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U.S. Route 2 marker

U.S. Route 2
Route information
Maintained by MDT
Length: 666.645 mi[1] (1,072.861 km)
Existed: 1926 – present
Major junctions
West end: US 2 at the Idaho state line west of Troy
East end: US 2 at the North Dakota state line east of Bainville
Counties: Lincoln, Flathead, Glacier, Toole, Liberty, Hill, Blaine, Phillips, Valley, Roosevelt
Highway system

U.S. Highway 2 (US 2) is an east–west United States Numbered Highway in the state of Montana. It extends approximately 666.6 miles (1,072.8 km) from the Idaho state line east to the North Dakota state line.

Route description[edit]

U.S. Route 2 in Essex, Montana

US 2 is a vital northern corridor for Montana. The road has more of its mileage within Montana than in any other state. It passes through three Indian reservations, comes very close to two others, and skirts the southern border of Glacier National Park. Most of the Montana segment of US 2 runs close to the northern BNSF Railway main line, and parts of the highway show up in the Microsoft Train Simulator depiction of the Marias Pass route.

US 2 passes into Montana 10 miles (16 km) from Troy, a small town. It is also near the lowest point in Montana, where the Kootenai River leaves the state. The first large town the highway comes to is Libby. After this it meanders south and east towards Kalispell, a city of about 20,000 residents north of Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. From there the highway passes through the southern end of Glacier National Park and follows the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. After crossing the continental divide at Marias Pass west of East Glacier, the highway exits the Rocky Mountains and begins its trek through the northern plains. Just before entering East Glacier, it crosses the boundary of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation of northern Montana.

As the highway enters the Great Plains, specifically the northern High Plains, the first town it encounters is Browning, the largest settlement on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. From here to the North Dakota border, the area surrounding to the highway is known as "The Hi-Line" to Montanans from the early Great Northern Railway route. The Hi-Line (also spelled Highline and Hiline) is one of around 50 folk regions in Montana. It next travels through Cut Bank and Shelby, where it meets Interstate 15 and becomes the northern border of the area known as the "Golden Triangle," another folk region, in Montana. This area is one of the most agriculturally productive in the country. From Shelby it hits a string of small towns before it goes on to Havre, near the geographical center of the road in the state and the other northern apex of the Golden Triangle. Just south of Havre and off the highway about fifteen miles (24 km) is the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation. The highway continues east to Malta, before which it travels through the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. From Malta, the highway continues on to Glasgow, just north of Fort Peck Dam, and then into the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. The highway stays within the reservation for much of its remaining length through Montana. On the reservation it travels through Wolf Point and Poplar, and then exits the reservation a short distance before leaving the state. The final town of Bainville is the last major town on the highway as it leaves the state, near the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers.


Major intersection[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Lincoln 0.000 0.000 US 2 west – Bonners Ferry Continuation into Idaho
3.764 6.058 S-508 north (Yaak River Road)
Troy 16.951 27.280 MT 56 south – Thompson Falls
Libby 32.387 52.122 MT 37 north (California Avenue) – Eureka
35.789 57.597 S-482 south
41.968 67.541 S-482 north
Flathead 81.374 130.959 S-556 south (Thompson River Road)
Kalispell 119.807 192.811
US 93 Alt. – Whitefish, Missoula
Kalispell bypass
120.297 193.599 S-424 north / S-503 south (Meridian Road)
121.016 194.756 US 93 (Main Street) – Whitefish, Missoula
Evergreen 123.028 197.994 MT 35 south – Bigfork
124.844 200.917 S-548 west (Reserve Drive)
134.132 215.865 MT 40 west to US 93 – Whitefish
Columbia Falls 136.876 220.281 S-486 north (Nucleus Avenue)
138.477 222.857 S-206 south
West Glacier 153.146 246.465 Going-to-the-Sun Road
county line
196.587 316.376 Marias Pass
Glacier East Glacier 208.143 334.974 MT 49 north (Looking Glass Hill Road) – Glacier National Park MT 49 closed in winter
Browning 220.505 354.868 US 89 north – St. Mary West end of US 89 concurrency
221.080 355.794 S-464 north
224.346 361.050 US 89 south – Great Falls East end of US 89 concurrency
235.711 379.340 S-444 north
253.772 408.406 S-358 south
Cut Bank 255.029 410.429 S-213 north
Toole Shelby 278.317 447.908 I-15 – Lethbridge, Great Falls Exit 363 on I-15; west end of I-15 Bus. concurrency
279.310 449.506 I-15 Bus. north (Oilfield Avenue) – Lethbridge East end of 1-15 Bus. concurrency
284.796 458.335 S-417 south
303.325 488.154 S-343 north
Liberty 319.763 514.609 S-409 north
Chester 321.713 517.747 S-223 south (5th Street W)
Joplin 331.797 533.976 S-224 north
Rudyard 341.516 549.617 S-432 south (Rudyard Road S)
341.848 550.151 S-255 north (Rudyard Road N)
Hill Gildford 353.516 568.929 S-449 north / S-448 south
379.169 610.213 US 87 south – Great Falls US 87 northern terminus
Havre 382.490 615.558 S-234 south (5th Avenue)
382.633 615.788 S-232 north (7th Avenue) to S-233
Blaine Chinook 403.670 649.644 S-240 south (Cleveland Road) to S-529
405.878 653.197 S-325 north
Harlem 425.703 685.103 S-241 north
Fort Belknap Agency 428.664 689.868 MT 66 south – Hays
Phillips Dodson 453.247 729.430 S-204 south (Sage Road)
461.571 742.827 S-363 south
Malta 470.744 757.589 US 191 north – Swift Current West end of US 191 concurrency
470.948 757.917 US 191 south – Lewistown East end of US 191 concurrency
Saco 498.545 802.330 S-243 north
Valley Hinsdale 512.174 824.264 S-537 north (Montana Street)
Glasgow 540.944 870.565 MT 42 south – Fort Peck
543.178 874.160 MT 24 – Opheim, Fort Peck
Nashua 555.271 893.622 MT 117 south – Fort Peck
557.030 896.453 S-438 north
Roosevelt 588.781 947.551 S-250 north
Wolf Point 590.055 949.601 MT 25 south – Circle
596.680 960.263 MT 13 – Scobey, Circle
616.632 992.373 S-251 north
618.625 995.580 S-480 south
Brockton 625.094 1,005.991 S-344 north
Culbertson 644.034 1,036.472 MT 16 south (Broadway) – Sidney West end of MT 16 concurrency
644.101 1,036.580 MT 16 north (1st Avenue E) – Plentywood, Regina East end of MT 16 concurrency; west end of Theodore Roosevelt Expressway
Bainville 658.412 1,059.611 S-327 (Clinton Street)
659.259 1,060.975 S-405 north
666.645 1,072.861 US 2 east (Theodore Roosevelt Expressway) – Williston Continuation into North Dakota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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