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U.S. Highway 52 marker

U.S. Highway 52
Route information
Maintained by NDDOT
Length362.031 mi[1] (582.632 km)
Major junctions
West end Hwy 39 at the Canadian border in Portal
East end I-94 / US 52 at the Minnesota state line in Fargo
CountiesBurke, Renville, Ward, McHenry, Pierce, Sheridan, Wells, Foster, Stutsman, Barnes, Cass
Highway system
  • North Dakota State Highways
ND 50ND 53

U.S. Highway 52 (US 52) is a 362-mile-long (583 km) United States Numbered Highway in the U.S. state of North Dakota, which travels from the Canada–United States border east to the Red River at Fargo. The highway connects the cities of Minot and Fargo and travels concurrent with Interstate 94 (I-94) between Jamestown and the Minnesota state line.

Route description[edit]

In North Dakota, US 52 continues from Saskatchewan Highway 39 from the Canada–United States border at North Portal, Saskatchewan and Portal, North Dakota to the Red River in Fargo, a distance of 361 miles (581 km). US 52 passes through Burke, Ward, Renville, McHenry, Pierce, Sheridan, Wells, Foster, Stutsman, Barnes, and Cass counties.

US 52 is a two-lane highway in most areas, except for four lane segments between Burlington and Minot, Jamestown and Buchanan, and Jamestown and Fargo. Some segments in Fargo are six lanes.

US 52 is co-signed with US 2 near Minot, where it also intersects with US 83. US 52 is also co-signed with US 281 for 44 miles (71 km) between Jamestown and Carrington. US 52/US 281 in Jamestown is on sign different streets. Include 5th Street NW to 1st Ave, and to west bus loop. The former US 52 route was assigned to 10th street SE, 12th Ave SE, and 14th Street SE cosigned with the former Business Loop 94. The 93.5 miles (150 km) between Jamestown and Fargo are co-signed with Interstate 94; however, US 52 is unsigned for the Fargo/West Fargo portion Interstate 94.


Major intersections[edit]

BurkePortal0.0000.000 Hwy 39 north – EstevanUS 52 northern terminus; continuation into Saskatchewan
Canadian border at the Portal–North Portal Border Crossing
7.41611.935 ND 5 west – CrosbyWest end of ND 5 concurrency
20.36132.768 ND 8 north – NorthgateWest end of ND 8 concurrency
Bowbells27.13843.674 ND 8 south – Bowbells, StanleyEast end of ND 8 concurrency
Ward36.84759.299 ND 5 east – MohallEast end of ND 5 concurrency
53.83186.633 ND 50 west – Coulee, Powers Lake
No major junctions
WardCarpio67.910109.291 ND 28 – Berthold
82.696133.086 US 2 west – WillistonWest end of US 2 concurrency
US 83 Byp. north – Air Base
US 2 Bus. east / US 52 Bus. east (W Burdick Expressway)
94.665152.349 US 83 (S Broadway Street) – Air Base, Bismarck
97.052156.190 US 2 east – Devils Lake

US 52 Bus. west (Valley Street)
East end of US 2 concurrency
McHenryVelva116.858188.065 ND 41 – Turtle Lake
120.210193.459 ND 97 west
137.723221.644 ND 53 south – Kief, Butte
141.411227.579 ND 14 north – TownerWest end of ND 14 concurrency
Anamoose151.884244.434 ND 14 south – DenhoffEast end of ND 14 concurrency
No major junctions
WellsHarvey167.181269.052 ND 91 east (7th Street W) – Harvey, Rugby
US 52 Bus. east (10th Street W)
167.952270.293 ND 3 north – Harvey, RugbyWest end of ND 3 concurrency
US 52 Bus. west / ND 3 south – Hurdsfield
East end of ND 3 concurrency
Fessenden185.548298.611 ND 15 east – New Rockford
198.717319.804 ND 200 west – McCluskyWest end of ND 200 concurrency
208.720335.902 ND 30 north – Cathay
FosterCarrington222.719358.431 US 281 north / ND 200 east – New Rockford, CooperstownEast end of ND 200 concurrency; west end of US 281 concurrency
county line
232.410374.028 ND 9 east – Kensal
StutsmanPingree244.865394.072 ND 36 west – Woodworth
US 52 Truck east / US 281 Truck south to I-94
Jamestown Truck Bypass
Jamestown265.635427.498 ND 20 north (4th Street NE)
267.632430.712 I-94 west – Bismarck
US 281 south – Edgeley, Ellendale
Exit 258 on I-94; east end of US 281 concurrency; west end of I-94 concurrency
I-94 concurrency to the Minnesota state line
Red River of the North362.031582.632 I-94 east / US 52 east continues into Minnesota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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