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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 59 in Kansas. For the entire route, see U.S. Route 59.

U.S. Route 59 marker

U.S. Route 59
Route information
Maintained by KDOT
Length: 210.440 mi[1] (338.670 km)
Major junctions
South end: US-59 near Chetopa
North end: US 59 at Atchison
Counties: Labette, Neosho, Allen, Anderson, Franklin, Douglas, Jefferson, Atchison
Highway system

Kansas numbered highways

K-58 K-60

U.S. Route 59 (US-59) is a north-south highway in Kansas that travels from Chetopa to Atchison.

Route description[edit]

US-59 is a 210-mile-long (340 km) highway which runs from south to north in eastern Kansas. It enters the state from Oklahoma south of Chetopa and passes through Parsons, Ottawa, and Lawrence. The route leaves Kansas for Missouri by crossing the Missouri River at Atchison. Most of the route climbs the cuestas of the Osage prairie,[2] while north of the Kansas River, it cuts through the glaciated region.[3]

Like other state highways in Kansas, US-59 is maintained by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). KDOT surveys the roads under its control on a regular basis to measure the amount of traffic using the state's highways. These traffic counts are expressed in terms of annual average daily traffic (AADT), a calculation of the average daily number of vehicles on a segment of roadway. For the 2012 survey, the stretch of road with the highest AADT was 8,249 vehicles south of the Lawrence city limits. The lowest was 380 vehicles at the NeoshoAllen county line. The statistic was not measured within large cities.[1]

Southeastern Kansas[edit]

US-59 enters Kansas south of Chetopa along a two-lane highway. As it enters the town, it becomes known as 3rd Street. It intersects US-166, which runs along Maple Street. US-59 turns west along Maple and the two routes run together for 1.5 miles (2.4 km). After curving to the north and reaching the northern city limits, US 166 splits off to the west and US-59 continues north. Eight miles (13 km) to the north, it enters Oswego along Commerce Street where it crosses a line of the South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad (SKOL). Near the Labette County courthouse, it meets 6th Street, which carries US-160. These two routes head west together and then to the northwest parallel to a single Union Pacific Railroad (UP) track.[4] Northwest of Oswego, the two routes follow a curve to north and then to the west, which allows a safe crossing of the UP line. Just before reaching Altamont, US-59 splits off to the north leaving US-160 to continue west.[5]

Eastern Kansas[edit]

After its intersection with US-54, US-59 continues north toward Mildred. In and around Mildred, the highway curves to once again parallel the UP railroad.[4] The route enters Anderson County just north of Mildred and curves to the north. North of here, the route turns west and begins a concurrency with K-31. The highways continue west then bend to the north to bypass the city of Lone Elm. After trekking north, the routes warp to the west and intersect US-169. The three routes run concurrent until just south of Garnett, where US-169 splits off to the northeast at a roundabout. US-169 has a business route that begins at this roundabout and follows US-59 and K-31 north until 6th Street. Here, Bus. US-169 splits off to the east, while US-59 and K-31 continue north. The concurrency with K-31 ends in northern Garnett, as K-31 forks to the west at Park Street and US-59 continues north and leaves the city.[5]

North of Garnett, US-59 bypasses a few small lakes by curving slightly to the west, then continues north and enters Franklin County. Immediately north of the county line is the small community of Richmond, which US-59 runs through the western portion of. A few miles north of here, a couple of curves take the highway northwest, and it heads north to the city of Princeton. The route continues north, through Princeton, and enters Ottawa near an interchange with Interstate 35 (I-35) and US-50. At this interchange, US-59 becomes concurrent with the two routes and becomes a freeway. The highways run east momentarily, then curve to the north and intersect K-68 and a business route of US-50. North of this interchange, the routes curve to the east, and US-59 leaves I-35 and US-50 at a trumpet interchange.[5]

Northeastern Kansas[edit]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Labette Richland Township 0.000 0.000 Oklahoma–Kansas state line
US-59 continues south
Chetopa 2.579 4.150 US-166 east (Maple Street) Southern terminus of US-166 concurrency
4.073 6.555 US-166 west Northern terminus of US-166 concurrency
Oswego 12.193 19.623 US-160 east (6th Street) Southern terminus of US-160 concurrency
FairviewMount Pleasant
township line
22.051 35.488 US-160 west Northern terminus of US-160 concurrency
Parsons 34.145 54.951 US-400
Neosho Centerville Township 44.658 71.870 K-47 east Southern terminus of K-47 concurrency
45.580 73.354 K-47 west Northern terminus of K-47 concurrency
Erie Township 50.842 81.822 K-146 east Western terminus of K-146
Big Creek Township 56.351 90.688 K-39 west Southern terminus of K-39 concurrency
Grant Township 61.525 99.015 K-201 east Western terminus of K-201
63.536 102.251 K-39 east Northern terminus of K-39 concurrency
Allen Elsmore Township 65.548 105.489 K-202 east Western terminus of K-202
68.440 110.144 K-203 east Western terminus of K-203
Moran 77.678 125.011 US-54
Anderson Rich Township 88.778 142.874 K-31 east Southern terminus of K-31 concurrency
township line
100.915 162.407 US-169 south Southern terminus of US-169 concurrency
Washington Township 105.133 169.195
US-169 north / US-169 Bus. begins
Roundabout; northern terminus of US-169 concurrency; southern terminus of US-169 Bus. concurrency
Garnett 106.554 171.482
US-169 Bus. (6th Avenue)
Northern terminus of US-169 Bus. concurrency
107.205 172.530 K-31 west Northern terminus of K-31 concurrency
Franklin Ottawa 127.449 205.109 I-35 south / US-50 west Southern terminus of I-35 / US-50 concurrency; south end of freeway; I-35 exit 183
See I-35
Ottawa Township 133.025 214.083 I-35 north / US-50 east Northern terminus of I-35 / US-50 concurrency; I-35 exit 188
Montana Road
Hayes Township Eisenhower Terrace (Old US 59) Northbound entrance and southbound exit only
Stafford Road
Douglas Willow Springs Township 143.869 231.535 US-56 – Baldwin City, Burlingame
147.369 237.167 CR-460 (N. 650 Road)
Wakarusa Township 151.033 243.064 CR-458 east (N. 1000 Road) Southern terminus of CR-458 concurrency; north end of freeway
152.702 245.750 CR-458 west (N. 1200 Road) Northern terminus of CR-458 concurrency
K-10 – Lecompton, Lenexa Eastbound exit and westbound entrance;Eastern Portion Proposed under construction and expected to open in 2016 or 2017[6]
Lawrence 157.130 252.876 US-40 west (W. 6th Street) – Topeka Southern terminus of US-40 concurrency
158.449 254.999 U.S. 40 and 59 Bridges over the Kansas River
159.738 257.073 I-70 / Kansas Turnpike I-70 exit 204
Grant Township 160.368 258.087 US-24 east / US-40 east (N. 1800 Road) Northern terminus of US-40 concurrency; southern terminus of US-24 concurrency
Jefferson Williamstown 168.719 271.527 US-24 west / K-76 south Northern terminus of US-24 concurrency
Oskaloosa Township 178.850 287.831 K-16 east / K-92 east Southern terminus of K-16 / K-92 concurrency
Oskaloosa 179.810 289.376 K-92 west (Jefferson Street) Northern terminus of K-92 concurrency
Jefferson Township 187.916 302.421 K-16 west / K-192 east Northern terminus of K-16 concurrency
Nortonville 193.589 311.551 K-4 west Eastern terminus of K-4
193.888 312.032
US-159 north / K-4 Alt.
Atchison Center Township 198.928 320.144 K-116 west Eastern terminus of K-116
Shannon Township 208.247 335.141 US-73 north to K-7 Southern terminus of US-73 concurrency
Atchison 209.660 337.415 US-73 south / K-7 (10th Street) Northern terminus of US-73 concurrency
Missouri River 210.440 338.670 Kansas–Missouri state line (Amelia Earhart Bridge)
US 59 continues north
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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