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The United States National Boxing Championships bestow the title of United States Amateur Champion on amateur boxers for winning the annual national amateur boxing tournament organized by USA Boxing, which is the national governing body for Olympic boxing and is the United States' member organization of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA).

USA Boxing comprises 56 Local Boxing Committees, which are grouped into 14 geographical regions. These LBCs, along with the coaches, athletes, and officials, form the backbone of USA Boxing and Olympic-style boxing in the United States. USA Boxing's athlete membership comprises both male and female boxers.

The national amateur boxing championships now sponsored by USA Boxing are titled United States National Boxing Championships and were formerly the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union)) Boxing championship.

Weight classes

US Amateur National Championships[edit]

Below are the lists of the sanctioned USA National Tournaments, by Jr and open division:

Jr. Division[edit]

Open Division[edit]

US Amateur Champions[edit]

Below are the lists of the national amateur champions, by division: