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U.S. Route 35 marker

U.S. Route 35
Route information
Length: 412 mi[1] (663 km)
Existed: 1934[1] – present
Major junctions
South end: I‑64 at Scott Depot, WV

WV 2 at Point Pleasant, WV
SR 7 at Gallipolis, OH
US 23 / US 50 at Chillicothe, OH
I-71 at Jeffersonville, OH
I-675 at Beavercreek, OH
I-75 at Dayton, OH
I-70 in Richmond, IN

US 30 near Hamlet, IN
North end: US 20 at Michigan City, IN
States: West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana
Highway system

U.S. Route 35 (US 35) is a United States highway that runs northwest-southeast for approximately 412 miles (663 km) from northern Indiana to the western suburbs of Charleston, West Virginia. Although the highway is physically southeast-northwest, it is nominally north-south. The highway's northern terminus is in Michigan City, Indiana, at U.S. Route 20. Its southern terminus is in Scott Depot, West Virginia, at Interstate 64.[2] Currently, the West Virginia portion of the highway is being expanded to four lanes, mostly along a completely new route. The Ohio portion has already been upgraded to a four-lane highway/freeway between the West Virginia state line and Trotwood, west of Dayton.

Route description[edit]

West Virginia[edit]

In West Virginia from Scott Depot to Point Pleasant, US 35 is currently being expanded to a four-lane expressway. Currently the route is four lanes from I-64 to the junction with the bridge to Buffalo (West Virginia Route 869), which serves the large Toyota engine and transmission plant in Buffalo, and continues as a 2-lane route for 14.6 miles (23.5 km) to another four lane section of eight miles (6 km) to the Ohio River, which is the state line.

The remaining 14.6 mile gap had a $174 million contract awarded for its completion on June 2, 2015. The section will tentatively be completed by fall of 2019.[3] A possibility of completion as a toll road had been put forward before funding was made available.[citation needed]

Officially, US 35's new alignment begins at I-64 Exit #40 near Scott Depot, from which point US 35 proceeds north on its new roadway.[2]


Signed east-west in Ohio, US 35 crosses the Ohio River on the Silver Memorial Bridge, and enters Ohio. The first interchange is located adjacent to the Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport in Gallipolis as well as State Route 7. From there, it continues as a full freeway towards Jackson, with interchanges at SR 160, SR 850, and SR 325. Passing Rio Grande, the highway becomes a four-lane at-grade expressway when it reaches Centerville. This setup continues until SR 32 where the highway bypasses Jackson. A strange interchange configuration currently exists at US 35 and SR 32 - an interchange called a windmill interchange. Each highway has ramps that exit to the other highway ending at an intersection that one can travel either direction. This is odd because both highways end up having at-grade intersections, albeit with a grade-separation of the main highway corridors. Continuing west, the highway reverts to an expressway until it reaches Richmond Dale. The section between Richmond Dale and Chillicothe was upgraded to a full freeway in 2005 and includes a large cut through a 1,000-foot (300 m) ridge. This section of road provides westbound motorists with a panoramic view of the Scioto River valley. Travelers eastbound at Chillicothe near the Bridge Street exit can see the hills that are shown on the Great Seal of the State of Ohio. The next major interchange is with Interstate 71 in Jeffersonville. As the route continues through flat farmlands, it has a full-access interchange with I-675 in Beavercreek. Several miles later, US 35 opens into a three-lane highway (with five lanes in some parts) through downtown Dayton and has another full-access interchange with Interstate 75 in downtown Dayton. The Ohio portion of US 35 merges with Interstate 70 near New Paris. The portion of US 35 from the western edge of Dayton to the merge with I-70 is the only two-lane section remaining, passing through the city of Eaton. US 35 is a major Appalachian corridor linking I-70 and points west to I-64 and points east.

The portion of the route between Jackson and Gallipolis is known as the Bob Evans Highway. This section is designated as a Welsh Byway by the Ohio Department of Transportation as well.[4]


US 35 enters Indiana with Interstate 70, and splits off on the northwest side of Richmond. US 35 then travels in a northwest path as a winding 2-lane highway to the city of Muncie, where it merges with Indiana highways 3 and 67 as a 4-lane expressway. It then continues north, returning to a 2-lane highway near the town of Royerton, to an intersection with Indiana 28 where it turns west, toward Interstate 69.

US 35 then rides along with I-69 northward to Indiana 22 then turns west and travels through the cities of Gas City, and Greentown, arriving at a new (opened 2014) interchange with US Highway 31 (Proposed Interstate 67) just east of Kokomo. It rides along with US Highway 31 northward for only 4.5 miles, to a new interchange (opened 2014) where it splits off toward the northwest, toward Logansport.

US Highway 35 then widens to a 4-lane expressway, just prior to its intersection with US Highway 24, where it bypasses Logansport as part of a new expressway between Lafayette and Fort Wayne (opened 2015), but splits off to the north after just 4.2 miles, and heads north/northwest to travel through the towns of Winamac, Knox and La Porte before finally terminating at US 20 in Michigan City which has been the terminus as of 2010.


Originally, US 35 was routed from Charleston, West Virginia, on the north side of the Kanawha River (the current West Virginia Route 62) to Point Pleasant, West Virginia until the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967. When the new Silver Memorial Bridge was completed in 1969, US 35 was moved to the south side of the river (the former West Virginia Route 17) away from Point Pleasant, and its terminus was in St. Albans, West Virginia, at the junction of US 60. US 35 in Indiana also originally went through Kokomo down Markland Ave, Washington St through downtown then Davis Rd on to its current route. It was later bypassed to what is now State Road 931 before being changed to its current route in 2014.[5]

As of June 15, 2009, the old segment of US 35 between Buffalo Bridge, West Virginia, and US 60 is now signed as West Virginia Route 817.

On October 1, 2009, the State of Indiana transferred the western 5.31 miles (8.55 km) of US 35 to Michigan City's local highway system. US 35 in Michigan City is currently being served by commercial traffic that travels in and out of downtown (where it originally terminated at US 12); according to local traffic counts, only half of the measured traffic on US 35 is through traffic. After the transfer of control, Michigan City began reconstructing the road using local, state and federal-aid funds.[6] The change was approved by AASHTO on October 17, 2008.[7]

Major intersections[edit]

State County Location mi[8] km Destinations Notes
West Virginia Putnam Teays Valley CR 33 (Teays Valley Road) – St. Albans, Scott Depot
I‑64 – Huntington, St. Albans, Charleston I–64 exit 40
WV 34 / CR 13 (Poplar Fork Road) – Winfield
To WV 817 (via CR 817/2)
To WV 62 (via WV 869) – Buffalo, Eleanor Western terminus of WV 869
WV 817 south south end of WV 817 overlap
Mason Beech Hill WV 817 north north end of WV 817 overlap
WV 817 south
WV 2 – Point Pleasant, Huntington interchange
Ohio River Silver Memorial Bridge
Ohio Gallia Gallipolis Township SR 7 – Pomeroy, Gallipolis interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
SR 735 to SR 7 – Pomeroy, Gallipolis interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
SR 160 – Vinton, Gallipolis interchange; no eastbound exit
Mills SR 160 – Vinton, Gallipolis interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Springfield Township SR 850 (Rodney Pike) interchange
Raccoon Township SR 325 – Vinton, Rio Grande interchange
SR 279 west – Centerville (Thurman post office), Oak Hill Eastern terminus of SR 279
Jackson Bloomfield Township SR 327 – Wellston, Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area interchange
Lick Township SR 32 / SR 124 – Athens, Cincinnati interchange
Pattonsville Road / Broadway Street interchange
SR 93 – Coalton, Jackson interchange
Coal Township County Road 84 (Chillicothe Pike) interchange
Ross Jefferson Township Vigo Road / Watson Road - Richmond Dale interchange
Liberty Township US 50 east – Athens east end of US 50 concurrency; interchange
Scioto Township US 50 west (Eastern Avenue) to US 23 south west terminus of US 50 concurrency; interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
US 23 south to US 50 west – Portsmouth, Waverly east end of US 23 concurrency; interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
To US 50 west / Main Street – Chillicothe interchange
US 23 north – Columbus west end of US 23 concurrency; interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance

SR 159 / US 23 Bus. (Bridge Street) to US 23 north – Kingston, Columbus
SR 104 (High Street) interchange
Union Township To US 50 / Pleasant Valley Road / Egypt Pike interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
County Road 550 - Pleasant Valley interchange
Concord Township County Road 87 - Frankfort interchange
SR 138 – Greenfield, Clarksburg interchange
Fayette Union Township SR 753 – Greenfield, Washington CH interchange
SR 41 – Greenfield interchange
US 22 / US 62 / SR 3 – Washington CH, Hillsboro interchange
Palmer Road interchange
Jefferson Township SR 435 to I-71 interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
SR 435 to I-71 – Columbus, Cincinnati interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Greene Jamestown SR 72 – Jamestown, Cedarville interchange
Silvercreek Township Old US 35 - Jamestown interchange
Xenia Township Bickett Road interchange
Xenia US 68 (Home Avenue) – Wilmington interchange
US 42 – Lebanon interchange
Lower Bellbrook Road interchange
Xenia Township
US 35 Bus. east (West Main Street) – Xenia
Beavercreek SR 835 west (Research Boulevard) / North Fairfield Road interchange
I-675 – Cincinnati, Columbus I-675 exit 13
Dayton-Xenia Road / Linden Avenue interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Montgomery Riverside SR 835 (Woodman Drive) interchange
Dayton Smithville Road interchange
Steve Whalen Boulevard interchange
Keowee Street / Wayne Avenue interchange
SR 48 (Main Street) / Jefferson Street interchange
Ludlow Street / Perry Street interchange
35.30 56.81 I-75 / SR 4 north – Cincinnati, Toledo I-75 exit 52B
James H. McGee Boulevard interchange
Gettysburg Avenue interchange
Drexel 30.22 48.63 SR 49 north – Greenville Southern terminus of SR 49
Preble West Alexandria 17.22 27.71 SR 503 (Main Street)
Eaton 11.92 19.18 SR 122 east (South Franklin Street) Eastern end of SR 122 concurrency
11.68 18.80 US 127 / SR 732 south (Barron Street) – Fort St. Clair
11.42 18.38 SR 122 west (West Main Street) Western end of SR 122 concurrency
Jackson Township 2.38 3.83 SR 320 north Southern terminus of SR 320
Jefferson Township 1.66 2.67 I-70 east – Dayton, Columbus east end of I-70 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; US 35 east follows exit 1
Ohio–Indiana state line
Indiana Wayne Wayne Township 0.33 0.53 US 40 (National Road) – Lewisburg, OH I-70 exit 156
3.65 5.87 SR 227 – Union City I-70 exit 153
5.22 8.40 US 27 (Chester Boulevard) I-70 exit 151
7.25 11.67 I-70 west / Williamsburg Pike – Indianapolis north end of I-70 overlap; US 35 north follows exit 149B
Webster Township 8.51 13.70 SR 38 west – Greensfork, Hagerstown, New Castle Eastern terminus of SR 38
Dalton Township 23.15 37.26 SR 1
Randolph Union Township 27.20 43.77 US 36 – Summit Lake State Park
No major junctions
Delaware Muncie 41.09 66.13 SR 3 south / SR 67 south – New Castle, Muncie, Ball State University Southern end of SR 3/SR 67 concurrency; interchange; no access from US 35 north to SR 3 south / SR 67 south or SR 3 north / SR 67 north to US 35 south
Center Township Memorial Drive interchange
Muncie 43.70 70.33 SR 32 – Winchester, Muncie interchange
Hamilton Township 47.21 75.98 SR 67 north (SR 67 Bus. south) – Portland Northern end of SR 67 concurrency; interchange
Muncie (SR 3 Bus. south) interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
50.10 80.63 SR 3 north / SR 28 east – Hartford City, Albany Northern end of SR 3 concurrency; south terminus of SR 28 concurrency
Harrison Township 60.11 96.74 I-69 south / SR 28 west – Alexandria, Indianapolis Southern end of I–69 concurrency; north end of SR 28 concurrency; US 35 south follows exit 245
Grant Jefferson Township 70.34 113.20 SR 26 – Fairmount, Hartford City I-69 exit 255
Gas City 74.46 119.83 I-69 north / SR 22 east – Fort Wayne, Upland, Taylor University Northern end of I–69 concurrency; south end of SR 22 concurrency; US 35 north follows exit 259
Jonesboro 78.73 126.70 SR 15 north – Jonesboro, Indiana Wesleyan University Southern terminus of SR 15
township line
81.21 130.69 SR 9 – Anderson, Marion
Franklin Township 82.35 132.53 SR 37 – Elwood, Marion
Sims Township 89.28 143.68 SR 13 / SR 19 north – Elwood, Swayzee, Wabash south end of SR 19 concurrency
Howard Greentown 96.19 154.80 SR 213 south – Windfall Northern terminus of SR 213
township line
100.13 161.14 SR 19 south – Tipton, Wildcat Creek Reservoir Park north end of SR 19 concurrency
US 31 south / SR 22 west – Kokomo, Indianapolis Southern end of US 31 concurrency; western end of SR 22 concurrency; US 35 south follows exit 162
Center Township Touby Pike - Airport US 31 exit 165
Howard Township US 31 north – South Bend Northern end of US 31 concurrency; northbound exit and southbound entrance; US 35 north follows exit 166
township line
SR 931 to US 31 north – Peru, Kokomo
Clay Township Davis Road interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Cass Galveston 113.57 182.77 SR 18
Walton 120.14 193.35 SR 218
Washington Township 126.13 202.99 US 24 east – Fort Wayne south end of US 24 concurrency
Logansport Downtown Logansport former US 35 north
No Name northbound exit only; former US 24 west / US 35 north
Washington Township SR 25 north – Rochester interchange; south end of SR 25 overlap
SR 25 south / SR 29 south – Lafayette, Indianapolis interchange; north end of SR 25 overlap
130.58 210.15 Old State Road 25 interchange
Logansport 131.92 212.30
US 24 west / Bus. US 24 east – Logansport, Monticello
interchange; north end of US 24 concurrency
Royal Center 141.27 227.35 SR 16 – Monon
Pulaski Winamac 155.15 249.69 SR 119 south (Washington Street) Northern terminus of the southern section of SR 119
155.65 250.49 SR 14 (11th Street) Southern end of SR 14 concurrency
155.77 250.69 SR 14 east Northern terminus of SR 14 concurrency
Starke California Township 165.79 266.81 SR 10 east – Bass Lake Southern end of SR 10 concurrency
167.18 269.05 SR 10 west – North Judson Northern end of SR 10 concurrency
Knox 172.19 277.11 SR 8 east (East Culver Road) Southern end of SR 8 concurrency
Center Township 174.20 280.35 SR 8 west – LaCrosse, Hebron, Airport, Kankakee State Fish Wildlife Area Northern end of SR 8 concurrency
Davis Township 179.48 288.85 US 30 – Valparaiso, Plymouth interchange
LaPorte South Center 185.80 299.02 US 6 east – Walkerton south end of US 6 concurrency
Washington Township 190.75 306.98 US 6 west – Gary north end of US 6 concurrency
La Porte 197.58 317.97 SR 2 / SR 39 south (Lincolnway) to SR 4 Southern end of SR 39 concurrency
199.44 320.97 SR 39 north to Indiana Toll Road – New Buffalo Northern end of SR 39 concurrency
Springfield Township 204.91 329.77 US 20 to I-94 / US 12 / US 35 – Gary, Michigan City, South Bend Northern terminus of US 35
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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