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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 76 in North Carolina. For the entire route, see U.S. Route 76.

U.S. Route 76 marker

U.S. Route 76
Route of US 76 in red
Route information
Maintained by NCDOT
Length: 80.4 mi[1] (129.4 km)
Existed: 1934 – present
Major junctions
West end: US 76 at the SC line

Future I‑74 / US 74 in Chadbourn
US 701 in Whiteville
US 17 in Leland
US 421 / NC 133 in Wilmington
US 117 / NC 132 in Wilmington

US 74 in Wilmington
East end: Water Street in Wrightsville Beach
Counties: Columbus, Brunswick, New Hanover
Highway system
NC 75 I‑77

U.S. Highway 76 (US 76) is an east–west road in North Carolina running from the South Carolina state line to Wrightsville Beach. US 76 runs concurrently with US 74 for 52 miles (84 km) of the entire route in North Carolina. US 76 was first designated in North Carolina between late 1934 and 1935.

Route description[edit]

US 76 traverses three southern North Carolina counties: Columbus, Brunswick, New Hanover. It runs 80 miles (130 km) across those counties.

US 76 enters North Carolina from South Carolina in Columbus County along a two-lane highway. US 76 heads north until Fair Bluff. US 76 intersects NC 904 and runs a short concurrency in downtown Fair Bluff. From there US 76 heads east towards Chadbourn. NC 242 intersects US 76 at a stop sign in Cerro Gordo. US 76 is routed north of Chadbourn, still on a two land road. After 16 miles (26 km), US 76 merges into US 74/Future I-74 and heads towards Wilmington. US 76 follows US 74/Future I-74 north of Whiteville and Lake Waccamaw.[2] US 76/US 74/I-74 continues as a freeway until NC 11 (General Howe Road). From there US 76/US 74 is a four-lane divided highway but does not have any more exits in Columbus County. East of Delco US 76/US 74 meet up with NC 87. NC 87 runs a 5.5-mile (8.9 km) concurrency into Brunswick County.[3]

US 76 enters Brunswick County 1.8 miles (2.9 km) east of Delco along US 74 and NC 87. NC 87 leaves US 74/US 76 in Sandy Creek, North Carolina. US 74/US 76 continues southeast towards Leland from Sandy Creek. US 74/US 76 picks up freeway status in Leland near Lanvale Road NE. US 74/US 76 intersects US 17 and NC 133 in southern Leland and both roads run a concurrency until Wilmington. Just west of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge US 17, NC 133 and US 74 exit off of US 76 and US 421 joins US 76.

After crossing the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, US 76 is split into Dawson Street (eastbound) and Wooster Street (westbound). The two streets join back together east of Downtown Wilmington and form Oleander Drive. Oleander Drive runs parallel to Wrightsville Avenue and passes Independence Mall. US 76 crosses over US 117 and NC 132 at one of the busiest intersections in Wilmington, with about 70,000 cars crossing the intersection.[4] US 76 continues east towards Wrightsville Beach for four more miles until reaching the Wrightsville Avenue intersection. At the intersection US 76 continues onto Military Cutoff Road. US 76 meets US 74 again at Eastwood Road where US 76 turns right to follow US 74 towards Wrightsville Beach. US 76/US 74 crosses the Intracoastal Waterway before crossing into Wrightsville Beach. US 76 bears right onto Causeway Drive and crosses the Banks Channel. US 76 turns onto Waynick Boulevard and heads south along the Banks Channel. When Waynick Boulevard ends at Lumina Avenue US 76 heads south towards the end of the island. Lumina Avenue turns into Jack Parker Boulevard. US 76 ends at Jack Parker Boulevard.


US 76 appear in North Carolina until late 1934 into 1935. It replaced NC 202 and US 17 from the South Carolina border to Chadbourn, US 17 and NC 20 to Wilmington and NC 20 to Wrightsville Beach. The original US 76 followed the current alignment of the road from the South Carolina state line to Chadbourne. US 76 then followed NC 214 north of Lake Waccamaw and through Bolton. It then followed the current alignment to Leland. US 76 then used Office Road, Lincoln Road, Old Mill Road, to get to Village Road NE. US 76 then used the closed causeway to cross the Brunswick River. From Belville US 76 used NC 133 routing to cross the Cape Fear and NE Cape Fear River's. US 76 then went down 3rd Street to Market Street and then followed 17th Street to Oleander Drive. US 76 then used Arlie Road to where US 76 currently crosses into Wrightsville Beach. US 76 then turned north on Lumina Avenue to the current end point of US 74. In 1936 US 74/US 76 was given a short bypass around Leland using Village Road. The old part became US 74-A. In 1940, US 76 was removed off the routing along Lumina Avenue and was instead routed south along Waynick Drive to the southern part of the island.[5] Sometime between 1959 and 1962, US 76 was removed off Arlie Drive, and instead, US 76 followed Oleander Drive all the way to Causeway Drive. In 1966, US 76 was moved onto split roads along both 16th and 17th streets in downtown Wilmington. In 1969, US 76 was redirected to use a new bridge to cross the Cape Fear River into Wilmington. US 76 would also now use Dawson and Wooster Streets through downtown Wilmington. In 1975, US 76 and US 74 were placed on a new freeway that bypassed both Leland and Belville; along with that, US 76 was placed on a new freeway that bypassed Chadbourn. Between 1986 and 1987, US 76 was placed on a bypass of Hallsboro and Lake Waccamaw. Around 1992, US 76 was routed to bypass Bolton leaving behind NC 214. In 2003, US 76 was moved onto Military Cutoff Road instead of being on Wrightsville Avenue.


The Interstate 74 study runs along US 76 from the US 701 interchange to Bolton. The study area then goes southwest towards US 17. The study is looking on how and where to build the four-lane highway that has to be to Interstate standards.[6]

NCDOT is currently upgrading the US 74/US 76 bridge to Wrightsville Beach. This project includes redoing the bridge deck, replacing the steel frame structure, painting the bridge, and upgrading the control house. The project is expected to be completed by spring of 2014.[7]

Junction list[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Columbus 0.0 0.0 US 76 west – Nichols, Florence Continuation into South Carolina
Fair Bluff 2.9 4.7 NC 904 west – Rowland West end of NC 904 overlap
3.3 5.3 NC 904 east (Conway Road) – Tabor City East end of NC 904 overlap
Cerro Gordo 9.5 15.3 NC 242 north (Haynes Lennon Highway) – Bladenboro
Chadbourn 15.3 24.6
US 74 Bus. east / US 76 Bus. east
NC 130 / NC 410 (Joe Brown Highway) – Bladenboro, Tabor City
16.5 26.6
Future I‑74 / US 74 west (Andrew Jackson Highway) – Lumberton
West end of Future I-74/US 74 overlap, eastbound exit and westbound entrance
19.3 31.1 Union Valley Road – Union Valley
Whiteville 22.2 35.7 US 701 – Whiteville, Clarkton
25.1 40.4
US 74 Bus. west / US 76 Bus. west to NC 214 – Whiteville
Bolton 39.2 63.1 NC 211 – Clarkton, Bolton, Supply
42.7 68.7 NC 214 west – Bolton, Lake Waccamaw
Freeman 46.9 75.5 NC 11 north (General Howe Road) – Burgaw To Moores Creek National Battlefield
Delco 51.3 82.6 NC 87 north (Old Stage Road) – Riegelwood, Elizabethtown North end of NC 87 overlap
Brunswick Maco 55.8 89.8 NC 87 south / Northwest Road – Southport, Northwest South end of NC 87 overlap
Leland 59.7 96.1 NC 140 west Eastbound entrance and westbound exit
61.0 98.2 Lanvale Road – Leland
64.4 103.6 US 17 south – Shallotte, Myrtle Beach South end of US 17 overlap
65.5 105.4 NC 133 south – Leland, Belville, Southport, Oak Island South end of NC 133 overlap
67.5 108.6 US 17 / US 421 / NC 133 north / US 74 east – Jacksonville, Clinton, Castle Hayne, Wrightsville Beach North end of US 17/US 421/NC 133 and east end of US 74 overlap
South end of US 17 Business overlap; to USS North Carolina
New Hanover Cape Fear River 67.7 109.0 Cape Fear Memorial Bridge
Wilmington 68.3 109.9 Front Street – State Port No westbound exit
68.5 110.2 US 421 south (3rd Street) – Carolina Beach, Kure Beach

US 17 Bus. north (3rd Street) – Downtown Wilmington
South end of US 421 and north end of US 17 Business overlap
To North Carolina Aquarium and Fort Fisher State Park
72.1 116.0 US 117 / NC 132 (College Road) – Carolina Beach, State Port, Castle Hayne To UNC Wilmington
76.3 122.8 US 74 west (Eastwood Road) West end of US 74 overlap
Wrightsville Beach 77.7 125.0 US 74 east (Salisbury Street) East end of US 74 overlap
80.4 129.4 Water Street Eastern terminus; to Coast Guard Station
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes[edit]

Whiteville business loop[edit]

U.S. Route 76 Business
Location: Whiteville, North Carolina
Length: 10.5 mi[8] (16.9 km)
Existed: 1976–present

U.S. Route 76 Business (US 76 Bus) was established on February, 1976 as a renumbering of all US 76 through the cities of Chadbourn and Whiteville.[9]


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