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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 52 in Minnesota. For the entire route, see U.S. Route 52.

U.S. Highway 52 marker

U.S. Highway 52
Route information
Maintained by Mn/DOT
Length: 377 mi (607 km)
243 miles along I-94
Existed: 1934 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 52 at Prosper

I-90 near Rochester
US 14 / US 63 at Rochester
I-494 in Inver Grove Heights

I-35E / I-94 / US 10 in St. Paul
North end: I‑94 / US 52 at Fargo, ND
Counties: Fillmore, Olmsted, Goodhue, Dakota, Ramsey, Hennepin, Wright, Stearns, Todd, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Wilkin, Clay
Highway system
  • Minnesota Trunk Highways
MN 51 US 53

U.S. Highway 52 (US 52 or Highway 52) enters the state of Minnesota at the unincorporated community of Prosper, north of the town of Burr Oak, Iowa. The route is marked north–south in Minnesota along its independent segment from the Iowa state line to downtown St. Paul. Highway 52 is not signed along the length of its concurrency with Interstate 94 (I-94) from downtown St. Paul to the North Dakota state line at Moorhead and Fargo.

Route description[edit]

U.S. Highway 52 in Rochester. The independent segment of Highway 52 is the only non-Interstate Highway in Minnesota to carry numbered exits.

U.S. 52 enters Fillmore County and heads through the same Driftless Area it ran through in Iowa. The route heads through Preston and proceeds north to Chatfield. Highway 52 leaves the river bluffs near Chatfield and enters terrain typical of southern Minnesota. This area is mostly farmland for the rest of the length until the route enters the city of Rochester. Highway 52 intersects Interstate 90 south of Rochester, and expands to a four-lane freeway north of this junction. The roadway expands further to six lanes around Rochester, from the junction with U.S. 63 to County Road 14, which is at the northern tip city. U.S. 14 is a major route, and connects Owatonna to Rochester. North of Rochester, Highway 52 becomes a four-lane expressway through the farmland of Olmsted and Goodhue counties. Zumbrota is bypassed by the highway and the route heads to Dakota County. In Cannon Falls, an interchange completed in October 2014, eliminated the last two traffic lights between St. Paul and Rochester on Highway 52. [1] North of Coates, Highway 52 enters the edge of the Twin Cities area. The route enters Inver Grove Heights where it becomes the Lafayette Freeway north of Concord Boulevard. Highway 52 splits with State Highway 55 north of there. Highway 55 heads to Minneapolis, while Highway 52 heads to St. Paul. Interstate 494 intersects 52 in the northern part of Inver Grove Heights. The St. Paul Downtown Airport is right off of Highway 52 in St. Paul. After Highway 52 crosses the Mississippi River in downtown St. Paul, the route intersects Interstate 94 and follows I-94 to the North Dakota state line; U.S. 52 is not signed along the length of this concurrency.


Preston Overlook, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, on U.S. Highway 52 in Fillmore County.

U.S. Highway 52 was extended into the state of Minnesota in 1934. The road replaced the former routing of old U.S. Highway 55 from the Iowa state line to the Twin Cities, and the former route of old U.S. Highway 10S from Minneapolis west to North Dakota. Interstate 94 replaced most of the routing of Highway 52 west of St. Cloud, and the routing from St. Cloud to Minneapolis was replaced by U.S. Highway 10, U.S. Highway 169, and Hennepin County Road 81. Highway 52 was routed along University Avenue through Minneapolis and St. Paul until about 1995 (In 1986, Highway 52 on University Avenue between I-35W and the St. Paul border was turned over to Hennepin County maintenance and renumbered County 36 / 37, creating a gap in Highway 52 until the 1995 route change).

52 was routed along Robert Street through St. Paul, West St. Paul, and into Inver Grove Heights until 1995; when 52 was moved onto the nearby Lafayette Freeway. The Lafayette Bridge which takes the highway across the Mississippi River near downtown St. Paul was built in 1968 and is a "fracture critical" structure which is in need of replacement. Construction of the new bridge is planned to begin in 2011.[2]

U.S. Highway 52 was built as an expressway from Rochester to St. Paul in the 1960s. The "ROC52" project expanded the section of Highway 52 in Rochester to a 6-lane freeway in 2005–2006.[3] Between Rochester and the Twin Cities, several at-grade intersections have been converted to interchanges since the 1990s.

However, many at-grade intersections remain along this segment of highway. An experimental installation of Cooperative Intersection Collision Avoidance Systems–Stop Sign Assist (CICAS–SSA) was installed at the intersection with Goodhue County Road 9, making use of dynamic message signs to show when it is safe to cross or turn onto the highway. It uses a diagram that looks like a divided highway sign A full-scale field test began in January 2010, though a previous version had also been tried at the intersection a few years earlier. The study will run through 2012.[4][5]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[6] km Destinations Notes
Fillmore Prosper 0.000 0.000 US 52 Continuation into Iowa
1.048 1.687 MN 44 east
Harmony 9.257 14.898 MN 139 south
Preston 17.035 27.415 MN 16 east South end of MN 16 concurrency
20.648 33.230 MN 16 west North end of MN 16 concurrency
Fountain 24.815 39.936 MN 80 west
Chatfield 34.312 55.220 MN 30 east / MN 74 north South end of MN 30 concurrency
Olmsted 34.811 56.023 MN 30 west North end of MN 30 concurrency
Marion Township 46.505 74.843 I-90 east – La Crosse
47.625 76.645 County 36 (Marion Rd)
50.400 81.111 County 1 (11th Ave SE)
Rochester 51.904 83.531 US 63 south / S Broadway – Stewartville Southern end of US-63 concurrency
53.948 86.821 County 25 (16th Street SW)
54.297 87.383 US 14 east (12th Street SW) – Winona No access northbound, southern end of US 14 concurrency
54.797 88.187 6th Street SW No southbound access
55.399 89.156 2nd Street SW Access to Mayo Clinic, Saint Marys Hospital
56.077 90.247 US 14 west / Civic Center Drive NW – Owatonna Partial cloverleaf, north end of US 14 concurrency
56.956 91.662 19th Street NW, Elton Hills Dr NW Single point urban interchange
58.320 93.857 County 22 east (37th Street NW/41st Street NW)
59.663 96.018 55th Street NW
61.053 98.255 65th Street NW
61.670 99.248 US 63 north / 75th St NW – Zumbro Falls, Lake City Northern end of US-63 concurrency
Oronoco Township 63.971 102.951 100th Street NW
Pine Island 64.244 103.391 County 12 / County 112 – Oronoco Diverging diamond interchange (the first in the state); new interchange, opened September 2013[7][8]
Goodhue 71.261 114.683 County 11 – Pine Island
Zumbrota 75.853 122.074 MN 60 east – Mazeppa, Zumbro Falls Southern end of MN 60 concurrency
77.231 124.291 MN 58 / County 10 – Zumbrota, Red Wing
78.280 125.979 MN 60 west Northern end of MN 60 concurrency
Hader 86.213 138.746 MN 57 / County 8 – Wanamingo, Mantorville
Cannon Falls 96.897 155.941 County 24 west
98.060 157.812 MN 19 – Cannon Falls, Northfield
Dakota Hampton 105.686 170.085 MN 50 / MN 56 – Farmington, Kenyon
106.987 172.179 County 47 / Northfield Blvd – Hampton
Coates 113.435 182.556 County 46
Rosemount 115.573 185.997 County 42 / 145th Street E – Rosemount
117.501 189.100 MN 55 east – Hastings South end of MN TH-55 concurrency. Intersection northbound and interchange southbound
118.174 190.183 117th Street
Inver Grove Heights 120.837 194.468 County 56 (Concord Boulevard)
121.679 195.823 MN 55 west – Minneapolis North end of MN TH-55 concurrency. Northbound exit and southbound entrance
122.677 197.429 80th Street East
123.505 198.762 70th Street East
124.735 200.742 Upper 55th Street East
125.379 201.778 I-494 / MN 110
South St. Paul 126.116 202.964 Southview Boulevard, Mendota Road E
South St. PaulWest St. Paul 127.295 204.861 Wentworth Avenue E, Thompson Avenue E
128.048 206.073 Butler Avenue E
Ramsey St. Paul 129.155 207.855 MN 156 / Concord Street, Cesar Chavez Street
129.469 208.360 Eaton Street Southbound exit and northbound entrance
130.253 209.622 Plato Boulevard, Fillmore Avenue Southbound exit and northbound entrance
130.858 210.596 E 7th Street, Fort Road
130.937 210.723 I-94 / US 10 to I-35E Southern end of I-94 concurrency
Unmarked concurrency with I-94 to North Dakota state line
Red River of the North I‑94 / US 52 continue into North Dakota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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