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U.S. Route 49

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U.S. Route 49 marker

U.S. Route 49

US 49 highlighted in red
Route information
Length516 mi[citation needed] (830 km)
Existed1926[citation needed]–present
Southern section
South end US 90 at Gulfport, MS
Major intersections
North end US 49E / US 49W at Yazoo City, MS
Northern section
South end US 49E / US 49W at Tutwiler, MS
Major intersections
North end US 62 / AR 1 / AR 139 at Piggott, AR
CountryUnited States
StatesMississippi, Arkansas
Highway system
US 48US US 50
MS 48MS US 49E
I-49AR AR 50

U.S. Route 49 (US 49) is a north–south United States highway. The highway's northern terminus is in Piggott, Arkansas, at an intersection with US Route 62/Highway 1/Highway 139 (US 62/AR 1/AR 139). Its southern terminus is in Gulfport, Mississippi, at an intersection with U.S. Route 90. US 49 is approximately 516 miles (830 km) in length.

It was at the junction of US 49 and U.S. Route 61 that blues singer Robert Johnson is said to have sold his soul to the Devil. The highway is also the subject of songs by Big Joe Williams and Howlin' Wolf (Chester Arthur Burnett).

Route description[edit]


  mi[1] km
MS 334 538
AR 182 293
Total 516 830

US 49 has historically been one of the most important highways in Mississippi. It was the state's first highway to see a significant rural segment four-laned.[2] Today, it is the only four-laned route directly connecting Jackson, the state's capital and largest city, to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.[3] Some urban segments along this portion of the route maintain three or more traffic lanes in each direction. US 49 serves as a primary hurricane evacuation route for Gulf Coast residents.[4]

Southern terminus of US 49 at US 90 in Gulfport

US 49 begins near the Port of Gulfport, Mississippi at a junction with US 90. It provides a major connection between the port, casinos, beaches and downtown with I-10 (exits 34A-B), where it has its first major junction being a full service cloverleaf interchange on the city's north end. The crossing of these two roads is officially recognized by the state of Mississippi as the Castilgia Interchange.[5] North of I-10, US 49 passes through suburban areas and enters De Soto National Forest. Various state highway interchanges and junctions are encountered before the route passes near Camp Shelby, then through an interchange with US 98 just south of Hattiesburg. At this point, travelers have an option of continuing on US 49 through Hattiesburg or using the I-59/US 98 bypass which reconnects with US 49 in the northern part of the city. Continuing on US 49 brings one to a cloverleaf interchange at US 11, one of very few in the South to lack merging lanes between loop ramps, thus altering the usual weaving patterns which plague many of these interchanges.

US 49 passes Hattiesburg's primary medical facility, Forrest General Hospital, and the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi before arriving at another, more standard cloverleaf interchange with I-59. Those who used the aforementioned bypass, wishing to reconnect with US 49 North to the state capital, must use exit 67B. It is also at I-59, where Mississippi Highway 42 (MS 42) runs with US 49 for a short distance as suburban development is soon encountered as the road returns to rural environs. Eventually, MS 42 departs from the four-laned highway and branches off to the west toward smaller towns, starting with Sumrall. Interchanges between Hattiesburg and Jackson provide access to various state highways, and one at Collins provides access to US 84.

US 49W passing through the Mississippi Delta north of Yazoo City

At Jackson, US 49 upgrades to Interstate Highway standards before joining I-20 using a two-lane flyover. About a mile later, I-20/US 49 merges with I-55 at a stack interchange. I-20/I-55/US 49 crosses the Pearl River into Hinds County and bypasses Downtown Jackson, where I-55 departs to the south. US 49/I-20 continue west until US 49 ends its run with I-20 and joins I-220 before turning northwest to Yazoo City. A split in the highway, rare in the U.S. Highway System, begins here; both routes head into the Mississippi Delta, US 49W serving the towns of Belzoni and Indianola, where it junctions with US 82 and its four-lane segment ends, while two-laned US 49E serves Tchula before encountering US 82 at Greenwood. Both routes continue north from US 82 and are linked again at Tutwiler. Continuing northwest, the highway passes through an interchange with US 61 as it enters Clarksdale. It is at Clarksdale that US 49 encounters "The Crossroads", the legendary junction with State Street (an old alignment of US 61) where the great blues musician Robert Johnson is reputed to have sold his soul to the devil.[6]

From Clarksdale, US 49 continues north and crosses the Mississippi River using the Helena Bridge where it enters Arkansas near the town of Helena.

The legendary "Crossroads" at Clarksdale, the inspiration for the song "Cross Road Blues"
Split of US 49 in Tutwiler

In May 2005 portions of extant US 49E were renamed the "Emmett Till Memorial Highway".[7]

The Mississippi section of US 49 and the routes of US 49E and US 49W are defined at Mississippi Code Annotated § 65-3-3.


US 49 enters Arkansas near Helena-West Helena in Phillips County. US 49 Business runs around the north part of the city, with the main route meeting AR 242 in the southern portion. US 49 continues west to Walnut Corner where the route meets AR 1 (and briefly AR 316). The US 49/AR 1 concurrency ends in Marvell and US 49 enters Monroe County.

Upon entering Monroe County, US 49 turns north to begin a concurrency with AR 39. US 49 also crosses US 79 before meeting US 70 near Brinkley. The route crosses Interstate 40 north of Brinkley prior to entering Woodruff County. US 49 runs northeast through rural Woodruff County, not crossing of concurring with any important routes before crossing into Cross County.

The route meets US 64 in Fair Oaks and meets AR 42 in southern Hickory Ridge. It then enters Poinsett County, concurring with AR 214 from Fisher until Waldenburg. The route crosses AR 14 in Waldenburg.

US 49 runs along south Jonesboro, with US 49 Business formerly running into town. US 49 concurs with US 63 until again joining AR 1. The two routes angle north through downtown Jonesboro, crossing US 63 Business and passing by ASU Stadium before leaving town. US 49/AR 1 pass around Brookland, with US 49 Business serving the community.

Entering Greene County, US 49/AR 1 intersects US 412 and briefly meets AR 358 before entering Paragould. The routes cross US 412B near Kirk Field in Paragould, also meeting AR 135 north of town. US 49B also rejoins US 49/AR 1 north of Paragould.

Continuing northeast through rural Greene County, US 49/AR 1 meet AR 34 in Marmaduke and AR 90 in Rector. The route turns north to Piggott at Hargrave Corner, terminating at US 62/AR 139. The Arkansas portion of US 49 is mainly two-lane undivided.


One of the original US highways, US 49 was extended north from Clarksdale, Mississippi to US 70 in Brinkley, Arkansas via U.S. Route 61 and Highway 6 in 1963.[8] US 49 was again extended north in 1978, replacing Highway 39 between Brinkley and Jonesboro.[9]: 269–270  Highway 1 between Jonesboro and Piggott was redesignated as US 49 in 1979.[9]: 66 

It is notable that for several years during the 1930s, a second split route existed on US 49 in South Mississippi, similar to but shorter than the split that still exists in the Delta region.[10] Between Brooklyn and Hattiesburg, travelers had the option of a 24-mile-long (39 km) direct route via US 49W, or a somewhat shorter but broken route on US 49E, serving the Forrest County Agricultural High School and the small community of McLaurin, Mississippi.


Major intersections[edit]

MississippiHarrisonGulfport0.000.00 US 90 – Biloxi, Long Beach, Ship Island FerrySouthern terminus; road continues as 25th Street
I-10 – New Orleans, Biloxi, MobileI-10 exit 34 A-B
MS 53 north – Poplarville, Lyman Fish Hatchery

MS 67 south – D'Iberville, Biloxi
StoneWiggins, Stone County32.952.9

MS 149 north to MS 29 – Downtown Wiggins, South Wiggins, Flint Creek Water Park
MS 26 – Poplarville, LucedaleInterchange

MS 149 south to MS 29 – Downtown Wiggins, Flint Creek Water Park
MS 13 north – Lumberton
54.687.9S Lake Drive – Paul B. Johnson State ParkAccess road into park

US 98 to I-59 – Columbia, Laurel, Lucedale, Mobile
65.1104.8Edwards Street (MS 969 north)
US 11 (Broadway Drive) – PurvisInterchange

MS 198 west (Hardy Street) to I-59 / US 98 – Columbia
70.7113.8Old Highway 42 - PetalFormer MS 42 east

I-59 / MS 42 east – New Orleans, Gulf Coast, Laurel, Airport
I-59 exit 67; south end of MS 42 overlap
MS 42 west – Sumrall, Prentiss
North end of MS 42 overlap
MS 598 east – Sanford
MS 589 south – Sumrall
MS 590 east – Seminary
MS 184 – Downtown CollinsInterchange
US 84 – Prentiss, LaurelInterchange
MS 149 north
Mount Olive104.7168.5 MS 35 – Bassfield, Columbia, Mount Olive, Mize
MS 149 south – Mount Olive
MS 149 north
MS 28 east – Mize, Laurel
South end of MS 28 overlap
MS 541 north – Downtown Magee
South end of MS 541 overlap

MS 28 west / MS 541 south – Georgetown, Hazlehurst
North end of MS 28 / MS 541 overlap
MS 149 to MS 545 – Boswell Regional Center (Department of Mental Health)
Interchange via connector roads
MS 149 south – Sanatorium
MS 149 north
124.1199.7 MS 540
MS 13 – Mendenhall, Prentiss, PuckettInterchange
MS 149 south
RankinFlorence145.5234.2 MS 469 – Downtown Florence, Brandon
Richland151.8244.3Old Highway 49Proposed MS 149 north; northbound exit and southbound entrance
East Frontage RoadInterchange; northbound exit and entrance
West Frontage RoadInterchange; southbound exit and entrance
RichlandPearl line153.8247.547

I-20 east / I-55 north – Meridian, Grenada

To US 80 – Flowood
South end of I-20/I-55 overlap; I-20 eastbound and I-55 northbound exit 47A; I-55 southbound exit 94
US 51 north
Southbound exit is exit 45
154.6248.845AGallatin StreetSouthbound exit is exit 45

I-55 south to US 51 south – McComb, New Orleans
North end of I-55 overlap
155.6250.443Terry Road/University BoulevardSigned as exits 43A (south) and 43B (north)
156.4251.742Ellis AvenueSigned as exits 42A (south) and 42B (north)

I-20 west / I-220 begins – Vicksburg
North end of I-20 overlap; southern terminus of I-220 south end of I-220 overlap
1602601 US 80 / MS 18 – Clinton, PearlSigned as 1A (east) and 1B (west)
161.3259.62Clinton Boulevard/Capitol StreetSigned as 2A (Capitol Street) 2B (Clinton Boulevard) northbound
162.7261.83Industrial DriveDiamond interchange
164.7265.15 (SB)
5 A-B (NB)

I-220 north / Medgar Evers Boulevard
North end of I-220 overlap
Natchez Trace ParkwayInterchange
MadisonFlora179.0288.1 MS 22 – Edwards, Flora, Canton, Mississippi Petrified Forest National Natural Landmark
MS 830 west – Bentonia
Eastern terminus of MS 830
187.0300.9 MS 433 – Satartia, Bentonia
MS 830 east – Bentonia
Western terminus of MS 830
MS 16 east – Benton, Canton
South end of MS 16 overlap
Yazoo City201.0323.5

MS 16 west / MS 149 north – Downtown Yazoo City
North end of MS 16 overlap

US 49E north (Jerry Clower Boulevard) / US 49W north (Haley Barbour Parkway) to MS 3 south – Greenwood, Indianola, Vicksburg
Interchange; US 49 north splits into US 49E and US 49W
See US 49E and US 49W

US 49W south (MS 3 south) / US 49E south – Indianola, Greenwood
South end of MS 3 overlap; US 49 south splits into US 49E and US 49W
MS 3 north – Marks, Lambert
North end of MS 3 overlap
MS 726 west
MS 322 east
South end of MS 322 overlap

US 61 south / US 278 west / MS 322 west – Clarksdale, Cleveland, Greenville, Delta Blues Museum
Interchange; north end of MS 322 overlap; south end of US 61 / US 278 / overlap

US 278 east / MS 6 – Clarksdale, Batesville
North end of US 278 overlap
MS 161 south – Lyon, North Clarksdale
27.343.9Friars Point-Highway 61 / Highway 61-Jonestown – Friars Point, Moon LakeProposed MS 316

US 61 north / MS 315 south (Lula-Rich) / Great River Road – Tunica, Memphis, Sledge, Sardis
North end of US 61 overlap; south end of Great River Road overlap

MS 1 south / Great River Road south – Friars Point, North Delta Museum
North end of Great River Road overlap
Mississippi River40.9
Helena Bridge
ArkansasPhillipsHelena-West Helena0.991.59

US 49B north / Great River Road north / Crowley's Ridge Pkwy. (Biscoe Drive) – Business District
South end of Great River Road overlap

AR 20 / Great River Road south to AR 44 – Lakeview, Elaine, Harbor and Industrial Park
North end of Great River Road overlap
AR 242 to AR 185
US 49B south (North Sebastian Street) – Business District
AR 185 north – Municipal Airport
Walnut Corner12.4820.08

AR 1 north / AR 85 south – Barton, Lake View
AR 316 north – Rondo
Poplar Grove17.5828.29
AR 316 south – Trenton
AR 243 north
AR 1 south – DeWitt
AR 39 south – Postelle, Turner
AR 86 west – Holly Grove
AR 362 east – Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park
AR 39 north – Blackton
36.7059.06 AR 366
38.6762.23 US 79 – Clarendon, Marianna, Stuttgart, Holly Grove
41.3066.47 AR 39S – Monroe

AR 39 south / AR 241 to AR 17 – Rich
AR 238S west
US 70 west – DeValls Bluff
South end of US 70 overlap
AR 238 east (West Sycamore Street)
US 70 east (West Cypress Street)
North end of US 70 overlap
I-40 / US 63 south – Little Rock, Memphis
I-40 exit 216, south end of US 63 overlap
AR 17 north – Cotton Plant
AR 38 west – Cotton Plant

AR 306 east to AR 78

AR 269 north to AR 145

AR 284 east to AR 193
CrossFair Oaks80.26129.17
US 64 west – Bald Knob
South end of US 64 overlap
US 64 east – Wynne
North end of US 64 overlap
AR 364 east – Vanndale
Hickory Ridge90.44145.55
AR 42 to AR 37 – Cherry Valley
AR 214 east – White Hall
Waldenburg102.74165.34 AR 14 – Newport, Harrisburg
104.9168.8 AR 956-1 – Lake Hogue Public Fishing
AR 214 west – Grubbs
county line
113.42182.53 AR 158

AR 226 west / US 78 west to US 67
South end of US 78/AR 226 overlap
AR 226 east (Woodsprings Road)
North end of AR 226 overlap

I-555 north / US 63 north / AR 18 west (Southwest Drive) – Walnut Ridge, Hoxie
North end of I-555 overlap, north end of US 63 overlap
43.469.844 AR 1B (Harrisburg Road)

I-555 south / AR 1 south (Stadium Boulevard) / US 78 east / Caraway Road – Memphis, Harrisburg, Blytheville
South end of I-555 overlap; south end of AR 1 overlap; south end of US 78 overlap
129.53208.46 AR 18 (East Highland Drive)

AR 91 north (East Johnson Avenue) to AR 141 – Jonesboro Business District
AR 91 southern terminus
AR 351 north / Crowley's Ridge Pkwy. (Old Greensboro Road)
South end of AR 351 overlap
132.75213.64 AR 351 (Airport Road) – AirportNorth end of AR 351 overlap
US 49B north – Brookland Business District
US 49B south – Brookland Business District
AR 69 north
146.85236.33 US 412
AR 358 east
AR 358 west
US 412B / US 49B north – Walnut Ridge, Cardwell MO, Paragould Business District, Airport

US 49Y to US 412B west – Walnut Ridge
151.13243.22 AR 135 / Crowley's Ridge Pkwy. – Corning, Business District
US 49B south
Marmaduke161.44259.81 AR 34 – Business District
AR 90 west – Rector Business District
South end of AR 90 overlap
AR 119 south
Hargrave Corner172.33277.34
AR 90 east – Kennett MO
North end of AR 90 overlap
US 62 / AR 1 north / Crowley's Ridge Pkwy. – Corning, St. Francis, Piggott Business District
Northern terminus; north end of AR 1 overlap; road continues as Thornton Avenue
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

U.S. Route 49E[edit]

U.S. Highway 49E marker

U.S. Highway 49E

LocationYazoo City-Tutwiler
Length85.862 mi[13] (138.181 km)

U.S. Route 49E (US 49E) is an 85.86-mile-long (138.18 km) U.S. Highway in the Delta region of Mississippi. It travels through Yazoo, Holmes, Leflore, and Tallahatchie counties.

U.S. Route 49W[edit]

U.S. Highway 49W marker

U.S. Highway 49W

LocationYazoo City-Tutwiler
Length81.894 mi[13] (131.796 km)

U.S. Route 49W (US 49W) is an 81.89-mile-long (131.79 km) U.S. Highway in the Delta Region of Mississippi, passing through Yazoo, Humphreys, Sunflower, and Tallahatchie counties.

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