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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 34 in Nebraska. For the entire route, see U.S. Route 34.

U.S. Highway 34 marker

U.S. Highway 34
Route information
Maintained by NDOR
Length: 382.57 mi[2] (615.69 km)
Existed: 1934[1] – present
Major junctions
West end: US 34 at Colorado state line
  US 6 between Culbertson and Hastings
US 83 in McCook
US 283 in Arapahoe
US 136 near Edison
US 183 in Holdrege
US 281 between Hastings and Grand Island
I-80 near Grand Island
US 81 in York
I-80 / I-180 / US 77 in Lincoln
US 75 from Union to south of Offutt AFB
East end: US 34 at Iowa state line
Highway system
N-33 N-35

In the U.S. state of Nebraska, U.S. Highway 34 is a highway which goes between the Colorado border west of Haigler to the Iowa border east of Plattsmouth. Between Culbertson and Hastings, U.S. 34 overlaps U.S. Highway 6. From Grand Island to Lincoln, U.S. 34 has been replaced by Interstate 80 as a high-speed corridor and mostly serves local traffic. On this portion of the highway, U.S. 34 is continuously north of Interstate 80. Within Lincoln, U.S. 34 runs concurrent with all of Interstate 180, and much of it follows O Street.

Route description[edit]

U.S. Highway 34 begins west of Haigler. At Haigler, it meets Nebraska Highway 27, which connects with K-27 in Kansas. It continues east to Benkelman, where it intersects and overlaps with Nebraska Highway 61 and briefly turns north. After leaving Benkelman, the overlap ends, and U.S. 34 continues northeast through Max and Stratton before meeting Nebraska Highway 25 in Trenton. Before reaching Culbertson, it intersects U.S. Highway 6.[2][3]

U.S. 34 and U.S. 6 then pass through Culbertson, where they intersect Nebraska Highway 17. They go east together through McCook, where they meet U.S. Highway 83 and briefly overlap. They continue east through Indianola and Bartley, and at Cambridge, intersect the southern segment of Nebraska Highway 47. After passing through Holbrook, they intersect U.S. Highway 283 in Arapahoe.[2][3]

After Arapahoe, U.S. 34 and U.S. 6 continue east, intersecting U.S. Highway 136, Nebraska Highway 46 and Nebraska Highway 4 before turning northeast. After passing through Atlanta, they meet Nebraska Highway 23 and U.S. Highway 183 in Holdrege. They continue northeasterly through Funk before intersecting and overlapping Nebraska Highway 44 through Axtell. They then continue through Minden, where they intersect Nebraska Highway 10. They continue going northeast through Heartwell, where the road turns due east. At Hastings, U.S. 34 and U.S. 6 intersect U.S. Highway 281, and U.S. 34 then turns north with U.S. 281. U.S. 34 and U.S. 281 then follow a divided highway north to Grand Island, intersecting Interstate 80 south of Grand Island near its crossing of the Platte River. At the south end of Grand Island, U.S. 34 ends its overlap with U.S. 281 and turns east, overlapping the western segment of Nebraska Highway 2.[2][3]

U.S. 34 and Nebraska Highway 2 continue east through the southern portion of Grand Island, where they briefly enter Merrick County while crossing the Platte River. The two highways end their overlap shortly after this crossing. U.S. 34 then continues east through Aurora and intersecting Nebraska Highway 14 there. It then passes through Hampton and Bradshaw before meeting U.S. Highway 81 in York. After passing through Waco, U.S. 34 then intersects Nebraska Highway 69. It then continues through Utica and Tamora before meeting Nebraska Highway 15 in Seward. U.S. 34 continues east and becomes a divided highway when it intersects Nebraska Highway 79.

U.S. 34 passes north of the Lincoln Airport as the Purple Heart Highway before it curves south towards downtown Lincoln and intersects with Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 77. At I-80, a new overlap begins with Interstate 180, which overlaps U.S. 34 for its entire length to downtown. U.S. 34 then becomes a pair of one-way streets, North 9th Street and North 10th Streets, where Interstate 180 ends. U.S. 34 turns east on "O" Street in downtown Lincoln just a few blocks later.[2][3]

U.S. 34 then continues due east from Lincoln, intersecting Nebraska Highway 43 in Eagle. It then intersects Nebraska Highway 63 east of Eagle and then Nebraska Highway 1 near Elmwood. It then intersects Nebraska Highway 50 and Nebraska Highway 67 before passing through Union. It then turns north with U.S. 75, intersects Nebraska Highway 1 again near Murray, and then intersects Nebraska Highway 66 in Plattsmouth. It then passes through Plattsmouth and over the Platte River, then splits from U.S. 75 just south of Bellevue, turning east where it enters Iowa at a new bridge that was dedicated on October 22, 2014.[4][5]

Prior to 2014, U.S. 34 entered Iowa at the Plattsmouth Bridge east of Plattsmouth.[2][3] The new bridge brings it more in line with the current U.S. 34 alignment near Glenwood, Iowa.[5]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[2] km Exit Destinations Notes
Dundy 0.00 0.00 US 34 west Continuation into Colorado
Haigler 7.50 12.07 N-27 south
Benkelman 28.51 45.88 N-61 south Western end of N-61 overlap
31.52 50.73 N-61 north Eastern end of N-61 overlap
Hitchcock Trenton 60.91 98.03 N-25 (Main Street)
68.27 109.87 US 6 west Western end of US 6 overlap
68.70 110.56 L-44C west
Culbertson 71.20 114.59 N-17 south
Red Willow McCook 81.97 131.92 US 83 north Western end of US 83 overlap
83.40 134.22 US 83 south (6th Street) Eastern end of US 83 overlap
Furnas Cambridge 108.57 174.73 N-47 south (Patterson Street)
Arapahoe 123.05 198.03 US 283 (Nebraska Avenue)
129.25 208.01 US 136 east
137.18 220.77 N-46 south
Harlan 141.65 227.96 N-4 east
Phelps Holdrege 154.35 248.40 N-23 west (4th Avenue)
154.95 249.37 US 183 (Burlington Street)
Kearney Axtell 166.79 268.42 N-44 south (21 Road) Western end of N-44 overlap
170.87 274.99 N-44 north (25 Road) Eastern end of N-44 overlap
Minden 179.99 289.67 N-10 (Brown Avenue)
Adams Kenesaw 194.61 313.19 S-1A north (Smith Way)
Juniata 202.56 325.99 S-1B north (Juniata Avenue)
Hastings 206.06 331.62 S-1C north
208.05 334.82 US 281 south (Baltimore Avenue) Western end of US 281 overlap
208.55 335.63 US 6 east (J Street) Eastern end of US 6 overlap
Trumbull 216.78 348.87 S-1D east
Hall 226.20 364.03 I-80 Exit 312 along I-80
Grand Island 230.87 371.55 US 281 north / N-2 west Eastern end of US 281 overlap, west end of N-2 overlap
Merrick 236.36 380.38 Bridge over Platte River
Hamilton 237.51 382.24 N-2 east Eastern end of N-2 overlap
Phillips 240.03 386.29 S-41A north (Phillips Spur)
Giltner 243.53 391.92 S-41B south (Giltner Spur)
Aurora 251.51 404.77 N-14 (16th Street)
Hampton 257.55 414.49 L-41D south (W Road)
York Henderson 261.68 421.13 S-93A north (Road B)
Charleston 267.68 430.79 L-93E south (Road H)
York 271.72 437.29 US 81 south Western end of US 81 overlap
273.12 439.54 US 81 north Eastern end of US 81 overlap
Waco 280.26 451.03 L-93B south (Road S)
283.25 455.85 N-69 north (Road V)
Seward Utica 286.21 460.61 L-80F south (Centennial Avenue)
Tamora 293.24 471.92 L-80G south
Seward 299.43 481.89 N-15 (6th Street)
Garland 305.81 492.15 S-80D north
Lancaster Malcolm 314.19 505.64 S-55M north
Lincoln 316.08 508.68 N-79 north (NW 56th Street)
317.68 511.26 S-55C south (NW 31st Street)
317.99 511.76 NW 27th Street Interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
401C-D I-80 / US 77 / I-180 begin – Omaha, Lincoln Airport Western end of I-180 overlap; exits based on I-80 mileage; signed as 401C (west) and 401D (east)
321.12 516.79 1 Superior Street Exit number follows I-180
322.15 518.45 2 To US 6 (Cornhusker Highway) – Lincoln Airport Exit number follows I-180
323.97 521.38 I-180 end / R Street Eastern end of I-180 overlap
324.05 521.51 10th Street – UNL, Stadium Interchange; westbound exit only
Cass Eagle 338.93 545.45 N-43 south (214th Street)
340.94 548.69 N-63 north (238th Street)
Elmwood 345.92 556.70 N-1 east (298th Street)
351.95 566.41 N-50
Avoca 354.96 571.25 S-13C south (132nd Street)
360.95 580.89 N-67 south (60th Street)
Nehawka 361.93 582.47 S-13D north (48th Street)
Union 365.96 588.96 US 75 south Western end of US 75 overlap
Murray 373.00 600.29 N-1 west
Plattsmouth 379.03 609.99 N-66
Webster Boulevard / Bay Road – Plattsmouth South end of Kennedy Freeway
Sarpy US 75 north (Kennedy Freeway) Future interchange; eastern end of US 75 overlap
Missouri River Nebraska–Iowa state line
Mills Plattville Township US 34 east Continuation into Iowa
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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