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U.S. Route 11E marker
U.S. Route 11E
US 11E in red, US 11E Bus. in blue
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 11
Length120.9 mi[1][2] (194.6 km)
Major junctions
South end US 11 / US 11W / US 70 in Knoxville, TN
North end US 11 / US 11W / US 19 / US 421 in Bristol, VA
StatesTennessee, Virginia
CountiesTN: Knox, Jefferson, Hamblen, Hawkins, Greene, Washington, Sullivan
VA: City of Bristol
Highway system

US 11.svg US 11VAUS 11W.svg US 11W
US 11.svg US 11TNUS 11W.svg US 11W

U.S. Route 11E (US 11E) is a divided highway of US 11 in the U.S. states of Tennessee and Virginia. The U.S. Highway, which is complemented by US 11W to the north and west, runs 120.9 miles (194.6 km) from US 11, US 11W, and US 70 in Knoxville, Tennessee north and east to US 11, US 11W, US 19, and US 421 in Bristol, Virginia. US 11E connects Knoxville and the twin cities of Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee with the East Tennessee communities of Morristown, Greeneville, and Johnson City. The U.S. Highway runs concurrently with US 70 and US 25W east of Knoxville, US 321 from Greeneville and Johnson City, and both US 19W and US 19 between Johnson City and Bristol. US 11E also has an unsigned concurrency with Tennessee State Route 34 (SR 34) for almost all of its course in Tennessee.

Route description[edit]

Knoxville to Morristown[edit]

US 11E begins at an intersection with the northern terminus of mainline US 11 in Tennessee, the southern end of US 11W, and US 70 in Knoxville. US 11 and US 70 head west as Magnolia Avenue toward Zoo Knoxville and downtown Knoxville; US 11W heads northeast along Rutledge Pike. US 11E heads east together with US 70 as Asheville Highway, a four-lane divided highway that leaves the city of Knoxville at its diamond interchange with Interstate 40 (I-40). US 11E and US 70 are joined by US 25W at the I-40 interchange; the three highways use the J. Will Taylor Bridge to cross the Holston River and meet the eastern end of SR 168 (Governor John Sevier Highway). At Carter (also known as Trentville), US 25W and US 70 continue east as Asheville Highway while US 11E splits northeast as four-lane divided Andrew Johnson Highway. The U.S. Highway crosses the KnoxJefferson county line in Strawberry Plains, where the highway intersects SR 139 (Old Dandridge Pike).[1]

US 11E passes through the town of New Market on its way to Jefferson City, which contains Carson-Newman University. At the west end of the town, the U.S. Highway intersects SR 92, which follows a part of US 11E's old alignment, Old Andrew Johnson Highway. SR 92 runs concurrently with US 11E to south of downtown Jefferson City, where it heads south toward the county seat of Dandridge. US 11E crosses over Norfolk Southern Railway's Knoxville East District, and enters Hamblen County at Talbott, where the highway intersects SR 341 (Talbott Kansas Road). The U.S. Highway continues through Alpha (which has been annexed by the City of Morristown), the site of several industrial parks, Morristown Regional Airport, and the highway's southern intersection with SR 342 and the northern terminus of SR 160 (Air Park Boulevard). The two highways run concurrently until SR 342 heads north as Panther Creek Road toward Panther Creek State Park just west of the city limits of Morristown.[1]

Morristown to Johnson City[edit]

US 11E heads through a commercial area along Andrew Johnson Highway to west of downtown Morristown, where the highway turns southeast onto Morris Boulevard, a five-lane road with center turn lane that crosses the railroad tracks and passes through an industrial area where the highway intersects SR 66 (Fairmont Avenue). US 11E intersects SR 343 (Cumberland Street) and passes College Square Mall before reaching a partial cloverleaf interchange with US 25E (Davy Crockett Parkway). US 11E heads north along the freeway for 0.5 miles (0.80 km) before another partial cloverleaf interchange where the highway becomes concurrent with SR 66 along Andrew Johnson Highway. The two highways closely parallel the railroad line as a two-lane road and leave the city limits of Morristown just west of Russellville, where SR 344 splits northeast along Old Russellville Pike. US 11E and SR 66 pass through Whitesburg shortly before curving southeast and entering Hawkins County. The U.S. and state highways diverge in the town of Bulls Gap shortly before US 11E crosses a perpendicular rail line and follows the Knoxville East District through Bulls Gap, a low point in Bays Mountain.[1]

US 11E continues southeast into Greene County and Mosheim city limits, where the highway expands to a four-lane divided highway after it passes Volunteer Speedway and has a diamond interchange with I-81. The U.S. Highway crosses Lick Creek and passes through the town of Mosheim before reaching the town of Greeneville the home of Andrew Johnson National Historic Site. On westside of the town, US 11E has a partial cloverleaf interchange with Blue Springs Parkway, which heads east as US 11E Business and SR 70 (Summer Street). SR 70 joins the U.S. Highway for a short distance before heading north as Lonesome Pine Trail. US 11E has an interchange with SR 172 (Baileyton Road) before closely spaced intersections with US 321 (North Main Street), which joins US 11E in a concurrency, and the southern terminus of SR 93 (Kingsport Highway). After crossing the Knoxville East rail line, the U.S. Highway receives the eastern end of its business route and SR 107 (Tusculum Boulevard). SR 107 runs concurrently with the U.S. Highways east to the city of Tusculum, where the state highway heads southeast as Tusculum Bypass then as Erwin Highway and passes Tusculum College.[1]

US 11E and US 321 head northeast and cross over the rail line at Afton. The two highways intersect SR 351 (Rheatown Road) north of the community of Chuckey. The U.S. Highways also pass to the north of Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park before entering Washington County, where the highways pass along the north edge of Limestone, meet the south end of SR 75 (Opie Arnold Road), and cross Big Limestone Creek. US 11E and US 321 intersect SR 81 (College Street) and SR 354 (Boones Creek Road) on the west and east sides, respectively, of the town of Jonesborough. The U.S. Highways enter the city of Johnson City at their crossing of a north–south rail line. Just east of the downtown, where US 11E becomes Market Street, US 321 turns south onto State of Franklin Road, a western boulevard bypass of Johnson City that heads north as SR 381. US 11E passes to the north of Mountain Home, the site of several hospitals, including a VA medical center. East of University Parkway, which serves the campus of East Tennessee State University, the U.S. Highway curves north while SR 91 continues east along the one-way pair of Main Street and Market Street to serve downtown Johnson City.[1]

View south at the north end of US 11E at US 11/US 11W/US 19/US 421 in Bristol

Johnson City to Bristol[edit]

Map of northern junction of US 11W, US 11E, and US 11 in Bristol, VA

US 11E heads north past Science Hill High School to Roan Street, the main north–south street of downtown Johnson City that the U.S. Highway joins. The highway passes the Mall at Johnson City and meets I-26 and US 23 at a partial cloverleaf interchange. US 19W joins US 11E at the interchange; when Roan Street continues north as SR 36, the two U.S. Highways curve northeast as Bristol Highway, which meets the northern end of SR 381 (State of Franklin Road) at an interchange. The highways head northeast and cross the Watauga River arm of Boone Lake and enter Sullivan County. In the town of Bluff City, US 11E and US 19W curve north while SR 44 (Bluff City Highway) continues north into downtown Bluff City. Just north of SR 44, the U.S. highways meet the northern end of US 19E; US 11E continues north concurrent with mainline US 19 and crosses the South Fork Holston River.[1]

US 11E and US 19 have a diamond interchange with SR 394 just west of the state highway's junction with SR 390 (Bluff City Highway). The U.S. Highways cross Beaver Creek adjacent to Bristol Motor Speedway and follow the stream's valley between the Whitetop Knobs to the east and the Beaver Creek Knobs to the west. US 11E and US 19 enter the city of Bristol and follow Volunteer Parkway to the Tennessee–Virginia state line. State Street, which heads west as SR 1, follows the boundary and serves as the main street of both cities Bristol. The two U.S. Highways and Virginia State Route 381 (SR 381) head north into the independent city of Bristol along Commonwealth Avenue, a four-lane divided highway that intersects Goode Street one block north of the state line; Goode Street carries US 421 and both US 11 Truck and US 19 Truck through the Bristol Commercial Historic District. US 11E, US 19, US 421, and SR 381 meet the southern end of SR 113 at separate intersections: Cumberland Street carries northbound SR 113 east and Sycamore Street carries the westbound direction. The four highways continue north to east–west Euclid Avenue, where US 11E has its northern terminus. SR 381 continues north along Commonwealth Avenue to the southern end of I-381, a spur south from I-81. Westbound Euclid Avenue heads west carrying northbound US 421 and southbound US 11W. At this intersection, US 11E and US 11W come together to form mainline US 11, which follows eastbound Euclid Avenue with northbound US 19.[1]

Major intersections[edit]

TennesseeKnoxKnoxville0.000.00 US 11 south / US 70 west (E Magnolia Avenue/SR 1 west) – Knoxville, Zoo Knoxville, Chilhowee ParkInterchange; southern end of US 70 / SR 168 overlap; US 11W south and US 11E merge into US 11
US 11W north (Rutledge Pike/SR 1 east) to I-40Interchange; southbound exit only
2.03.2 I-40 / US 25W north – Knoxville, AshevilleI-40 exit 394; southern end of US 25W / SR 9 overlap
J. Will Taylor Bridge over the Holston River
3.04.8 SR 168 west (E Governor John Sevier Highway) – Governor John Sevier Home State Historic Site, Ramsey House Historic SiteNorthern end of SR 168 overlap
Carter8.113.0 US 25W south / US 70 east (Asheville Highway/SR 9 south) – DandridgeInterchange; northern end of US 25W / US 70 / SR 9 overlap; southern end of SR 34 overlap
JeffersonStrawberry Plains12.319.8 SR 139 east (Old Dandridge Pike) – KodakWestern terminus of SR 139
Jefferson City21.935.2 SR 92 north (Old Andrew Johnson Highway) – TVA Cherokee Dam, RutledgeSouthern end of SR 92 overlap
23.237.3 SR 92 south to I-40 – DandridgeNorthern end of SR 92 overlap
HamblenMorristown28.445.7 SR 341 east (Talbott Kansas Road) – White PineWestern terminus of SR 341
30.549.1 SR 160 south (Air Park Boulevard) – Newport / SR 342 eastSouthern end of SR 342 overlap; northern terminus of SR 160
31.751.0 SR 342 west (Panther Creek Road) / Old Highway 11E – Panther Creek State Park, AirportNorthern end of SR 342 overlap
36.158.1 SR 66 south (Dr. M.L. King Jr. Boulevard) – Dandridgesouthern end of SR 66 overlap
37.159.7 SR 343 (South Cumberland Street)
39.162.9 US 25E south (SR 32) to I-81 – White Pine, NewportInterchange; southern end of US 25E / SR 32 overlap; US 11E south follows exit 2A
39.563.6 US 25E north (SR 32) / East Andrew Johnson Highway – Bean Station, MorristownInterchange; northern end of US 25E / SR 32 overlap; US 11E north follows exit 2B
Russellville43.269.5 SR 344 north (Old Russellville Pike)Southern terminus of SR 344
Whitesburg47.376.1 SR 113 (Simpson Road / Silver City Road)
HawkinsBulls Gap50.581.3 SR 66 north (North Main Street) – RogersvilleNorthern end of SR 66 overlap
GreeneMosheim54.287.2 I-81 – Bristol, KnoxvilleI-81 exit 23
59.595.8 SR 348 west (Midway Road) – MidwayEastern terminus of SR 348
US 11E Bus. north / US 321 Truck south / SR 70 south (Summer Street) / Blue Springs Parkway – Downtown Greeneville
Interchange; southern end of US 321 Truck / SR 70 overlap
66.2106.5 SR 70 north (Lonesome Pine Trail) – RogersvilleNorthern end of SR 70 overlap
67.4108.5 SR 172 (Baileyton Road) to I-81 – Airport, BaileytonInterchange
67.8109.1 US 321 south (North Main Street/SR 35) – Downtown Greeneville, Newport, GatlinburgSouthern end of US 321 overlap
67.9109.3 SR 93 north (Kingsport Highway) – KingsportSouthern terminus of SR 93
68.9110.9Snapps Ferry RoadInterchange
US 11E Bus. south (Tusculum Boulevard) / SR 107 west
Southern end of SR 107 overlap
70.5113.5Erwin Highway – Tusculum College, TusculumFormer SR 107 east
Tusculum72.3116.4 SR 107 east (Tusculum Bypass) – ErwinNorthern end of SR 107 overlap
76.9123.8 SR 351 (Rheatown Road / Chuckey Pike) – Rheatown, Chuckey
WashingtonLimestone80.5129.6 SR 75 north (Opie Arnold Road) – GraySouthern terminus of SR 75
Jonesborough88.6142.6Persimmon Ridge Road – Lamar, truck route To SR 81 / SR 353
89.8144.5 Washington Drive to SR 81 – Erwin, Kingsport, Business District
90.6145.8 SR 354 north (Boones Creek Road) to I-26 / Boone Street – Boones Creek, Business DistrictSouthern terminus of SR 354
Johnson City95.4153.5 US 321 north / SR 381 (North State of Franklin Road) – Tri-Cities Regional Airport, ElizabethtonNorthern end of US 321 overlap
96.6155.5 SR 91 north (To West Main Street) – Downtown Johnson CitySouthern terminus of SR 91
98.8159.0 I-26 / US 19W south / US 23 – Kingsport, AshevilleI-26 exit 20; southern end of US 19W / SR 36 overlap
99.6160.3 SR 36 north (North Roan Street) – Tri-Cities Regional Airport, KingsportNorthern end of SR 36 overlap
100.4161.6 SR 381 south to I-26 – Kingsport, Johnson CityInterchange; northern terminus of SR 381
William Devault Bridge over Boone Lake/Watauga River
SullivanBluff City108.1174.0 To SR 44 north (Bluff City Highway) – Bluff CitySouthern terminus of SR 44; No access from US 11E southbound lanes and no access from SR 44 to northboud US 11E
108.5174.6 US 19E south (SR 37 south) – Bluff City, ElizabethtonInterchange; Northern end of US 19W overlap; Southern end of US 19 overlap; US 19W north and US 19E merge to form US 19; northern terminus of unsigned SR 37
Charlie Worley Bridge over Boone Lake/South Fork Holston River
Bristol112.2180.6 SR 394 / SR 390 south to I-81 – Bluff City, BlountvilleInterchange; northern terminus of SR 390
116.8188.0Bluff City HighwayInterchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance
119.5192.3 SR 358 south (Weaver Pike)Northern terminus of SR 358
120.1193.3 US 421 south (Anderson Street / SR 34 east)Northern end of SR 34 overlap; Southern end of US 421 / SR 1 overlap; eastern terminus of SR 1
Tennessee–Virginia state line120.3
West State Street (SR 1 west)
Northern end of SR 1 overlap
southern end of SR 381 overlap
VirginiaCity of Bristol0.080.13
US 11 Truck north (Goode Street) / US 19 Truck north
Southern end of US 11 Truck / US 19 Truck overlap
0.230.37Cumberland Street (SR 113 north)
0.580.93 US 11 / US 19 north (Euclid Avenue east) / US 11W south / US 421 north (Euclid Avenue west) to I-81 / Commonwealth Avenue (SR 381 north)Northern end of US 421 / US 11 Truck / US 19 Truck / SR 381 overlap; US 11W north and US 11E merge into US 11
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Greeneville business route[edit]

U.S. Route 11E Business
LocationGreeneville, Tennessee
Length4.6 mi[3] (7.4 km)

U.S. Route 11E Business (US 11E Business) is a business route of US 11E in Greeneville, Tennessee. The highway runs 4.6 miles (7.4 km) between junctions with US 11E on the west and east sides of Greeneville. US 11E Business begins at a partial cloverleaf interchange with US 11E (Andrew Johnson Highway) and SR 70. East of where SR 70 splits to the south, the business route enters the town as Summer Street. In the downtown area, US 11E Business turns north onto Main Street, joining US 321 and SR 107. The business route and SR 107 turn east onto Tusculum Boulevard, which they follow out of the downtown area and pass through a heavily congested area (they also pass Walters State Community College's Greeneville campus and Greeneville High School) to the business route's eastern terminus at US 11E.[3]


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