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The U80701 was a 32-bit microprocessor developed from 1986-1990 in the German Democratic Republic. It was manufactured by VEB Mikroelektronik "Karl Marx" Erfurt (MME) in NMOS technology and encased in a CQFP-68 package.

The U80701 was developed by reverse engineering the MicroVAX 78032 microprocessor of the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). It was used in the Robotron K 1820 minicomputer - a clone of DEC's MicroVAX II.

The U80700 system includes the following chips:

  • U80701: CPU (DC333)
  • U80703: FPU (DC337)
  • U80707: Console interface/controller DLART (DC319)
  • U80709: CPU interface gate array (DC379)
  • U80711: Q22-Bus interface gate array (DC380)

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