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UAB ICOR (ex UAB „Rubicon group“) is a Lithuanian group of 30 companies with 2,000 employees. In 2010 Rubicon posted sales of 742 million Litas (ca. € 110 million). The regions of activity of the "ICOR" group of companies includes the Central and Eastern part of Europe. The latter is one of the most active directions of expansion.

The Group president is lawyer Andrius Janukonis, and the Director is Julius Dovidonis. The "ICOR" board of directors since 2010 consists of Andrius Janukonis, Linas Samuolis, Gintautas Jaugielavičius, and Darius Leščinskas.[1]


The „Rubicon group“ formed in 1990 as the freight forwarding consulting company "Rubicon". The founders were former students of Vilnius University and the current board members. It later expanded to include metal trading in Lithuania and Russia. In 2005, the company generated revenues of LTL 311 million (approx. € 90 million) and a profit of LTL 24 million (€ 7 million). The group comprises companies in the Lithuanian cities including Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Alytus, Kėdainiai, Kazlų Rūda and Kelmė. The principal subsidiary company is AB "City Service".


  • Real Estate - „Rubikon“ (Room for rent), „Akroveta“ (trade)
  • Mass media - Regional TV „Penktas kanalas“ and „Vilniaus žinios“ (weekly newspaper in Vilnius)
  • Industry and municipal services - „Aviridis“ (works) and „Vienituras“ (municipal waste processing)
  • Energy - „Medvija“ and „Skiedrynė“ (transportation of Biomass), „Baloša“ (biomass processing)
  • Leisure and Events:
  • „Vilniaus pramogų parkas“ - Aqua park;


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