U.S. Open Straight Pool Championship

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The U.S. Open Straight Pool Championship is a pocket billiards tournament held in the United States, and one of the few featuring the discipline of straight pool. After being disbanded for sixteen years, the event was resurrected in 2016.

Format (2016)[edit]

Up to 48 players are used in this event.

The 48 players are divided into 8 groups with 6. The players in each group play round robin matches of race-to-100 points. The top three in each group proceed to the next round.

The remaining 24 players (8 of which will probably be granted byes) will enter a single-elimination phase where every match is race-to-150, except the finals which is race-to-200.


Year Winner
1966[1] United States Irving Crane
1967[1] United States Jimmy Caras
1968[1] United States Joe Balsis
1969[1] United States Luther Lassiter
1970[1] United States Steve Mizerak
1971[1] United States Steve Mizerak
1972[1] United States Steve Mizerak
1973[1] United States Steve Mizerak
1974[1] United States Joe Balsis
1975[1] United States Dallas West
1976[1] United States Tom Jennings
1977[1] United States Tom Jennings
1983[1] United States Dallas West
1989[1] Germany Oliver Ortmann
1992[1] United States Mike Sigel
1993[1] Germany Oliver Ortmann
2000[1] Germany Ralf Souquet
2016[2][3] Philippines Dennis Orcollo
2017[4][5] Philippines Lee Vann Corteza


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