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U.S. Route 501 marker

U.S. Route 501
US 501 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 1
Length355 mi (571 km)
Major junctions
South end
US 17 Bus. in Myrtle Beach, SC
  US 17 near Myrtle Beach
I-95 near South of the Border, SC
I-74 / US 15 / US 74 / US 401 in Laurinburg, NC
US 1 in Sanford, NC and Aberdeen, NC
I-40 near Downtown Durham, NC
I-85 / US 15 in Durham, NC
US 58 / US 360 in South Boston, VA
US 29 / US 460 in Lynchburg, VA
North end US 60 in Buena Vista, VA
StatesSouth Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia
Highway system

U.S. Route 501 (US 501) is a spur of U.S. Route 1. It runs 355 miles (571 km) from Buena Vista, Virginia at U.S. Route 60 to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at U.S. Route 17 Business. It passes through the states of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. From Durham to Laurinburg, a 108-mile (174 km) section of US 501 overlaps U.S. Route 15. Sections of US 15-501 also share routings with U.S. Route 1 in sections near Sanford, North Carolina and Aberdeen, North Carolina.

Route description[edit]

  mi km
SC 74 119
NC 211 340
VA 145 233
Total 430 690

South Carolina[edit]

US 501 begins at US 17 Bus. in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. From Myrtle Beach to Marion, US 501 is a multilane highway, some sections divided, some undivided, mostly with at-grade intersections but having a number of interchanges along the length. It passes through the city of Conway before reaching Marion, where US 501 bypasses the town to the east. North of Marion, US 501 meets SC 38, a connector to Interstate 95. From SC 38, US 501 heads to the northeast, meeting US 301 in Latta. US 301 merges with US 501, forming a concurrency through Dillon to the North Carolina border, where it passes South of the Border prior to exiting South Carolina and an interchange on Interstate 95 near Hamer in Dillon County.

North Carolina[edit]

James Taylor Bridge, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, part of the US-15/501 route

US 301 and US 501 enter North Carolina south of Rowland. In Rowland, US 501 splits from US 301 and heads northwest to Laurinburg, where it briefly overlaps with US 74 south of the city. Upon departing US 74, US 501 immediately embarks on an overlap with US 15. The routes remain concurrent for 108 miles (174 km) to Durham, passing through Aberdeen, Pinehurst, Sanford, and Chapel Hill in between. North of Durham, US 501 passes through the city of Roxboro prior to entering Virginia.


Northern terminus of US 501 at US 60 in Buena Vista, Virginia

In Virginia, US 501 runs 111.42 miles (179.31 km) from the North Carolina state line near Cluster Springs to its northern terminus at US 60 in Buena Vista. US 501 is the primary highway between Lynchburg and both South Boston in Southside Virginia and Durham in North Carolina's Research Triangle.

Special routes[edit]

Major intersections[edit]

South Carolina

US 17 Bus. in Myrtle Beach
US 17 in Myrtle Beach
US 378 / US 701 in Conway. US 501/US 701 travels concurrently through Conway.
US 76 in Marion
US 301 south of Latta. The highways travel concurrently to Rowland, North Carolina.
South Carolina–North Carolina
I-95 at the South CarolinaNorth Carolina state line at South of the Border
North Carolina
I-74 / US 74 in Laurinburg. The highways travel concurrently through Laurinburg.
I-74 / US 15 / US 74 / US 401 in Laurinburg. US 15/US 501 travels concurrently to Durham. US 401/US 501 travels concurrently through Laurinburg.
US 1 in Aberdeen. The highways travel concurrently through Aberdeen.
US 1 south-southwest of Sanford. The highways travel concurrently to Sanford.
US 421 in Sanford
US 64 north of Pittsboro
I-40 in Durham
I-85 / US 70 in Durham. The highways travel concurrently through Durham.
US 158 in Roxboro. The highways travel concurrently through Roxboro.
US 58 / US 360 on the RiverdaleSouth Boston line
US 29 / US 460 in Lynchburg. The highways travel concurrently through Lynchburg.
US 221 in Lynchburg
US 60 in Buena Vista

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