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U.S. Route 167 marker

U.S. Route 167
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 67
Length: 500 mi[1] (800 km)
Existed: 1926 – present
Major junctions
South end: LA 14 in Abbeville, LA

I-10 in Lafayette, LA
US 71, Lecompte, LA
I-49 in Alexandria, LA
LA 28, Alexandria, LA
US 71, Tioga, LA
US 84, Winnfield, LA
US 80, Ruston, LA
I-20, Ruston, LA
US 63, Ruston, LA
I-30 in Little Rock, AR

I-40 in Little Rock, AR
North end: US 62 / US 412 in Ash Flat, AR
States: Louisiana, Arkansas
Highway system

U.S. Route 167 runs for 500 miles (800 km)[1] from Ash Flat, Arkansas at U.S. Route 62/US Route 412 to Abbeville, Louisiana at Louisiana Highway 14. It goes through the cities of Little Rock, Arkansas, Alexandria, Louisiana, and Lafayette, Louisiana.

Some of the highway's route has been combined with or parallels Interstate 49 in Louisiana. Between Junction City, AR and Ruston, LA, U.S. 167 runs concurrent with U.S. 63.[2]

Route description[edit]


One of the original 1926 U.S. highways through Louisiana, U.S. 167 was much shorter in its original form, spanning from Arkansas to present-day Colfax. It has been extended twice since.

From the south, U.S. 167 begins at an intersection with LA 14 in the small town of Abbeville. It continues north through Lafayette, passing the Mall of Acadiana and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

U.S. 167 then turns to the north, transitioning from a six-lane urban highway to an Interstate, as it crosses under I-10 and becomes I-49, running concurrent with I-49 through Opelousas, where it crosses U.S. 190. U.S. 167 then turns off to the northwest, passing through small towns like Ville Platte and Turkey Creek.

It then crosses under I-49 once more and continues northeast to intersect U.S. 71, which it is paired with through Lecompte and as it passes Louisiana State University at Alexandria. U.S. 167 is paired with U.S. 71 Bypass and I-49 as they bypass Alexandria, with U.S. 167 turning off of I-49 to form the Pineville Expressway.

As U.S. 167 enters the piney woods of North Louisiana, it passes through small cities such as Winnfield (where it intersects U.S. 84), Jonesboro, and Ruston, where it crosses I-20. U.S. 167 is then joined with U.S. 63 for its trek between Ruston and Arkansas.

A highway abutment for State Route 26 in Louisiana, later an extension of U.S. 167

Johnston Street in Lafayette, Louisiana[edit]

Johnston street is a seven-mile (11 km) segment of U.S. Route 167 which is the primary roadway from the Central Business District of Lafayette to the southwestern part of the city. Johnston Street's northern terminus is Evangeline Thruway (US 90) where it becomes concurrent with said route. A major interchange is planned at the street when I-49 is routed through downtown Lafayette. Johnston Street's southern terminus is the Lafayette/Vermilion Parish line where it becomes known as Maurice Avenue and then Park Avenue until US 167's terminus at Louisiana State Highway 14 in Abbeville. The road is a five-lane arterial north of its junction with Ambassador Caffery Parkway (Louisiana Highway 3073), where it becomes a four lane divided highway southward to Vermilion Parish.

Original Southern Terminus of US 167[edit]

Originally, US 167 turned south at LA 34 in Winnfield and followed the routing of LA 34 to Verda, then to US 71 at the current intersection of Louisiana Highway 471 and US 71. This is evidenced by the fact that US 167 north of Winnfield to Arkansas was coupled with the State Route 5 designation, and State Route 5 followed 34 and 471 to US 71. State Route 5 was the pre-1955 designation of US 167.


US 167 in Sheridan

Highway 167 enters Arkansas at Junction City, a twin city with Junction City, Louisiana. Entering the state, Highway 167 is paired with U.S. Highway 63. The highways runs northeast through rural Union County to a junction with Highway 7 near the historic Joel Smith House. The three highways begin a concurrency intersect U.S. Highway 82 shortly after entering El Dorado. North of this junction is a grade-separated intersection with U.S. Highway 82B and U.S. Highway 167B, leading into downtown El Dorado and the El Dorado Commercial Historic District. The next intersection is with Main Street and is also grade-separated. Highway 63 breaks from the aforementioned concurrency to the east toward Warren. Following an interchange with Champagnolle Road, Highway 167 ends its overlap with Highway 7 by exiting the freeway and heading north toward Calion. This intersection also serves as the northern terminus for Highway 167B, with Highway 7 continuing north toward Smackover.[3] Highway 167 runs north through sparsely populated parts of southern Calhoun County prior to entering Hampton, the county seat. The highway intersects U.S. Highway 278 (Main Street) and passes by the historic Calhoun County Courthouse and the Hampton Waterworks, both listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[4] In the northern part of the county, Highway 167 meets another of its three business routes in the state, which runs into downtown Thornton. Highway 167 continues northeast to a junction with U.S. Highway 79, and the two routes begin a concurrency toward Fordyce.

Major intersections[edit]

State County/Parish Location mi km Exit Destinations Notes
Louisiana Vermilion Abbeville
LA 14 Bus.

LA 14 Byp. (Summers Drive) – Kaplan, New Iberia, Louisiana Military Hall of Fame Museum
LA 696 – Meaux
LA 697
LA 699 – Leroy
Maurice LA 92 east (Milton Road) – Youngsville south end of LA 92 overlap
LA 92 west (East Lafayette Street) – Indian Bayou, Crowley north end of LA 92 overlap
Lafayette LA 733 (East Broussard Road)
Lafayette LA 724 (Duhon Road)
LA 3073 (Ambassador Caffery Parkway)
LA 93 (Ridge Road) – Judice, Ridge, Scott

LA 3025 Spur (Bertrand Drive)
LA 3025 (College Road) to I-10 / I-49

US 90 Bus. / LA 182 (University Avenue) – Crowley
US 90 east (Southwest Evangeline Thruway) / LA 94 (Louisiana Avenue) – Breaux Bridge, New Iberia, Airport south end of US 90 overlap;Western Terminus of LA 94;Proposed Interchange with Future I-49
LA 176 (Jefferson Boulevard) Proposed Interchange with Future I-49
US 90 west (Mudd Avenue) – Scott north end of US 90 overlap;Proposed Interchange with Future I-49
1 I-10 – Lake Charles, Baton Rouge south end of I-49 overlap; signed as exits 1A (east) and 1B (west); I-10 exit 103
see I-49
St. Landry I-49 north / LA 744 east – Alexandria north end of I-49 overlap; US 167 north follows exit 23
Nuba LA 10 east / LA 182 – Opelousas, Washington south end of LA 10 overlap
LA 749
LA 103 west – Prairie Ronde south end of LA 103 overlap
LA 103 east – Grand Prairie, Washington north end of LA 103 overlap
Evangeline LA 748 – Grand Prairie, Washington
Ville Platte LA 1168 – Belair Cove
LA 29 north – Bunkie south end of LA 29 overlap
LA 29 south (Chataignier Street) north end of LA 29 overlap
LA 3042 (North Dupre Street) – Chicot State Park & Arboretum
LA 3097
LA 10 west – Oakdale north end of LA 10 overlap
LA 376
Bayou Chicot LA 106 – Pine Prairie, Chicot State Park
LA 3096 (Junction Road)
Turkey Creek LA 13 south – Eunice
Rapides I-49 – Alexandria, Opelousas I-49 exit 61
LA 456
US 71 south – Baton Rouge south end of US 71 overlap
Lecompte LA 457
LA 112 to I-49 – Forest Hill, Leesville
Lamourie LA 456 / LA 470
Chambers LA 470 – LSU Alexandria
LA 3170 – Marksville
Willow Glen
I-49 south / US 71 north / US 167 Bus. north (MacArthur Drive) – Opelousas
north end of US 71 overlap; south end of I-49 / US 71 Byp. overlap; south end of freeway; US 167 north follows exit 63; US 167 south follows exit 80; no direct southbound exit to US 71 north (signed at exit 81)
Alexandria 81 LA 3250 (Sugarhouse Road) southbound exit and northbound entrance
83 Broadway Avenue

I-49 north / US 71 Byp. north / LA 28 west – Shreveport, Airport
north end of I-49 / US 71 Byp. overlap; south end of LA 28 overlap; US 167 north follows exit 84

LA 1 (Casson Street) / LA 28 Bus. west – Downtown Alexandria
Purple Heart Memorial Bridge over Red River
Pineville LA 1250 (Shamrock Street) – Downtown Pineville also signed southbound at LA 107
LA 107 – Marksville
LA 28 east / LA 3100 west – Pineville, Jonesville north end of LA 28 overlap
LA 3144 (Edgewood Drive)
US 165 – Alexandria, Monroe
US 71 south / LA 3225 north – Tioga south end of US 71 overlap
US 71 north – Shreveport north end of US 71 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
LA 3225 at-grade intersection; north end of freeway
Grant Prospect LA 1241
Bentley LA 8 – Colfax, Pollock
Dry Prong LA 123 – Colfax, Breezy Hill
Williana LA 472 east
Packton LA 500 – Georgetown, Jena
Winn LA 472
US 84 east / LA 34 east south end of US 84 / LA 34 overlap
Winnfield LA 1231-1 / LA 1231-2
LA 34 west north end of LA 34 overlap
US 84 west – Clarence north end of US 84 overlap
LA 501 north
LA 156 west
LA 1231-2
Tannehill LA 505 north
LA 1236
Dodson LA 126
Jackson Wyatt LA 505
Jonesboro South Hudson Avenue (LA 1255)
LA 147 south (Walker Road) south end of LA 147 overlap
LA 4 – Caney Lake
LA 542 east (Beech Springs Road)
Hodge LA 813-3 (East Pine Street)
North Hodge LA 147 north – Arcadia, Minden north end of LA 147 overlap
LA 811 (Quitman Highway)
LA 155 east (Quitman Highway) south end of LA 155 overlap
Quitman LA 155 west north end of LA 155 overlap
Clay LA 148 / LA 818 west – Vernon
Lincoln Ruston LA 3061 (Tennessee Avenue)
US 80 west / LA 146 south (California Avenue) – Louisiana Tech south end of US 80 / LA 146 overlap
LA 150 west (Alabama Avenue)
US 80 east (Georgia Avenue) north end of US 80 overlap
I-20 – Grambling, Shreveport, Monroe I-20 exit 85; south end of US 63 overlap
Vienna LA 146 west / LA 3072 – Homer, Lake Claiborne State Park north end of LA 146 overlap
LA 822 west south end of LA 822 overlap
Unionville LA 822 east north end of LA 822 overlap
Dubach LA 151 – Farmerville, Downsville south end of LA 151 overlap
LA 151 – Arcadia, Homer north end of LA 151 overlap
LA 545 – Hico, Downsville
Union Bernice LA 2 west (8th Street) south end of LA 2 overlap
LA 2 east – Farmerville, Lake D'Arbonne State Park north end of LA 2 overlap; south end of LA 2 Alt. overlap

LA 2 Alt. west – Haynesville
north end of LA 2 Alt. overlap
Lillie LA 15 – Spearsville, Farmerville
parish line
Junction City LA 9 – Homer, Shreveport
Arkansas Union AR 7 south – Lockhart, LA south end of AR 7 overlap
El Dorado US 82 / AR 15 south – Magnolia, Crossett, South Arkansas Regional Airport interchange; US 82 exit 22
15 US 82B / US 167B north (Hillsboro Street) interchange; south end of freeway
16 US 63 north – Warren north end of US 63 overlap
17 Champagnolle Road
US 167B south / AR 7 north – Camden, El Dorado Business District interchange; north end of freeway; north end of AR 7 overlap
AR 335 south – Norphlet
Calhoun AR 172 east to AR 160
Hampton US 278 – Camden, Warren
AR 274 west
US 167B north to US 79 south – Thornton, Camden
US 79 south – Camden interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance; south end of US 79 overlap
Dallas Fordyce US 79B north / AR 273 south – Fordyce Business District, Historic District
AR 8 – Princeton, Fordyce, Tri-County Lake
US 79 north / US 79B south – Pine Bluff, Fordyce north end of US 79 overlap
AR 273 north to AR 229
No major junctions
Dallas Farindale AR 48 west – Carthage
Grant Cross Roads AR 35 south – Rison
US 167B north – Sheridan
Sheridan AR 46
US 270
AR 35
US 167B south – Sheridan
Saline AR 367 north – East End
I-530 south / US 65 south – Pine Bluff south end of I-530 / US 65 overlap; no southbound entrance; US 167 south follows exit 10
see I-530
Pulaski Little Rock 1 I-30 west (US 67 south / US 70 west) / I-430 east – Hot Springs, Texarkana, Little Rock National Airport, Little Rock River Port, Memphis north end of I-530 overlap; south end of I-30 / US 67 / US 70 overlap; US 167 south follows exit 138; signed as exits 1A (east) and 1B (west) northbound
see I-30 and US 67
White Bald Knob US 64 east / US 67 north – Newport, St. Louis, Augusta, McCrory, Memphis north end of US 64 / US 67 overlap; US 167 north follows exit 55
AR 367 north
AR 258 west
No major junctions
White AR 87 south – Denmark, Bradford
Independence Pleasant Plains AR 157
Southside AR 230 west / AR 14S east – Locust Grove, McHue, Newport
Dennison Heights AR 14 / AR 25 south – Mountain View, Heber Springs, Newport south end of AR 25 overlap
Batesville AR 69 south / AR 69B north (East Harrison Street) – Business District south end of AR 69 overlap
AR 233 north (East Main Street) – Lyon College, Batesville Business District, Historical District
AR 69 north (Barnett Drive) – Cushman, Melbourne north end of AR 69 overlap
AR 25 north / AR 69S north (White Drive) – Melbourne, Cord, U of A Community College at Batesville north end of AR 25 overlap
AR 233 south
AR 394 east
Sharp Cave City AR 230 east
AR 58 east / AR 115 north – Poughkeepsie, Smithville south end of AR 58 overlap
AR 58 west – Sidney north end of AR 58 overlap
Evening Shade AR 56 east – Poughkeepsie south end of AR 56 overlap
Ash Flat AR 56 west – Calico Rock, Norfork north end of AR 56 overlap
AR 354 east to AR 58
US 62 / US 412 (Ash Flat Drive) – Hardy, Salem, Mountain Home, Harrison
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered and suffixed routes[edit]

El Dorado business route[edit]

U.S. Highway 167B
Location: El Dorado, Arkansas
Length: 5.76 mi[5] (9.27 km)
Existed: August 25, 1971[6]–present

US Highway 167 Business (US 167B and Hwy. 167B) is a 2.97-mile (4.78 km) business route of US Highway 167 in Union County, Arkansas.[3]

Thornton business route[edit]

U.S. Highway 167B
Location: Thornton, Arkansas
Length: 1.67 mi[5] (2.69 km)
Existed: July 24, 1968[7]–present

US Highway 167 Business (US 167B and Hwy. 167B) is a 1.67-mile (2.69 km) business route of US Highway 167 in Calhoun County, Arkansas.[8] The route was created following the completion of a bypass around Thornton when Highway 167 was rerouted onto the new alignment.[7]

Sheridan business route[edit]

U.S. Highway 167B
Location: Sheridan, Arkansas
Existed: September 11, 2013[9]–present

US Highway 167 Business (US 167B and Hwy. 167B) is a business route of US Highway 167 in Grant County, Arkansas.[10] It was created by the Arkansas State Highway Commission on September 11, 2013 following the designation of the new Highway 167 Sheridan bypass as mainline Highway 167, leaving the former alignment in the state highway system as a business route.[9]

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