North end US 54 at Chaparral, N.M.
Panhandle section
South end US 54 near Nara Visa, N.M.
US 87 / US 385 in Dalhart
US 287 in Stratford
North end US-54 at Texhoma, Okla.
Counties El Paso, Hartley, Dallam, Sherman
Highway system
SH 53 SH 54

U.S. Route 54 in Texas is a U.S. Highway that travels through two portions of Texas: one in the far western point, and the other in the far northwest Panhandle.

Route description[edit]

US 54 begins in El Paso, Texas, as a controlled access highway at an intersection with Loop 375. The route then travels northward, joining up with I-110 within the first mile. A mile later, these highways intersect Interstate 10 at a complex, three level high expressway interchange which the locals call the "Spaghetti Bowl." I-110 ends here, while US 54 continues north through El Paso. The route turns northeast, becoming a rare example of a collector-express freeway in Texas (until the Pershing Drive exit) before entering New Mexico. The route re-enters Texas in the northwest Panhandle, traveling northeast through sparsely populated country. The route intersects US Route 87 and US Route 385 in Dalhart and US Route 287 in Stratford, before exiting into the Oklahoma Panhandle at Texhoma.


The southwestern portion was originally part of the Ozark Trails, paralleling the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad, and was originally given the numbering of State Highway 33. SH 33 continued into Texas farther south in the Panhandle, following the former Ozark Trail. The northern Panhandle portion was originally assigned to State Highway 56, paralleling the Chicago, Rock Island, and Gulf Railroad.

When the U.S. Highway System was unveiled in 1926, the northern section was assigned to U.S. Highway 54, while the southwestern portion was assigned to U.S. Highway 366. The US 366 designation was canceled in 1932 when other sections of the highway were added to an adjusted US Route 70. This section was added to US 54 in 1934, and has retained its numbering since. By 1939, the corresponding state highway designations had been canceled.

The highway continues on its original routing except for realignment in 1990 in El Paso, with the old route becoming US Business Route 54 and Texas Loop 478. Most of the current US 54 in El Paso is a limited-access highway known as the Patriot Freeway which, as of 2016, was only partially completed.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[2][3] km Exit Destinations Notes
El Paso El Paso 0.00 0.00 Loop 375 east National western terminus of US 54; Loop 375 exit 58
20 Loop 375 west Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
20A US 62 (Paisano Drive) Signed as exit 20 eastbound
20B I-110 south – Juárez, México (Autos only) Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
21 I-10 / US 180 – Las Cruces, Van Horn Signed as exits 21A (east) and 21B (west); no exit 21A eastbound (I-10 east is signed at exit 20); no access from I-10 to US 54 west; I-10 exit 22B
21C Montana Avenue signed as part of exit 21B eastbound
22B Pershing Drive signed as exit 22 westbound
23 Cassidy Road - Fort Bliss signed as part of exit 22 westbound
24A Fred Wilson Avenue / Broaddus Avenue / Railroad Drive
24B Spur 601 east – Airport
25 Ellerthorpe Avenue / Broaddus Avenue
Bus. US 54 north (Dyer Street / TX) / Loop 478 south / Hercules Avenue
27 Hondo Pass Drive
28 Diana Drive
29 Loop 375 (Woodrow Bean Trans Mountain Drive) – Las Cruces, Carlsbad Loop 375 exit 21
30 Sun Valley Drive No direct westbound exit (signed at exit 31)
31 FM 3255 north (MLK Jr. Boulevard) / Kenworthy Street
32 Sean Haggerty Drive At-grade intersection; east end of freeway
13.6 21.9 FM 2529 (McCombs Street) – Chaparral

Bus. US 54 south (Dyer Street) – Chaparral
20.0 32.2 US 54 east – Alamogordo New Mexico state line
US 54 crosses through New Mexico
Hartley 0.0 0.0 US 54 west – Nara Visa, Tucumcari New Mexico state line
8.5 13.7 RM 3296 west
9.3 15.0 FM 767 east – Channing
35.2 56.6 FM 694 east Counterclockwise terminus of FM 694
37.5 60.4 FM 998 south – Hartley, TDCJ Dalhart Unit
38.0 61.2 FM 694 west Clockwise terminus of FM 694
39.0 62.8 FM 3139 south – Airport
Dallam Dalhart 40.8 65.7
Bus. US 87 south (7th Street) – Amarillo
west end of US 87 Bus. overlap
41.3 66.5 US 87 (First Street) / US 385 / FM 297 east – Boise City, Clayton, Amarillo east end of US 87 Bus. overlap
46.4 74.7 FM 695 east – Airport
Chamberlin 51.5 82.9 FM 3212 east
Conlen 59.8 96.2 FM 3213 west
60.7 97.7 FM 807 south – Hartley west end of FM 807 overlap
61.0 98.2 FM 807 north – Kerrick east end of FM 807 overlap
Sherman 69.3 111.5 FM 2014 south
Stratford 72.3 116.4 US 287 (Poplar Street) – Boise City, Dumas
72.5 116.7 SH 15 east (Main Street) – Gruver
73.0 117.5 FM 2677 north
89.5 144.0 FM 119 south – Sunray
Texhoma 91.8 147.7 FM 1290 south
91.9 147.9 US-54 east (South Street) – Guymon, Liberal Oklahoma state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

El Paso business loop[edit]

Business U.S. Highway 54-A
Location El Paso
Length 12.466 mi[4] (20.062 km)
Existed 1990–present[4]

Business U.S. Highway 54-A or Bus. US 54-A is a business route of US 54 at El Paso commissioned in 1990. The 12.5-mile (20.1 km) route begins at US 54 and State Highway Loop 478 at the Patriot Freeway. The route runs along Dyer St. through northeast El Paso near Fort Bliss to its northern terminus at the New Mexico state line. The roadway continues forward into New Mexico for 0.3 miles (0.5 km) over a local road not recognized by New Mexico as a state highway that becomes a one-way entrance ramp merging with US 54. Highway signs in New Mexico direct southbound traffic to turn on State Line Drive just within Texas to access Bus. US 54-A.[5]

Bus. US 54-A and Loop 478 are the former route of US 54 prior to construction of the Patriot Freeway. Bus. US 54-A was created when Loop 478, which originally followed the route to New Mexico, was shortened to its current terminus at the beginning of the business loop.[4][6] Loop 478 was first intended in 1969 to be the replacement for US 54 over the route and was planned to be signed as Business US 54 once the current US 54 was completed.[6] Bus. US 54-A was concurrent with US 54 until 1991.[4]

Major intersections

The entire route is in El Paso, El Paso County.

mi[5] km Destinations Notes
0 0.0 US 54 (Patriot Frwy.) / Loop 478 (Dyer St.) Southern terminus
3.8 6.1 Loop 375 (Purple Heart Memorial Frwy.) – Canutillo
4.0 6.4 FM 2529 (McCombs St.) – Chaparral, NM
12.5 20.1 To US 54 in New Mexico via local road Northern terminus at Newman in Doña Ana County, New Mexico
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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