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U.S. Route 51 marker

U.S. Route 51
State Route 3
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length135.90 mi[1] (218.71 km)
Major junctions
South end US 51 at the Mississippi state line
North end US 51 / Purchase Parkway at the Kentucky state line
CountiesShelby, Tipton, Lauderdale, Dyer, Obion
Highway system
SR 2SR 3SR 4
SR 50US 51SR 51

U.S. Route 51 (US 51), mostly overlapped by the unsigned State Route 3 (SR 3), is a north–south state highway in the U.S. state of Tennessee, that is 135.9 miles (218.71 km) long, completely within West Tennessee.[2] It begins in Shelby County and ends in Obion County. The SR 3 designation is seen largely on mileposts.

The two places where US 51 and SR 3 differ are in Memphis, where US 51 has been moved to Danny Thomas Boulevard (State Route 1 / State Route 4), while SR 3 remains on the one-way pair of 2nd and 3rd Streets, and in South Fulton, where US 51 crosses the state line on State Route 215 to the Purchase Parkway, while SR 3 remains on the old road, now U.S. Route 45.[1]

Route description[edit]

US 51 enters Tennessee at Memphis and runs north through the cities of Millington, Munford, Atoka, Brighton, Covington, Henning, Ripley, Halls, Dyersburg, Troy, Union City, and South Fulton.

Routings of US 51 and SR 3 in Memphis

This highway crosses four interstate highways on its journey through the state and actually crosses Interstate 240 twice within the City of Memphis but interchanges with it only at Union Avenue. US 51 is the westernmost south–north United States Highway in the State of Tennessee. US 51 is an interstate standard facility[1] from Dyersburg to South of Troy and then resuming interstate standard status north of Union City to South Fulton. US 51 is a four-lane or larger facility throughout the state with some sections north of Dyersburg carrying a 70 mph (110 km/h) speed limit.

Near Henning is also the site of the Hatchie River Bridge collapse on April 1, 1989 that killed 8 motorists when 3 spans of the structure collapsed. The 54-year-old bridge was 45 miles (72 km) north of Memphis and carried the northbound lanes of US 51. Its collapse was the result of pier scour and movement of the river channel.[3][4]

US 51 carries the Tennessee Scenic Parkway designation from its junction with SR 385 in Millington to SR 104 in Dyersburg and also carries the Great River Road designation from US 64/US 70/US 79 in Memphis to SR 88 in Halls.[1]

"Welcome to Memphis" sign on US 51 (2008)


Historic two-lane alignments of this highway from Henning north are represented by State Route 209, a portion of State Route 88, State Route 210, State Route 211, a portion of State Route 183 and State Route 184. From Memphis to Henning, most of the original two lane road was upgraded to four lane expressway in the 1960s.


Most of US 51 north of Dyersburg is expected to be upgraded as part of future Interstate 69. Plans currently call for Interstate 69 to run along the existing US 51 freeway from Dyersburg to Troy and from Union City to South Fulton. This section is part of SIU 7 for Interstate 69 and will require few changes beyond resigning the existing highway, however, a bypass route around Troy and Union City will need to be built before this section of future Interstate 69 is completed.[5][6]

Dyersburg business route[edit]

U.S. Route 51 Business
Length3.9 mi (6.3 km)

U.S. Route 51 Business (US 51 Bus.) is a 3.9-mile-long (6.3 km) business route of US 51 located entirely in the city of Dyersburg in Dyer County, Tennessee. It has the unsigned designation of State Route 211 (SR 211) for its entire length.

The highway begins as South Main Avenue at a large three-way intersection with US 51/SR 3 on the southern edge of the city. It heads north, concurrent with SR 211, as a two-lane road through a business district before traveling through wooded areas and crossing a bridge over the North Fork of the Forked Deer River into downtown. US 51 Bus./SR 211 pass by the Dyer County Courthouse and becomes concurrent with SR 104 (East Court Street) as the road becomes North Main Avenue shortly before making an abrupt left turn onto McGaughey Street. US 51 Bus./SR 211 then split before heading through neighborhoods along Troy Avenue before turning right onto Gordon Street. The highway then makes a left turn onto North Sampson Avenue and passes through more neighborhoods before merging onto Saint John Avenue. They then travel through a business district before widening to a four-lane highway and coming to an end at an intersection with US 51/SR 3, where US 51 Bus. ends and SR 211 follows northbound US 51/SR 3 north on Saint John Avenue.

The entire route is in Dyersburg, Dyer County.

0.00.0 US 51 (51-Bypass South / SR 3) – Halls, Union CitySouthern end of unsigned SR 211 concurrency; southern terminus of US 51 Bus. and SR 211
1.72.7Bridge over the North Fork of the Forked Deer River
1.93.1 SR 104 east (East Court Street) – TrentonSouthern end of SR 104 concurrency
2.13.4 SR 104 west (McGaughey Street) – FinleyNorthern end of SR 104 concurrency
3.96.3 US 51 (US 51 Bypass / Saint John Avenue / SR 3 / SR 211 north) to I-155 – Halls, Union CityNorthern end of unsigned SR 211 concurrency; northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Major intersections[edit]

ShelbyMemphis0.00.0 US 51 south – SouthavenContinuation into Mississippi; southern terminus of SR 3; southern end of unsigned SR 3 concurrency
1.82.9 SR 175 (Shelby Drive)
I-55 to I-240I-55 exit 5; no access from US 51 south to I-55 north or I-55 south to US 51 north; connections provided via E Brooks Road
9.315.0 US 78 (Lamar Avenue/SR 4)
9.915.9 US 64 east / US 70 east / US 72 east / US 79 north (Union Avenue/SR 23 east)Southern end of US 64/US 70/US 79 overlap; western terminus of unsigned SR 23
10.216.4 I-240 south – Jackson, MSNo direct access to north(west)bound I-240 nor from south(east)bound I-240 (both signed at Madison Avenue); I-240 exit 30
11.318.2 US 64 west / US 70 west / US 79 south (Union Avenue/SR 3 north) / Danny Thomas Boulevard south (SR 1 west / SR 4 east)Northern end of US 64/US 70/US 79/SR 3 overlap; southern end of SR 1/SR 4 overlap; interchange
11.518.5Madison AvenueInterchange
11.618.7Jefferson AvenueInterchange
I-40 – Little Rock, NashvilleI-40 exits 1B–D
12.520.1 SR 1 east (North Parkway) / SR 14 south (A.W. Willis Avenue)Northern end of SR 1 overlap; southern end of SR 14 overlap
12.620.3 SR 14 north (Jackson Avenue)Northern end of SR 14 overlap
13.121.1Chelsea Avenue (SR 3 south)Eastern terminus of SR 4; southern end of SR 3 overlap; no left turn from either direction
I-40 (via SR 300) – AirportI-40 exit 2A; future I-69
16.226.1 Great River Road south (Whitney Avenue)
18.429.6 SR 388 north / Great River Road north (North Watkins Street) – Meeman-Shelby State ParkSouthern terminus of SR 388
SR 385 south (Paul W. Barret Parkway) to I-40 – ArlingtonNorthern terminus of SR 385; future I-269
27.744.6 SR 205 south (Navy Road) – University of Memphis Millington Center, Millington Municipal Airport, NSA Mid-SouthNorthern terminus of SR 205
TiptonAtokaMunford line35.356.8 SR 178 north (Tipton Road) – MunfordSouthern terminus of SR 178
37.760.7 SR 206 (Munford Avenue/Munford-Atoka Road) – Munford, Atoka, Drummonds
Brighton40.865.7Old Highway 51 – Brighton Business District
42.768.7Old Highway 51 – Brighton Business District
Covington47.276.0 SR 59 east (Mueller Brass Road) – Mason, BradenSouthern end of SR 59 overlap; truck route to SR 54 east
49.279.2 SR 54 east (W Pleasant Street) – BrownsvilleWestern terminus of SR 54; one-way pair between W Pleasant Street and W Liberty Street
49.379.3 SR 59 west / Great River Road south (W Liberty Avenue) – Duvall LandingNorthern end of SR 59 overlap
50.481.1 SR 384 south (Industrial Road) – Downtown CovingtonNorthern terminus of SR 384; truck route to SR 54 east
SR 209 north (S Main Street) – Henning, Alex Haley MuseumSouthern terminus of SR 209
Henning58.093.3 SR 87 (Graves Avenue) / Great River Road north – Fort Pillow, Henning, Fort Pillow State Historic Park, Alex Haley Museum and Interpretive Center
Ripley61.999.6 SR 19 east – Ripley Business District, BrownsvilleSouthern end of SR 19 overlap
63.7102.5 SR 19 west / Great River Road south (Lake Drive) – RipleyNorth end of SR 19 overlap; interchange
64.5103.8 SR 208 south (Cleveland Street) – RipleyNorthern terminus of SR 208
72.0115.9 SR 180 south (Gates Road) – GatesNorthern terminus of SR 180
SR 88 / Great River Road north – Halls, Mississippi RiverInterchange
DyerFowlkes82.1132.1 To SR 210 – Fowlkes, Halls
US 51 Bus. north (S Main Avenue/SR 211) to US 412 east – Downtown Dyersburg
Interchange; southern terminus of US 51 Business and unsigned SR 211; truck route to SR 104 east
86.5139.2 SR 104 (Forrest Street) – Finley, Trenton, Downtown Dyersburg
88.5142.4 SR 78 (Lake Road) to I-155 / US 412 – Tiptonville, Reelfoot Lake State Park, Dyersburg State Community College, Downtown Dyersburg
US 51 Bus. south (Saint John Avenue/SR 211 south) – Dyersburg
South end of unsigned SR 211 overlap; northern terminus of US 51 Business
91.7147.6 US 412 east (SR 20 east) / SR 211 north (Saint John Avenue) to I-40 – Jackson, NewbernNorthern end of unsigned SR 211 overlap; southern end of US 412 overlap; south end of freeway; western terminus of unsigned SR 20; interchange
92.1148.2 I-155 west / US 412 west – St. LouisNorth end of US 412 overlap; eastern terminus of I-155; I-155 exit 15
SR 77 east – NewbernWestern terminus of SR 77
county line
SR 105 (County Line Street) – Trimble, RutherfordWestern terminus of SR 105
SR 183 (Palestine Avenue) – Obion
113.6182.8 SR 183 north (Davis Highway) – ObionNorthern end of freeway; at-grade intersection; southern terminus of SR 183
Troy113.9183.3S Main Street - TroyFormer US 51
114.8184.8 SR 21 west (W Harper Street) – Troy, Hornbeak, Tiptonville, Reelfoot Lake State ParkSouthern end of SR 21 overlap
115.3185.6 SR 21 east (Rives Road) – RivesNorthern end of SR 21 overlap
Future I-69Future interchange
Union City122.0196.3 SR 184 south (Old Troy Road)Southern end of unsigned SR 184 concurrency; Former US 51
122.2196.7 SR 431 south (W Reelfoot Avenue/SR 184 north) to US 45W – Martin, AirportNorthern terminus of SR 431; northern end unsigned SR 184 concurrency
123.0197.9 SR 22 north / SR 5 (W Main Street) – Woodland Mills, Samburg, Reelfoot Lake, Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge, Business DistrictSouthern end of SR 22 overlap
125.6202.1 SR 21 (N Clover Street) – Clinton, KY, Union City
US 45W south / SR 22 south (Section Line Road) – Union City, MartinNorthern end of SR 22 overlap; southern end of US 45W overlap; southern end of freeway; interchange; future I-169
Future I-69 southProposed southern end of I-69 overlap
South Fulton134.5216.5 SR 214 west (Ken Tenn Highway)Interchange; eastern terminus of SR 214; southbound exit and northbound entrance; northern end of freeway
134.8216.9 US 45 north (Chickasaw Drive/SR 3 north) / US 45E south (SR 215 east) – South Fulton, MartinNorthern end of US 45W and unsigned SR 3 overlap; southern end of unsigned SR 215 overlap; US 45W and US 45E merge to form US 45; southern end of freeway; interchange
135.9218.7 US 51 north / Purchase Parkway north – FultonContinuation into Kentucky; southern terminus of Purchase Parkway; western terminus of unsigned SR 215
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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