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ICOR (ex Rubicon group) is a Lithuanian group of more than 100 companies with 6,800 employees. The companies of the corporate group operate in more than 10 countries. Products and services of the companies are supplied to a market of over 60 countries.

Chairman of the Board of ICOR is Andrius Janukonis, Board Members are Gintautas Jaugielavičius and Linas Samuolis, CEO is Artūras Gudelis.[1] Shareholders of the group are A. Janukonis, G. Jaugielavičius and L. Samuolis.


The Rubicon group formed in 1990 as the freight forwarding consulting company Rubicon. The founders were former students of Vilnius University and the current Board members. Today the company successfully works in the public utilities, industry and energy, trade in petroleum products and real estate development fields. The turnover of the ICOR group in 2018 was 558 million EUR.


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