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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 75 in Nebraska. For the entire route, see U.S. Route 75.

U.S. Highway 75 marker

U.S. Highway 75
Route information
Maintained by NDOR
Length: 187.48 mi[1] (301.72 km)
Existed: 1926 – present
Major junctions
South end: US-75 at Kansas state line
North end: I-129 / US 20 / US 75 at the Iowa state line
Highway system
N-74 I-76

In the U.S. State of Nebraska, U.S. Highway 75 is a highway which goes from the Kansas border south of Dawson in the south to the Iowa border in the north at South Sioux City. Portions of the highway are freeway within the Omaha metropolitan area, including an overlap with Interstate 480. Another segment is freeway in the South Sioux City area, an overlap with Interstate 129. Much of the highway parallels the Missouri River.

Route description[edit]

Kennedy Freeway sign in Omaha

U.S. Highway 75 begins at the Kansas border in Richardson County. It intersects Nebraska Highway 8 and then passes through Dawson. North of Dawson, it intersects U.S. Highway 73, Nebraska Highway 4, and Nebraska Highway 62. It continues north into Auburn, where it intersects U.S. Highway 136. It then overlaps Nebraska Highway 67 and intersects Nebraska Highway 128, where the highway becomes a divided highway. It continues as a divided highway until it intersects Nebraska Highway 2 in Nebraska City. It turns west with Nebraska Highway 2 and then turns north at the west end of Nebraska City. It intersects U.S. Highway 34 near Union. The overlapping highways then intersect Nebraska Highway 1 near Murray. Just north of Plattsmouth, the highway becomes divided again and crosses the Platte River. South of Bellevue, US 34 splits from US 75, turning east to cross the Missouri River as US75 heads north towards Omaha. [1][2]

I-480/U.S. Route 75 sign in Omaha

After crossing the Platte River, U.S. Highway 75 becomes a full freeway (Kennedy Freeway) at its interchange with Fort Crook Road and Fairview Road. It then enters Bellevue, and has four interchanges in Bellevue, including one with Nebraska Highway 370. U.S. Highway 75 then enters Omaha in the South Omaha neighborhood. It then has three interchanges, including one with U.S. Highway 275 and Nebraska Highway 92, before intersecting Interstate 80 and beginning a new overlap with Interstate 480. The overlap continues north until they separate near downtown Omaha. U.S. Highway 75 then continues north on the North Freeway as it passes through North Omaha. The freeway then ends and the highway curves towards North 30th Street. It follows 30th St. through the Florence neighborhood before turning west. It continues west until intersecting Nebraska Highway 36 and turning north. It then immediately intersects Interstate 680.[1][2]

The highway continues north through Nashville and Fort Calhoun before entering Blair. In Blair, it intersects U.S. Highway 30 and overlaps in Blair. The overlap ends when they intersect Nebraska Highway 91, when U.S. Highway 75 turns north. It goes northwesterly through Herman, then turns north to Tekamah, where it intersects Nebraska Highway 32. It continues north to Decatur, where there is a short overlap with Nebraska Highway 51. It then turns northwest to enter the Omaha Indian Reservation. It then passes through Macy and intersects Nebraska Highway 94 before entering the Winnebago Indian Reservation. U.S. Highway 75 then intersects U.S. Highway 77 before entering Winnebago and leaving the Winnebago Indian Reservation. The two highways continue north through Homer, then turn northeast until at Dakota City, they intersect Nebraska Highway 35. They continue north until the intersection with U.S. Highway 20 and Interstate 129 at South Sioux City. U.S. Highway 75 then overlap U.S. 20 and I-129 eastward until crossing the Missouri River and entering Iowa.[1][2]


In 1926, when the highway was created, U.S. Highway 75 went north from Kansas to Omaha, then turned east and crossed the Missouri River to enter Council Bluffs, Iowa. In 1985, US 75 was rerouted to go west of the river between Omaha and Sioux City, Iowa, and US 75 took over the former route of US 73.[3][self-published source?]

Interstate 580
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Existed: 1976–1982

Construction of the North Omaha Freeway, coupled with social unrest in the 1970s, greatly changed the North Omaha area. One neighborhood experienced a 30 percent housing loss and major increase in crime.[4] Interstate 580 (abbreviated I-580) was the original designation for this 4-mile (6.4 km) portion of US 75 during the late 1970s and early 1980s. This designation was revoked when the state of Nebraska declined to upgrade the interchange with I-480 to Interstate Highway standards, and the freeway is now solely US 75.


In 2005, the Nebraska Department of Roads began a project to bring the I-480/US 75 interchange up to Interstate standards. Construction was expected to be complete in 2009, but it was delayed due to shortage of funding.[5] The Kennedy Freeway portion is being extended into Cass County, with new interchanges being built or reconstructed in the process.[6]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Exit Destinations Notes
Richardson 0.00 0.00 US-75 south Continuation into Kansas
4.46 7.18 N-8
Dawson 10.55 16.98 US 73 south Northern terminus of US 73
12.71 20.45 N-4 west Eastern terminus of N-4
16.71 26.89 N-62 east Western terminus of N-62
Nemaha Auburn 27.77 44.69 US 136 (Central Avenue)
32.78 52.75 N-67 south South end of N-67 overlap
33.78 54.36 N-67 north North end of N-67 overlap
Julian 37.19 59.85 S-64A west (Main Street) Eastern terminus of S-64A
Otoe 42.22 67.95 N-128 west (N Road) Eastern terminus of N-128
Nebraska City 46.19 74.34
N-2 east (J. Sterling Morton Beltway) / US 75 Bus. north (11th Street)
South end of N-2 overlap
N-2 west / N-2 Bus. east (4th Corso) – Lincoln, Nebraska City Interchange; north end of N-2 overlap

US 75 Bus. south (G Road)
Cass Union 58.85 94.71 US 34 west (66th Street) South end of US 34 overlap
Murray 65.89 106.04 N-1 west Eastern terminus of N-1
Plattsmouth 71.92 115.74 N-66 west Eastern terminus of N-66
Webster Boulevard / Bay Road – Plattsmouth South end of Kennedy Freeway
Sarpy US 34 east (Platteview Road) North end of US 34 overlap; to be built into interchange
Bellevue 78.97 127.09 Fort Crook Road / Fairview Road Ft. Crook Rd. not signed southbound
80.17 129.02 Capehart Road – Offutt Air Force Base
81.72 131.52 N-370 – Bellevue, Papillion
83.03 133.62 Cornhusker Road
84.75 136.39 Chandler Road / Fort Crook Road
Douglas Omaha 86.42 139.08 Q Street
86.90 139.85 US 275 / N-92 (L Street)
87.46 140.75 F Street No southbound exit
North end of Kennedy Freeway
452C I-480 north (Gerald R. Ford Expressway) / I-80 – Downtown Omaha, Eppley Airfield, Council Bluffs, Des Moines, Lincoln South end of I-480 overlap; counterclockwise terminus of I-480; exit 452C is for I-80 westbound; exit not numbered northbound; exit number based on I-80 mileage; I-80 exit 452
88.86 143.01 1A Martha Street Former N-38; exit numbers follow I-480
89.78 144.49 1B Leavenworth Street Northbound exit and southbound entrance
89.86 144.62 2A To US 6 (Dodge Street) / Harney Street No southbound exit
90.22 145.20 2B 30th Street / Dodge Street No northbound exit
90.27 145.28 I-480 east (Gerald R. Ford Expressway) – Downtown Omaha North end of I-480 overlap; exit 2C on I-480; southbound exit includes direct exit ramp to 24th Street
South end of North Freeway
90.84 146.19 N-64 west (Cuming Street) Northbound exit and southbound entrance; eastern terminus of N-64
91.15 146.69 Hamilton Street
91.82 147.77 Lake Street
93.07 149.78 Ames Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance
93.33 150.20 Storz Expressway to Florence Boulevard, Eppley Airfield Northbound exit and southbound entrance
93.48 150.44 Sorenson Parkway / Storz Expressway to Eppley Airfield At-grade intersection; north end of North Freeway
96.22 154.85 L-28H north (31st Street) L-28H unsigned; southern terminus of L-28H
97.19 156.41 N-36 west (McKinley Street) Eastern terminus of N-36
97.41 156.77 I-680 I-680 exit 12
Washington Blair 114.74 184.66 US 30 east (Washington Street) South end of US 30 overlap
115.22 185.43 US 30 west (19th Street) / N-91 west (Washington Street) North end of US 30 overlap; eastern terminus of N-91
Burt Tekamah 132.56 213.33 N-32 west (L Street) Eastern terminus of N-32
Decatur 148.41 238.84 N-51 west South end of N-51 overlap
148.91 239.65 N-51 east (7th Street) North end of N-51 overlap
Thurston Macy 161.17 259.38 N-94 west Eastern terminus of N-94
Winnebago 168.73 271.54 US 77 south South end of US 77 overlap
Dakota Dakota City 182.33 293.43 N-35 west Eastern terminus of N-35
South Sioux City 184.67 297.20 I-129 / US 20 west / US 77 north South end of I-129/US 20 overlap, north end of US 77 overlap; exit 1A on I-129
185.45 298.45 2
US 20 Bus. east (Dakota Avenue north) / IBP Avenue south – South Sioux City, Dakota City
Exit number follows I-129
Missouri River 187.48 301.72 Sergeant Floyd Memorial Bridge; Nebraska–Iowa state line
Woodbury Sioux City I-129 / US 20 east / US 75 north Continuation into Iowa
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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