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U.S. Route 340 marker

U.S. Route 340
Route information
Maintained by VDOT
Length 122.60 mi (197.31 km)
2 sections
Existed 1926 – present
Southern segment
Length 122.03 mi[1] (196.39 km)
South end US 11 near Greenville

I-64 in Waynesboro
US 250 in Waynesboro
US 33 in Elkton
US 211 in Luray
US 522 / SR 55 in Front Royal
I-66 near Front Royal
US 522 / SR 277 in Double Tollgate
US 17 / US 50 near Boyce

SR 7 in Berryville
North end US 340 in Gaylord
Northern segment
Length 0.57 mi[1] (0.92 km)
South end US 340 in Loudoun Heights
North end US 340 in Loudoun Heights
Counties Augusta, City of Waynesboro, Rockingham, Page, Warren, Frederick, Clarke, Loudoun
Highway system
SR 339 SR 341

In the U.S. state of Virginia, U.S. Route 340 runs north–south, parallel and east of U.S. Route 11, from US 11 north of Greenville via Waynesboro, Grottoes, Elkton, Luray, Front Royal, and Berryville to the West Virginia state line. A short separate piece crosses northern Loudoun County on its way from West Virginia to Maryland.

Route description[edit]

View north along US 340 past SR 608 in Stuarts Draft
US 340 thru Grottoes

US 340 begins at an intersection with US 11 (Lee Highway) north of Greenville and just east of US 11's interchange with I-81 and I-64 in southern Augusta County. The U.S. highway heads northeast as two-lane Stuarts Draft Highway through the village of Stuarts Draft. In the hamlet of Ladd, US 340 temporarily expands into a four-lane divided highway for its interchange with I-64. The U.S. highway continues into the independent city of Waynesboro as two-lane Rosser Avenue. On the western edge of downtown Waynesboro, US 340 intersects US 250, which heads west as Main Street and straight northeast as Broad Street. US 340 turns east onto Main Street, which meets the southern end of SR 254 (Poplar Avenue) and passes by Waynesboro High School, the Fishburne Military School, and the historic Plumb House and Coiner-Quesenbery House in the Waynesboro Downtown Historic District. The U.S. highway crosses the South River and intersects the eastern end of Broad Street, where US 340 and US 250 run concurrently on Main Street, passing under a north–south rail line on their way to Delphine Street. US 340 turns north onto Delphine Street and passes through the Basic City portion of Waynesboro, where the highway passes Fairfax Hall and passes under an east–west rail line before leaving Waynesboro and re-entering Augusta County.[2]

US 340 continues north as East Side Highway, which parallels the South River and the rail line through the communities of Dooms and Crimora. The U.S. highway enters Rockingham County as it passes through the town of Grottoes, where US 340 intersects SR 256 (Aspen Avenue), which provides access to Grand Caverns. US 340 meets the eastern end of SR 253 near Port Republic, where the South River and North River merge to form the South Fork Shenandoah River. US 340 continues northeast parallel to the South Fork Shenandoah River through the communities of Lynnwood and Berrytown to the town of Elkton. The U.S. highway temporarily expands to a four-lane divided highway through the highway's interchange with US 33 (Spotswood Trail) and a short concurrency with US 33 Business, which turns west as Old Spotswood Trail through downtown Elkton. US 33 continues north as Stuart Avenue through Elkton to the Page County line.[2]

US 340 heads north through the Page Valley between Massanutten Mountain to the west and Blue Ridge Mountain to the east. The U.S. highway passes through the unincorporated community of Verbena and the town of Shenandoah, where the highway is known as Third Street and Fifth Street. At Grove Hill, US 340 crosses to the west side of the South Fork Shenandoah River. The U.S. highway passes through the hamlet of Newport before meeting the southern end of US 340 Business (Stonewall Jackson Memorial Highway), which heads east and then north through Alma and Stanley. US 340 heads through Battle Creek and meets US 211 (Lee Highway) at Intersections. US 211 heads west and crosses Massanutten Mountain at New Market Gap. US 340 and US 211 run concurrently northeast toward Luray, passing through Salem and crossing the South Fork Shenandoah River at Whitehouse Landing. The two U.S. highways head northeast to bypass Luray where US 211 Business (Main Street) heads east into the town just south of Luray Caverns. After crossing Hawksbill Creek, US 340 leaves US 211 at an interchange with the northern end of US 340 Business (Broad Street).[2]

US 340 continues northeast as Stonewall Jackson Memorial Highway through the communities of Springfield, Big Spring, Oak Hill, Rileyville, and Compton. The U.S. highway enters Warren County at the hamlet of Overall and continues through Bentonville, the site of Shenandoah River Raymond R. "Andy" Guest Jr. State Park. At the northern end of the Page Valley, US 340 temporarily expands to a four-lane divided highway and meets the northern terminus of Skyline Drive as the highway enters the town of Front Royal. The U.S. highway heads through town as Royal Avenue and becomes concurrent with SR 55 at South Street and US 522 at Commerce Street. The three highways continue as a four-lane undivided highway that makes a right angle turn west onto 14th Street then a right angle turn north onto Shenandoah Avenue. SR 55 heads west as Strasburg Road between the highways' crossings of the South Fork Shenandoah River and North Fork Shenandoah River, which merge to become the Shenandoah River proper a short distance to the east. US 340 and US 522 continues north as Winchester Road, which becomes a four-lane divided highway just south of the U.S. highways' interchange with I-66.[2]

US 340 and US 522 run concurrently and briefly pass through Frederick County on their way to Double Tollgate in the southwest corner of Clarke County. SR 277 (Fairfax Pike) heads west and US 340 heads east away from US 522 (Front Royal Pike) as Lord Fairfax Highway. US 340 veers north at White Post and intersects US 50 and US 17 (Millwood Pike) in the hamlet of Waterloo just south of the town of Boyce. The U.S. highway intersects SR 255 (Old Chapel Road) in Briggs and passes through Pigeon Hill, Virginia on its way to Berryville. US 340 passes through the county seat of Clarke County as Buckmarsh Street, which intersects SR 7 Business (Main Street) within town and SR 7 (Harry Byrd Highway) north of the town limits. At SR 7, US 340 expands to a four-lane divided highway through the hamlet of Gaylord just south of the West Virginia state line.[2] The U.S. highway passes through Charles Town and Halltown, West Virginia in Jefferson County before re-entering Virginia after crossing the Shenandoah River near Harpers Ferry. US 340, which is known as Jefferson Pike, parallels the south bank of the Potomac River just east of the northern end of Blue Ridge Mountain. The U.S. highway has an intersection with SR 671 (Harpers Ferry Road) in Loudoun Heights in the northwestern corner of Loudoun County before the highway crosses the Potomac River into Maryland.[3]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Augusta 0.00 0.00 US 11 (Lee Highway) to I-64 / I-81 – Greenville, Staunton, Lexington, Roanoke
Ladd SR 631 (Ladd Road) – Sherando Lake former SR 273 north
City of Waynesboro 12.14 19.54 I-64 – Staunton, Richmond I-64 exit 94
14.58 23.46
US 250 / US 340 Truck south (Main Street / Broad Street)
14.76 23.75 SR 254 west (Poplar Avenue)
15.84 25.49
US 250 west / US 340 Truck north (Broad Street)
south end of US 250 overlap
16.03 25.80 US 250 east (East Main Street) to I-64 / Delphine Avenue north end of US 250 overlap
No major junctions
Rockingham Grottoes 30.49 49.07 SR 256 west (3rd Street) to I-81 – Weyers Cave, Airport, Grand Caverns
32.35 52.06 SR 253 west / SR 659 (Port Republic Road) – Port Republic, Harrisonburg
Elkton 46.50 74.83 US 33 – Harrisonburg, Richmond interchange; south end of US 33 Bus. overlap
46.58 74.96
US 33 Bus. west (Spotswood Trail) / SR 1711 (Blue and Gold Drive) – Downtown Elkton, Harrisonburg
north end of US 33 Bus. overlap
Page Grove Hill SR 650 (Grove Hill River Road) former SR 158 north
60.44 97.27
US 340 Bus. north – Stanley
Intersections 63.60 102.35 US 211 west – New Market south end of US 211 overlap
Luray 69.42 111.72
US 211 Bus. east (West Main Street) – Luray Business District
71.20 114.59
US 211 east / US 340 Bus. south (North Broad Street) – Washington, Skyline Drive, Luray, Stanley, Historic District
interchange; north end of US 211 overlap
SR 648 (Sandy Hook Road) former SR 280 north
Warren 94.00 151.28 Skyline Drive - Shenandoah National Park
Front Royal 94.31 151.78 SR 55 east (South Street) to US 522 south end of SR 55 overlap
Main Street former SR 12 north
95.53 153.74 US 522 south (North Commerce Avenue) south end of US 522 overlap
Front Royal (Riverton) 96.93 155.99 SR 55 west (Strasburg Road) – Strasburg north end of SR 55 overlap
97.98 157.68 I-66 to I-81 – Strasburg, Washington I-66 exit 6
Clarke Double Tollgate 105.54 169.85 US 522 north (Stonewall Jackson Highway) / SR 277 west (Lord Fairfax Highway) – Winchester, Stephens City north end of US 522 overlap
White Post SR 658 (White Post Road) – White Post former SR 12 south
Waterloo 109.46 176.16 US 17 / US 50 (John Mosby Highway) – Winchester, Washington, State Arboretum of Virginia
Briggs 113.73 183.03 SR 255 south (Bishop Meade Road) – Millwood
Berryville 117.23 188.66
SR 7 Bus. (Main Street) – Winchester, Washington
117.92 189.77 SR 7 (Harry Byrd Highway) – Winchester, Alexandria interchange
SR 611 (Summit Point Road) former SR 267 north
SR 612 (Shepherds Mill Road) former SR 282 south
122.03 196.39 US 340 north – Charles Town West Virginia state line
see US 340 in West Virginia
Loudoun Potomac Water Gap US 340 south – Harpers Ferry West Virginia state line (Blue Ridge)
SR 671 (Harpers Ferry Road) former SR 275 south
0.57 0.92 US 340 east (Jefferson National Pike) – Frederick Maryland state line (Sandy Hook Bridge over Potomac River)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes[edit]

Luray/Alma business route[edit]

U.S. Route 340 Business
Location Page County
View south along US 340 Bus. in Luray

U.S. Route 340 Business (US 340 Business) is a business route of US 340 in Page County.


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